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  1. It's not about what you say, but how you say it. Get Over it.
  2. "Did you do it seems to be a masterpiece compared to that shit (future)... So disappointing...." "Horrible.... Worse performance of the whole show..." Why are you still here if you don't like anything she has been doing lately? I just don't get it.
  3. That's true. Since the beginning of Madame X era. Unfortunately, most madonna forums are as negative as this one.
  4. Some say it was the worst perfomance!!! Then go hear "Nana Banana"! So much better
  5. It's not fake. Those are the final credits of the first semi-final.
  6. stratus

    Hey! I'm from Portugal and I've been following this forum since Rebel Heart "era" and today I decided to finally register myself. In addition, today news came out in portugal about the new album. Basilio Horta (Mayor of Sintra): "There are things money doesn't pay" . For those who don't speak Portuguese: The filming of Madonna's latest video, "Indian Summer", has generated an unprecedented conflict with the Sintra City Council. And all because of a single scene, which the producer intended to film in the main hall of an eighteenth-century palace, which the municipality owns. The script describes the scene as "horse lying on the floor interacting with the protagonist" and the producer promised "a very small shooting time", which was expected to last between "1 hour and 1:30". "For security reasons," the City Council said. And the singer didn't like it. This story begins about two weeks ago, when "Twenty four seven", a national video producer, directs to the Sintra City Council an application to use the Quinta Nova da Assunção for the purpose of recording a clip "for the international market of a singer known worldwide. " The request was submitted to the services of the local authority on 12 October and requested the reservation between 15 and 20 of this month. The filming would occur only in the last two days and, according to the producer, would be made "at night time, between 5 pm and 7 am". "As normal, the request was sent and analyzed by the respective services," explained the official source. Madonna's name was not mentioned and the process followed "the usual steps". The transfer of space was authorized, as were the requests made for the modification of some details of the decoration. But a specific scene was denied by the Sintra City Council. "For safety reasons" a horse in the 18th century Palace was vetoed. "The wooden floor rests on an air box and could be damaged," explains the same source. According to the technical opinion of the Sintra City Council, which Expresso had access to, "the floor of the ground floor rests on a structure of wooden beams, and the air box is ventilated, therefore the floor wouldn't be stabilized structurally, which prevents the use of activities that provoke vibrations. " However, there was 'okay' for everything else. The first scene, described as "the actress lying in bed in her room" or the one in which "a group of dancers are rehearsing" or the filming of the protagonist to "circulate in the corridor and inside some rooms", were all endorsed. "They didn't involve risk to the property, nor to security," he concludes. The filming began, as expected, on the 15th, but it was on Tuesday that the problems arose. Already with Madonna on set, the singer has raised objections to the fact that the predicted script couldn't be fulfilled. The producers contacted the Mayor's Office and pressure was put on them to reverse the services decision. "They tried everything, even said they were going to speak to the prime minister," he told Expresso. Basilio Horta refused to speak with Madonna's representatives and instructed his aides to convey the message that the position of the Council was taken. But on the spot, the tension increased and the two city officials responsible for the space began to fear that they were forced to let in the horse. "The confusion has settled," explains a source at the local authority, who confirmed to Expresso that three local police officers had been sent undercover to avoid problems. The American singer was furious and asked her agent in London for help in the process. In this Sunday's issue of Correio da Manhã (this one is not a reliable source), (...). Basilio Horta was not there. "In no condition would you let a horse enter the palace, it doesn't make any sense!", He tells Expresso. "Madonna is an artist, but the palace belongs to everyone and is not to be spoiled," he continues, assuring that "there are things that money doesn't pay." Pressures of this kind "are not usual," admits the mayor. "(...) If it was a Portuguese, it wouldn't dare try it," says the mayor of Sintra. "I take the principle of equality very seriously," he concludes.