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  1. They are definitely selling very well, sold out a few times at venues and obviously went very quickly from the online stores too - the secondary markets like eBay are seeing them sell for the US $500-650 range too
  2. I'm 193cm and went XL for the hoodie, usually L - for shirts, the L is baggy and M is perfect for me - the old merch eg RHT size L is a size M for the merch - annoying PS: that hoodie looks great on you
  3. They are selling very well - the most in demand item of the tour merch
  4. The mask is soft leather, the riding crop is a new reproduction too - both limited to 500 The lithographs are back, but not numbered anymore
  5. From what I know they are pop up store exclusives for London
  6. There will be daily deliveries to the pop up shop according to staff This is the first new merch including the mask and confessions riding crop
  7. The RHT VIP book was celebrating 30 years of touring 1985-2015
  8. I saw show 4 x in London and on reflection I would only make a couple of changes - perform the original chorus in Into The Groove - swap out I Will Survive and rotate different classic M songs depending on how she feels on the night targeting rarely performed tracks - switch between Rain and Frozen each night
  9. When I was in London I met with some people in the know, close to the project and here's something i was told - there are big vinyl pressing backlogs across all artists which impacts release schedules however does not mean they are not coming etc
  10. It was actually Sara that did it for the Australian shows - Guy absolutely hung out with fans a lot. Maxi who was the final one was the host of the VIP parties, they usually chose people they knew.
  11. I fly out in the morning from Brisbane, Australia - 28 hours later I'll be in London
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