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  1. Those two songs were what were mentioned all through the chat for Sickick to remix - so she invited him to join her, he suggested they do Frozen On Fire live and she thought that would be a good idea etc
  2. On her stories - she is about 50 mins late but just posted a video
  3. M has confirmed she will do a show in NYC for Pride - this explains the first version dropping June 24
  4. On TikTok live - M has revealed she will perform at Pride in NYC in June and joked she would do a Material Girl (Remix) and Frozen On Fire Also in the chat Madonna will send the stems for Vogue and Music to Sickick to remix - next up Instagram live!
  5. These are lithographs so they will be a higher quality print and paper compared to the cardboard promo flats from the 80s and 90s
  6. No - unless they want to make a bootleg copy, which would not be a good idea
  7. The worldwide allocation of 6000 has been exhausted so any that turn up are likely 1 or 2 cancelled orders so they go quick
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