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  1. I don't mean NOW... I mean... in the FUTURE.........................................
  2. THEORY: They didn't include Causing A Commotion in this compilation cause they are thinking about releasing The Holiday Collection on Vinyl in the future... making it the only hype track on that EP. The rest of the songs are the album versions
  4. True! I Forgot about the low quality Yellow CDs Damn!! I hope these are remastered and not a CD rip!!!!
  5. There's a Nick Kamen Complete Collection with demos and things available on streaming services since October
  6. and the Isla Bonita and Open Your Heart dubs too
  7. The only new thing is the artwork. I think this is the most Sire/Warner can do with the contracts, no physical releases. There must be something in the contracts that ties them to release physical stuff or add unreleased things. Madonna does not want re-issues, demos or other unreleased stuff to be put out there. Cause it was not her "vision as an artist" stuff blah blah.... Maybe there's some sort of contract breach/loophole that doesn't specify "streaming/digital". This is the most they can release until... Madonna changes her mind? sings a new contract? dies?
  8. Also, Madonna's "side" is her left side. Most of her covers and photoshoots capture her from her left angle. Even her music videos tend to capture that side. Also in pictures that were taken from her Front angle like the GHV2 cover, she has her right side covered by her hair In Madonna, her right side is covered by her hand and her face is a little tilted to the right
  9. Hello, can anyone transcript/translate or give any information about the sample (if it was a sample) that Offer Nissim used in the beginning of the remix of Girl Gone Wild? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGvkA9NTM3k I'm curious and there doesn't seem to be any information on the origin or meaning of that "Prayer"
  10. April, 23 May 18, 1980 Oct. 1, 1981 - Uncle Sams August 9, 1987 - Birthday May, 13 1971 - Mother's Day September 24, 1979 - Monday August 16 - Back to NYC October, 9, 1981 - Plane to ???? April 1978 - 19 years old July 1978 -> April 1979 May 1979 -> November 1979 June 1979 -> August 26, 1979 - 20 yo - 21 yo Feb 1982 - GBGB Monday Feb. 28 5PM April 11 1982 Jan 1980 -> July/August 1980 July - Sept 1983 - Lyrics Sept 3 - 1982 Lyrics and a few pages on London Poems Live Or Die - Anne Sexton Text Writing - Can't talk One of the notes say "Together, Forever and Ever rhyme easily. Note to self: Use it when you don't know what else to write"
  11. Are Guy Oseary and Dua connected professionally or does Guy have anything to win out of this? Because if they are not connected and Guy has no intere$t in Dua I don't see any collaboration happen
  12. Most of Hey You lyrics come from Keep The Trance, a leftover from the COADF era. I think that during the Hard Candy sessions with Pharrell, Madonna wanted to make a quick song to release and perform in time for the Live Earth so she recycled those already written lyrics, turned it into a ballad and that was it I am curious to know who sings the male parts on Je T'aime, I don't think it was Marvin, I have never known about him singing
  13. I made my own Madame X with interludes and extra songs, like an expanded edition, but I don't think it can be shared here Madame X Manifesto Medellín (Intro) Medellín Dark Ballet God Control Future Ciao Bella Batuka (Intro) Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Crave (Intro) Crave Crazy Come Alive Extreme Occident Funana Back That Up To The Beat Champagne Rosé Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca Soltera I Don't Search I Find Looking For Mercy I Rise
  14. Some Broadway shows are staged in even smaller venues than the BAM or The Wiltern, yet they have HUGE BIG Productions with revolving stages, things coming down from above, stairs automatically moving up, down, left, right, screens, catwalks etc... when Madonna announced the big production in a small theater I was expecting something like that. But, I also understand that those broadway productions are planned and developed months and months in advance, 8-9 months before the openings and they are in the same theater for long seasons, which means they can also change more things in the theater and re-structure things, etc. Madonna said on the opening night of the tour that the show wasn't finished, and yet months later she hasn't changed anything, not even in the setlist. I wonder what happened, maybe she gave up or came to terms with what they can do on stage
  15. Madonna was inspired by her Breathless character in the movie, that album is not a soundtrack but an album that was inspired by the movie, and as far as I know most of those songs were written during or after the filming of the movie, I don't think that many of those songs were ever considered to be on the film since she is not a producer or director in that film and by the time Madonna was involved as cast in the movie, the movie had already been decided, written and approved by the people producing it and the movie studio, etc.she was just Inspired by her character.
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