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  1. The wig was for the double you can see throwing the lighter at the 3:40 mark on the video They did that WRONG!!!
  2. They won't give us everything all at once They have to keep some things in the vault to be released when M is dead
  3. and THAT'S what's wrong now... Madonna's current team only says YES to her. People in her circle are afraid to challenger or contradict her... or also they don't know how to back up their arguments
  4. They have to leave something for the 40th anniversary
  5. An actual GRAPHIC DESIGNER and not someone who just plays around with photoshop and posts it on Instagram
  6. please someone confirm this? are there any 180 grs editions?
  7. The person that won the signed poster is a big fan ...of TUPAC! 😮‍💨🙄😒 ready to see it resold on eBay
  8. They remastered something and were incompetent enough and placed the cut of the tracks wrong? They did the same at the end with Don't Tell Me on Celebration. Don't Tell Me has a curse
  9. The call "Remastered" a YouTube audio rip I swear I don't know how some people get the jobs they have. And she was proudly announcing she was in the studio with Mike Dean. How much do they charge for a youtube rip and they call themselves pros. They're scammers! that's what they are!
  10. ...and she's gonna waste 15 minutes of the movie to tell how the story happened from her point of view and how crazy it was backstage when she was told her career was over
  11. I don't mean NOW... I mean... in the FUTURE.........................................
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