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  1. This one is my fav album ever - Rain is #1 but Erotica is a very very very close #2
  2. Also note Take A Bow did not make the Top 10 here in Australia or the UK - for Australia, Warner USA pushed Warner Music Australia for heavy promo of the album in May 1995 (which Australia was the only country to make it #1) and the Bedtime Story single - we got a world exclusive Ray Martin interview with M at her Hollywood hills home, a heavy advertising campaign and the Bedtime Story single was released as a gold CD to link back to the Gold Tour CDs, posters were given away with the CD single while leftover posters from the Take A Bow giveaway were given away with the cassette single of Bedtime Story - this is why it hit #5 - meanwhile Triple J were playing Human Nature on high rotation so they had to quickly add a sticker The TV commercial also featured Human Nature months before it's release - by the time it was released as a single, it was too late as radio play had minimised.
  3. There was a very heavy promo campaign in the UK in August 1995 including alternate artwork, promo counter stands and even a leather promo backpack
  4. Also the Erotica performance is a tribute to the boxing scene from the Erotica performance at The Girlie Show M watched The Girlie Show as she was preparing for the tour
  5. Erotica launch party outfit - this one is actually the SEX book launch party
  6. Full article here: https://news.pollstar.com/2024/05/13/the-grandest-grand-finale-madonna-celebrates-record-setting-rio-show-touring-career/
  7. It was the 'heaven help me' scene I think - they wanted to capture M falling
  8. The swimming pool was at USC and that was filmed for the LAP video weeks before the Pepsi commercial - there was only one location and shoot for the Pepsi commercial (except the teaser filmed in Australia without M) - the deal did have plans for multiple commercials and a tour sponsorship - likely your friend got confused between the music video shoot and the commercial etc
  9. Attending my first ever opening night of a tour in London - being there as the crowd went wild when M opened with NRM, catching up with so many fans from all over the world, chatting to Guy and everything M did on stage - I was so close every night and it was such a relief seeing her so well and happy
  10. What an incredible final show!
  11. @TheGothHi - unfortunately you're incorrect - I have a Warner Music Australia press release referring the Like A Prayer video shoot and the pool that I was given by Warner circa February 1989
  12. There are no unreleased videos - alternate versions / early edits of released videos would or do exist RE: Holiday, the decision was made to record a video for Burning Up instead (6 months after it's release) as MTV was mainly promoting rock videos at the time. M confirms no video for Holiday in her April 1984 Australian interview with Molly Meldrum in an outtake. https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaAustralia/videos/1916011088528089
  13. He means he ordered it. it is expected to ship in 3 weeks
  14. The USA store has never sent posters folded - bigger items like the 2014-2015 calendar posters or the RHT live pass access poster all come rolled in a wider tube and arrived in mint condition - you can also take confidence if an item arrives damaged they replace it - they keep extra stock aside to accommodate any shipping issues - also I highly doubt the UK store would send lithographs or posters folded
  15. As of right now The Girlie Show Blond Ambition Tour Confessions Tour Celebration Tour Rebel Heart Tour MDNA Tour Who's That Girl World Tour The Virgin Tour Reinvention Tour Drowned World Tour Sticky And Sweet Tour Madame X Tour
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