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  1. Craigypants

    The way things are going............................
  2. Craigypants

    That is a Bargain. I had this book. Its Hardcover and the Photography is stunning high quality and you will only find some of the Girlie Show Pics in there. The CD is just 3 tracks In this Life, Whys it so hard and an edit of Like A virgin which cuts out the entire falling in love again.
  3. There is still a lossless version Available. Of that track.
  4. Craigypants

    That scene is heartbreaking and she sang it live on set. But apparently Lady Xerox thinks she was the first person ever to sing live in a movie. Total garbage. Babs did it in Funny Girl, 1968.😏😂
  5. Craigypants

    Great Director. Really believed that M was the only person who could have done it. After a 5 page letter. He said "Madonna is a complete professional, I was very Impressed". Maybe we should start an Evita Post or something and start sharing as many mixes as we can. Who cares if they are fan made. Madonna sang that score and knocked it out of the park when nobody thought she could.
  6. Craigypants

    August 5th 1990 9pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time
  7. Craigypants

  8. Craigypants

    The Japan Releases always have better sound. As far back as the 80's. Into the groove in The Material Girl EP sounds amazing, crisp and a Full version. Then You have the Japanese Box set. That sound is brilliant, A little low by todays standards, But all the acoustics sound fantastic. Im sure there was some light mastering of that set, Does anyone know?
  9. Craigypants

    Maybe these are the mixes you were discussing a few months ago, where there was a totally different mix, Who knows?
  10. Craigypants

    Same. I would kill for some great remixes now. I wonder if the stems have leaked?
  11. Craigypants

    There are so many. I usually go for a 7'' Version or official single remix if i do a compilation but there are better mixes available than some of those. I can't stand the 7'' Version of Cherish, They miss the entire Break, I prefer the Video Mix. Thats just one example I could go into it forever. Holiday True Blue Dress you up La Isla Bonita
  12. Craigypants

    I always assumed that there is only 1 7'' Version which is just an edit of the extended version. Although on Celebration its another different mix. I dont know of any other edit.
  13. Craigypants

    I must have fallen asleep. Nobody told me.
  14. Craigypants

    How did this come about? I never heard of any fan effort to do this?
  15. Hi, Have you always in your achives "the Rare remixes of Mariah Carey" posted on the forum by cristiano.

    We are many of us have missed them. I try to ask for help.

    If you could make a link, it would be cool, really thank you very much if you can help me.

    see you later. Nicolas.

    And sorry for my english, i'm from france. :silly:

    1. Craigypants


      Hi Mate Im aussie so my English is terrible nobody can understand us!

      Anyway, Im not sure what you mean about MY ARCHIVES. Do you mean my personal collection or Someone eles.

      I love Mariah and have alot of her stuff. If you need something its fine to ask. What kind of Link do you mean?

      Do you want me to upload my Mariah tracks?

      Hope you are well and staying safe!



    2. nikocyber



      i've ask to 3 user, and i think i've find someone with the ones i've missed. 

      if i search other files, i try to ask again on the forum, many thanks for your reply. :rainbow:

    3. Craigypants


      Let me know what you need i might be able to help. I have a 2T hard drive of Mariah Tracks.

      Stay Safe