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  1. now I Just Want a real band with real Drums!
  2. I can no longer leave OZ nobody will insure me. I could risk it but I don't want to sit on a plane for 14 hours at the moment. I'm sure lots of you will be going and posting on their phones. I just hope their is NO Human Nature or Candy shop. They were never hits. I want I'll Remember, Cherish. I guarantee La Isla will be on the setlist.
  3. Just a pure guess and I really don't care either way. I think she is recording new vocals for the tour. She did that at the Superbowl section with Like a Prayer. I'm Sure she will sing mostly live, but a lot of artists do this if the mic drops out the music director will flick the switch and tell her through those earpieces. Or she may just be recording a Backing Track example Where's The Party Blonde Ambition.
  4. Ray Of Light is now out in Australia. It dropped Friday afternoon. It Does have Has To Be it runs 5.17. All the other mixes we already have. It Has 9 tracks.
  5. Your right. I'm easily confused as all the singles released were number 1 in US or UK. I like this one too. It's not official and only an MP3. I guess someone re-created it using the cd version. Does anyone have this version in flac/wav. I'm simply not good at cut and paste. Enjoy this one. It's just an edit of the 10-minute extended version. [Hidden Content] Cheers craigy
  6. This is my favorite version. I even remember buying it. Such a shame we have never had a cd or digital source, but we do have some good rips. It's quite similar to the Immaculate Collection version. The Remix was a Number 1 in the UK. [Hidden Content]
  7. Best sounding to me is the Japan 2005 edition. Just my ears.
  8. In 2023 Ray of Light turns 25. Maybe we will get something for that.🤞🎶🤷‍♂️
  9. I cant stand it. Papa dot preach will blow your speakers up. They dialled tat up to max.
  10. I hope so. Id love to see some material upscaled for Blu. Its not as thought they cant do it. And for Gods sake find that Blond Ambition FILM.
  11. love dont live here anymore


    1. A. A. Aardvark
    2. Craigypants


      Beautiful ix and pformance. I piseSES so much now that its not on ANYY-.

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