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  1. Netflix probably asking her to have promotion in different outfits
  2. Y’all need to chill she’s probably shooting some stuff for the tour promo on Netflix!! There’s no way they gonna have the stage setup again!!!!
  3. I actually think she’s releasing something here’s why: *In 2019 she mentioned she’s working on a mix tape *When people were complaining about the theater tour she said “it’s just the beginning” which means she was planning on something *2020 she started writing the movie and she had the time to listen to the demos *Her mentioning she wanna be a Dancing queen again *The Mix tape gets mentioned again!!! *Pink hair and different photoshoots!!! *Her Team Posts a fancam with “Burning Up Demo” *Asking the fans to create “Something to remember” Track list
  4. Arioso (Unreleased) would be the perfect ending to the movie, I really hope she uses unreleased tracks
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