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  1. 1. Why is this your first and only post here? 2. Why should we help you?
  2. Yes we all are excited for the expanded editions and when they are released, the complaints will switch to the content (no matter what M releases) There are fans here who will attempt to create a false narrative that we are years into the deal and nothing has been released - which as we know is bullshit.
  3. We are not even 2 years into the deal and it was clear it was a multi year deal from the press release. By all means give and up and come back when the first expanded edition is announced
  4. This topic is about the Warner deal that started less than 2 years ago and has been delivering since with FEL and special event releases. The expanded editions of the albums are part of this multi year deal. Let's not be dramatic.
  5. While we have been getting unreleased stuff (mostly in the form of remixes, remix edits etc) to be fair, we were never promised unreleased songs specifically: For the first time, Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums, as well as introduce unique releases for special events, and much more. 'Expansive' does not mean previously unreleased however it is likely we will see previously unreleased stuff which is nice. Fans in this thread and in many forums and on social media have curated their own narrative for what we will be getting however it's important to remember a lot of that is just assumptions and hopes and dreams. I'm confident a lot is coming and we will all be very happy
  6. I should get mine this week - I think as Andrew only did the shoot for the prop in the video, there was an alternate photographer for the actual music video and they didn't have the rights to those photo - although Mary does have that cool on set group photo
  7. It's hard to stay spoiler free - basically you have to unfollow all the M related accounts on social media, mute / unfollow fans, avoid apps will algorithms such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and of course M forums etc
  8. Sweet - let me know and I'll do the same - I need to find one for the Celebration Box / Royal Box (the 3 versions) and FEL 6LP too
  9. Hey mate - at the moment a they are wrapped in the same plastic I use to protect my cardboard stands from officeworks - the plastic they use to cover chairs etc - ideally I want a sealed plastic bag or a proper sleeve - I'm gonna do some research as there has to be some around online
  10. @momosfantasyyou're quoting stuff from almost a day ago and he has since said in this thread that he didn't want to discuss it anymore so let's move on respectfully
  11. It's M's team that curates the releases, M approves and Warner / Rhino as the record company that have the agreement are credited on digital platforms
  12. No, if somebody is experiencing increasing levels of frustration, it's a good thing to take a break and look after their mental health, it's advice - I am trained in mental heath first aid
  13. Yes do what is right for you - if something is having a negative impact on you or your mental health, it's important to look after you and take a break
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