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  1. 'every fucking time' was just on her first tour, the same arangemenrt every night 36 years ago - it's not like she has perfroming it on multiple tours the same way - fans would be happy with any version 4 decades later
  2. They are slowly linking them as they did with True Blue 35 - I imagine a tidy up and linking songs will happen as part of the back catalogue reissues - nobody was really looking after her catalogue well on streaming and digital platforms and the new deal means it will be addressed - also things like having correct versions on the albums etc
  3. I emailed them and got the 4th cover added to my order with no extra shipping
  4. isn't this MTV footage that's been online for over 10 years?
  5. There are some on my M collection insta @madonnaarchive
  6. That matches what I've heard from Warner today too
  7. I don't expect we will see any physical releases for this one
  8. I flew to London and saw the show twice, she was injured however she still danced and moved very well. Your statement was stupid and ignorant, just like your reply. You don't know anything about me.
  9. Madonna can still dance - what a stupid, ignorant comment
  10. And we may even get Ciao Bella as part of this release
  11. We should have the live album before the film - New Zealand and Australia should get it first if that's the case
  12. Love the artwork - fingers crossed we get a vinyl release
  13. It's 12:01am Saturday in Australia
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