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  1. If You would like something, Use the Bat phone.😉👍
  2. Another great underrated talent. Un like the other pop tarts she can actually Sing and Play Piano like a pro. She was amazing in the Duet she did with Colin Hey did U see That? I have every album of hers. I even bought that Christmas album🤷‍♂️🤣👍 She was delightful in Concert to, Very Funny.
  3. Hi there mate. Anything I post anyone can take and use as they wish, No problems from me. Thanks for the Acknowledgement Good Job.👍😘👏
  4. I've never used Spotify, Do you own the track or can you just stream? They could pull any track at anytime if you don't download it and remove the Digital Rights encode.
  5. They are hopeless. I never use their store. The quality is shit and I want Lossless files. Haven't they stopped updating iTunes now? Which is stupid as most people have IPODS.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I cant listen to their music. If you have professional or even semi decent headphones its a disaster if you play the tracks at high volume they just distort.
  6. Well very strange, True Blue Is now back. It wasnt there 15 minutes ago.🤷‍♂️
  7. Well something is going on at Apple music and I assume the other services will follow. In The Australian store Celebration is still there but, The Immaculate Collection is gone, True Blue Album is gone, Like A Prayer Album gone, Confessions On a Dancefloor is gone {The Tour is still there}, Even Ray Of Light album is gone, Music album gone, Rebel Heart is Gone {you can still stream or buy the 6 track ep}. Hang on to your physical discs people. Don't subscribe to streaming, You don't own it and they can just take it away at any time. Just buy the Tracks in lossless or go on a treasure hunt. Ev
  8. Ha. Are we that old now?😏😂🤷‍♂️. I saw it in the Cinema. People were up dancing.
  9. True. It went out of circulation for a few years I believe. Then when it was back they had changed the printing on some of the Discs and even colors on the back of the artwork went from brown to Black.
  10. Boy Toy & Webo Girl Publishing. How often do you see her songs on compilation albums or in film or music, Not very often. At this point its kind of like what Lucasfilm used to do. They made their own movies and published them, They were licenced and distributed through 20th Century Fox. They only owned the first movie until, George brought it back. Even now that Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel they still have to send a check to the Stan Lee estate and Cut a cheque to George Lucas. That don't own the characters. This is why the so called 25% rule exists. Notice C3PO had a red arm in The Fo
  11. Its Its The Real & 7'' Full Version. Same as My Promo cd. Japan had 2 releases. First a 7'' Version With Fade Then It was a single relased with an Album Fade at 5.10 The Japan Singles Collection Features The Adum Edit. Prince is On Guitar On The 7'' Mixes and 12'' Remix https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Like-A-Prayer/release/8752912
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