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  1. Craigypants

    Thank You. Of course the 7" Remix is official. Im holding it in my hands and its NO CDR.
  2. Craigypants

    Its from the US promo CD. This is the one I have. The Ending stops cold.
  3. Craigypants

    Here is the Promo CD in Flac if you don't have it. [Hidden Content] It contains the Single Remix And 7" Remix.
  4. What do you need?

    I have alot of kylie in flac & wav



    1. heartcore


      Thanks for the offer! I'll see what I have 

  5. We will die waiting.
  6. Was the Blues Brothers movie b4 or after Star Wars ?
    They mention his psycho-ex-wife 'to be' in it occasionally and doesn't Carrie Fisher appear as her at the end ??

  7. @professormouse Very True. Don't take anything on there as Gospel.
  8. @professormouse Ok. Looked Up Love Song: Love Song: Written By Madonna/Prince Produced by:Madonna/Prince Published by: 1988 Webo Girl Publishing Admin/License To Warner Music. So it appears he didn't publish the song. He could have a ton of stuff with this in the Vault but unless Madge says YES and the chances of that happening are slim, Warner Have to pay her and Princes Estate. That's why Prince walked around with that slave symbol. Even he didn't own his Warner Catalog and changed his name to a Symbol. My guess and correct me if i'm wrong LOVE SONG has never appeared on any prince album or compilation. "In 1989, Prince appeared on Madonna's studio album Like a Prayer, co-writing and singing the duet "Love Song" and playing electric guitar (uncredited) on the songs "Like a Prayer", "Keep It Together", and "Act of Contrition".- Wikipedia
  9. @professormouseDo you know if Prince played guitar on the Album Version of Like A Prayer Or the 7" Version?
  10. @professormouseVery interesting. I didnt see that. Apparently it was written over the phone, but that could just be a rumour. They both Wrote & Produced it. It need to look if prince had a hand in publishing
  11. @professormouseSome of those instrumentals are absolutley brilliant. They are like ABBA tracks. Very technical and incredibly hard to sing to. If people say Madonna cant sing, wack on an instrumental and let them try. I have, even drunk it was embarrassing. They are so hard to cover. That's half the reason NOBODY tries. They all sound shit.
  12. It will only be done if SHE gives them the grean light. Warner or interscope cant do it. She published all the tracks under WEBO Girl publishing. They will have to pay her a ton of money and i dont see them doing that. Watch, Look, Learn Taylor Swift! She has the final say. She also produced them all, Even the prince track cant be reproduced without her permission and he is dead.
  13. Craigypants

    Yes. This. Actually too many for me to name. Just not Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Arrrggghhh Those who call us gay music lovers, it just means, they cant dance.
  14. Craigypants

    @ MonsieurX What a Bucking Fitch. In My country I would have smacked the shit out of her and if any one else was in earshot they would have too. That shit doesn't roll where I live. Nobody cares who your screwing.