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  1. Best sounding to me is the Japan 2005 edition. Just my ears.
  2. In 2023 Ray of Light turns 25. Maybe we will get something for that.🤞🎶🤷‍♂️
  3. I cant stand it. Papa dot preach will blow your speakers up. They dialled tat up to max.
  4. I hope so. Id love to see some material upscaled for Blu. Its not as thought they cant do it. And for Gods sake find that Blond Ambition FILM.
  5. love dont live here anymore


    1. A. A. Aardvark
    2. Craigypants


      Beautiful ix and pformance. I piseSES so much now that its not on ANYY-.

  6. We could all be dead by the time this arrives and there isn't really anything there we don't already have.
  7. This release seems to e taking forever. So much so I think a lot of us have already made our own. I've just changer a few like Get Together Get Together [Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit]. If anyone wants an alternate version just drop me a PVT message. I've already purchased 2 copies of the original, Just waiting lke everyone else. I hope they at least put some marketing into it.😩😉
  8. I bought that Japan Version Of Disco but never got a Mega print.😒😣
  9. Apparently, there are No BONUS tracks on the Japanese Version, Unless it's a hidden one.
  10. Yeah I fucked that typing up. I just meant Mega Jacket whatever that was. It was the same price so it cant be anything worthwhile. Thiis is what happens when they change your mental meds! 😂💊🤞
  11. Yeah. I just Grabbed 2 copies with the Mental Jacket. Maybe it will go up in value, unsealed and its a limited edition.🤷‍♂️
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