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  1. I saw Dangerous game / Snake eyes  for the first. time last night. I think she nailed it, I loved her more in this  than I did in Body of evidence.I feel like it's quite a forgottenmovie, underrated. we never talk about it as much as we talk about BOF. What a pity she chopped off half of the final product due the backlash she got from BOF. I read that the director, Ferrara, still loathes her for this, it was her decision because she was in charge of maverick back then. If you want to pick a movie for tonight, I suggest this one...

    1. Roland Barthes

      Roland Barthes

      Madonna did not have final cut, she did but she chose no to, and left it to Abel Ferrara. He resented her because she said the movie sucked ("the movie sucks but i'm good in it "her words) and did not promote it. But they made up a few years later. She got the cover and praises for her acting in it from iconic french movie magazine "Les Cahiers du cinéma" comparing her to Marilyn in The Misfits. 



    2. deathproof


      she was great, but the movie is such a bore!

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