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  1. And to make things clearer when it comes Madonna's live singing, I just found this youtube playlist wich captures the audio of the entire concert in Copenhagen and makes it quite obvious what is live singing and what is not. Spoiler alert for the trolls and the rest: almost the entirety of the concert IS Madonna's live vocals. Not always pitch perfect and sometimes flat or heavily autotuned, but delighthfully confident and omnipresent! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrriJRUqMHhiUD7sMnoL5Wd7KfXcZvgnq&si=sr5p4SJraHFu37oC Her mic feed appears to sound much louder than the pre recorded vocal track which makes it easier to tell what is live, even during Nothing Really Matters, of which I had (wrong) the impression of being totally pre-recorded when I was in the arena. Everybody's chorus, Erotica (parts of You Thrill Me and Erortica are still live though), Justify my love, Fever (?), parts of Hung Up, chorus of Bad Girl seem to be pre recorded as many others have already pointed out.
  2. Also the first review for tonight’s show is out and it’s a good one: https://www.dn.se/kultur/nostalgi-av-hogsta-klass-nar-madonna-intog-tele2/ 4/5 stars, “Suddenly, Madonna indulges in nostalgia. However, there is no doubt that the world star is still top class”
  3. So, after seeing her in Copenhagen last Wednesday from the VIP pit and tonight in Tele2 arena I believe the tour is evolving into the most impressive and personal of hers since confessions (except for the somehow abrupt ending)! Tele2 arena is more like a smaller stadium and it’s obvious that the size of the catwalks, the details of the costumes and definitely the sound installation is only designed for much smaller venues and work poorly in bigger ones. But there is a huge BUT here: The public tonight was really enthusiastic to see her after 8 years and one could tell even before the show. Even from the queues it was obvious that a whole new generation rushed to see her this time (as she clearly reached the “surviving legend” status) and she did not disappoint. While from the Pit the highlight of the show for me has been Erotica and Holiday/Live to tell (I cannot really separate the narration thread between these last two, it’s just too powerful), today Open your heart was really a touching moment with the meticulous recreation of such an iconic video. During Live to tell tonight I felt she became suddenly very emotional when she turned back to the screens and saw all the pictures of friends she lost to aids, she also held a much longer talk before I will survive. Clearly on the verge to cry many times during the acoustic rendition. With a lot less “repeat after me” kabbalistic mantras than in Copenhagen, and the audience went crazy tonight and it was a pity we didn’t get to sing along with her because of the pre recorded instrumentation. The 80s hits, Hung Up, Live to tell and even the Papa don’t preach interlude really fired up the energy in the room. Rocco and Mercy James got a huge applause as well. (is she really the only real instrument in the room together with that cello by the way?) I also totally missed the Music reference before Celebration tonight, did others notice anything changed there tonight? Overall, it feels like a well structured show, and on both dates I got the feeling she was almost constantly on stage and enjoying every minute of it and hitting me with hit after hit, and all of that sprinkled with long-due fan favourites. Tonight it also felt the audience was also more keen in enjoying the show as well. Can’t believe I haven’t booked another show!
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