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  1. Craigypants

    Here presented in SD Intimate & Live in MKV. Both 2 & 6 Channels. [Hidden Content] Cheers, Craigy
  2. Craigypants

    Im working on an expanded version.
  3. Craigypants

    Seriously, Why Wait and pay when we already have everything there is, Unless its something new or remastered in HD. [Hidden Content] 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  4. Craigypants

    Come on people don't lose your sense of humour. I was only kidding. I was just going by what I read and thought It could be it probably won't be but it would be cool. They like each other, That's it. No need for all this fuss. Lighten up. Who cares. It's nice to fantasize.😉😂❤Not everything needs to be taken literally.
  5. Craigypants

    From Kylie's Twitter.
  6. Craigypants

    Take This with a Giant Grain Of Salt. Could It Be Finally, Somebody has a new album November 6 Called DISCO.
  7. Craigypants

    The Video Version Of Human Nature was released on The Australian CD Single. Then They released a maxi a few weeks later, Strange.
  8. Craigypants

    I love it. Its so retro and classic yet fresh. A Great Album. Remember the Demos? [Hidden Content]
  9. Craigypants

    No. That's a completely different thing. I did and It was worth every penny. She gave it 150% and she is still the hardest worker i've seen in Music. I payed 1000 dollars for The Rebel Heart Tour and got all these goodies a beautiful Book that i'm too scared to open and they just keep bringing out the grog & Food all afternoon. By the time it started and the lights were flashing, The alcohol took over and I was barely standing up, But still screaming!😂 And she wasnt late to my concert. 8.30pm and we got in at 2pm 2 rows from the front.
  10. Craigypants

    Its was shot on tape for Television. No film was used.
  11. Craigypants

    Unfortunately it is NO LONGER about the music. Why, Just Why? You know what, I'm Going to rant for a minute. Give the fans what we want. This pisses me off so much. Her whole team need to go. Guys time is up. How many simple and useless mistakes has he made? I've lost count. The fans can do a better job with her whole entire catalog. The upscales on here are professional quality and the record company or her can't even give us a remaster. Celebration was another useless disaster, Especially the DVD. Simple stupid errors on the CD from Erotica, Cherish and Music. Some of those tracks sound worse than other copies we already have. I don't believe they were ever Remastered from the Originals, That was some Bullshit marketing. I hated the Packaging as well it looked so cheap. They couldn't even get the songwriting credits right. 🤦‍♂️ Give US SOMETHING. how hard would it have been to just Upscale those 2 bonus performance's from Truth or Dare of Hanky Panky & Like a Prayer? They exist I had them On VHS. Sony just did a fantastic upscale of Mariah's Daydream concert from 1996, So there is NO REASON it can't be done. The Confessions tour already exists in HD, How hard is it to throw it on Itunes? Easy Money. All the tours should be in HD. Find that bloody Blonde ambition Tour Paris Concert and scan the negs for a HD Release. Re-Invention was shot on Film in Paris again, Where is that? Besides Don't Tell Me A Secret, They have it. Give us some Digital Eps of at least the 38 Top Ten Singles with all the remixes. Surely its not that hard.🤬 Ok, Im Done.
  12. Craigypants

    It's a bit rich from Mariah who has never released any live DVD or Video that Hasn't been Re-Dubbed in The studio. She even re dubbed her X factor performance from one coast to another. If anyone is using studio trickery, its her and I love her music as well. But I digress.😂🤷‍♂️ You should hear her Live 8 Performance of Hero and then any other performance of that song. She is gasping for air. She is struggling.
  13. Craigypants

    Im Not Obi Wan Kenobi but I can help you out. Like A Prayer [Hidden Content] Ray Of Light [Hidden Content] Confessions On A Dancefloor - Limited Pink Vinyl [Hidden Content] You'll See 12" US 12'' Vinyl [Hidden Content] Fever 12" Vinyl [Hidden Content] You have to be quick because Mega will strike It Down, probably within 24 hours. You can Private me. Cheers, Craigy
  14. Craigypants

    yes, Got them. They look professional quality in HD from Harmony. Although Empire & Jedi are damaged. But there is also a making of feature that runs about 2 hours I still have.