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  1. Craigypants

    She will film it. Most artists document their work. But Will it be released? We know there are cameras every night. We know there is a professional recording of The Re-Invention Tour but it wasn't released as she was apparently unhappy with it. Re-invention was shot on film as well over 3 nights in Paris the same as the Blond Ambition Tour. Where is that footage? A 4k Release of re invention would be fantastic. Who knows where that Blond Ambition Tour footage is. Somebody MUST know. The last 2 tours were filmed around the world at different locations. That what the gopros are for. They can just walk around filming and at the end pic whatever they want.
  2. Glad you got it. I posted it but it was taken down.

  3. Craigypants

    Talk about lazy filmmaking. It's a shot for shot edit.
  4. That would be Fantastic. I only have Episode 1 in the Ultimate edition which was a 2 disc set.

    I only have official soundtracks of 2 & 3. Episode 3 has a DVD with Music Videos.

    I have the 1993 4 cd Anthology Box Set, 1997 2 disc editions of 4, 5, 6, and the 2004 2 disc editions.

    Those 2 discs are now deleted and Disney have put out the Original Soundtracks to films that no longer exist. There is now more music missing than you could previously buy. But DON'T START ME on DISNEY and Star wars. I'm always willing to share my collection with anyone.





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