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  1. it's not just that, I think it's mostly the incompetence of the people who are working on these EPs/Remix EPs and etc I just hate that Mariah's team handled her MC30 releases so well, compiling great EPs with mostly all remixes (including extremely rare ones) and some live versions, 4K remasters, even unreleased videos and live album... and we are having... well..
  2. so gorgeous! one of my favorite photoshoots recently
  3. wow! nice to see you here! your artwork for FEL is amazing! I would've love to see you're take on 50-track version
  4. thank u @Jackie and @Fighter for saving this amazing place
  5. OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH, @Jackie & @Fighter !!! for saving this amazing place!!!!!!!!!
  6. not just some maxi singles again, why they don't follow Mariah's MC30 releases? Would be much better if they released remix packages with remixes/edits/instrumentals from different single releases
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