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  1. Ok so what if Kylie Minogue is featured on Borderline??? It’s her Fav Madonna song and the blessed Madonna said she’s remixing a Madonna song!!! Also Kylie posted she’s in the studio 👀👀
  2. I can’t wait to watch Frozen again, that performance was so simple yet so touching! I legit think it’s the best Frozen performance we’ve ever got.
  3. Men Breathing???? Did you even watch the show??? Did you watch the Choreography? The Dancers movements and energy??? The atmosphere in the room???
  4. Rescue me should’ve been after Batuka with new Batukadeiras Remix it would’ve been amazing and I will add Paradise (Not for me) as the spoken words interlude before Frozen
  5. Definitely not the album vocals, it sounded like her voice now also this version sounded like a spoken words rather than a song. But it sounded amazing.
  6. Boring and Long??? rescue me interlude was one of the highlights in the show!!!! Her voice the choreography!!! I guess not everyone can understand ART.
  7. That’s how the performance starts
  8. Guys for somebody who saw the full show in real life the coloring looks amazing!! that’s exactly how the colors looked in real life I’m really excited about this…
  9. I think the only documentary stuff we will get is how her journey started in Lisbon and that would be like 10 minutes then it will switch to the show, the songs she might cut (cut half of the intro, welcome to my Fado club, Sodade, some parts of the speeches, crave) that’s already around 40 minutes of the show. 80% of the show is already in the teaser so we will be good.
  10. That’s why I was kinda confused because I remember seeing this video on he Ig also it was a highlight in the show
  11. I can’t see Come Alive in the teaser 😭😭 I’m scared!!! if this bitch cut come alive I would be so mad 😭😭
  12. M worst enemies are her “FaNs”
  13. Y’all being negative asf. I’m ready and happy for whatever she wants to release!!! I loved Secret Project so I don’t mind anything like it, actually one of the things that made me get into Madonna were those side projects. She seems happy and excited so that’s all what matters. Also she look gorgeous asf.
  14. What you talking about? I saw the show in Chicago she was over the moon, laughing and joking all the time!!
  15. I’ve been listening to God control everyday in my car and until this day if my head is on a certain position or the volume is on a different range I still hear sounds I’ve never heard before and I’m a dancer they teach us how to hear songs and hidden beats!! last time I was looking to my right side while sitting in my car and I heard a beat I didn’t hear before when I looked straight I couldn’t hear it anymore I looked to my right side again I heard it again, it’s mind blowing how many layers and deep sounds Madame X has.
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