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  1. That hairstyle was very nice. i tried to recreate that myself when i used to nightlife, but i couldn't understand how the hair was pinned back. Do you think the bump was reinforced with some pad inside? Must had strong pins digging in her scalp because the hold during choreography was everything not a single time it got loose lmao. Also she wears clip in extensions in the first act right ? They're so long and toned. Like, from express yourself on her hair are very different, curled ( yeah i know how a curling iron works ) with some more layers and golden tone ( like her rea
  2. LFM is repetitive yes, but i love the beginning. I don't feel a RH connection to it, idk why, it had to be shortened to 2:50 min long. like a little poetry before the encore! Funana...ugh not mt fav, but still wayyy better than Bitch im loca
  3. At least someone came on jimmy jimmy
  4. agree. Thinking about that, LTT and FL , DW and Paradise were the "slowies" on the show. maybe she wanted to do an all uptempo rave for that cd. Erotica can be considered a "slow" part too but if she had cut that , we literally would have raided warner brothers. ROL was an ok cut, Get together NO. And Why they putted this two as bonus on spotify? AT THE FUCKING END, where the show is already overrrr GT was already damn mixed !
  5. Meanwhile is still a mystery why Get together was cut from the CT live cd instead of I love new york and sorry + remix wasn't fused into a single track. oh, right LIVE TO TELL
  6. I hope so. with no speech on that . I'd be happy even with a selection of song mixed to have the feeling of connection between each song like IGTTYAS.
  7. It's true , her voice is really good on that. Yeah , such a pity. Like GC offer nissm
  8. like acoustic , i think I'm not that sure, i think unplugged is an acoustic live performance ?, something like nirvana's unplugged
  9. agree, bitch i'm loca was cringy lmao.
  10. Don't let me think about it.... Anyway, If that had really happened in the past two years, it would be considered as a proper era?
  11. It's a totally clickbait title. I said it was my personal opinion... Let's adress the elephant in the room: I don't like Crazy It's so mainstream to me. the production expecially. It sounds so not madonnesque to me. I know she loves the track as everybody else does, she admitted in the MX doc and I bet so , she recorded it lmao . Come alive overshadows Crazy in everything: it's more interesting, more experimental, and has definitely more rhythm. Now, come alive baby...
  12. Well that would be great actually. But with her timing the collection will be completed by summer 2023 lol. Medellin EP ( may/ june 2019) 1 Medellin 2 Crazy 3 Bitch im loca 4 Faz gostoso 5 Medellin offer nissim rmx 6 faz gostoso club mix Future EP ( october / november 2019) Also: perfect profecy for 2020 lol. GC Dark ballet Future (Quavo) Killers (unplugged) GC offer nissim rmx Future (Solo piano version) Madame X / I rise EP (april / may 2020) I dont search i find Extreme occident C
  13. I thought about this a lot, what you say would have worked very well actually, but then the whole concept of Madame X would have suffered so much....
  14. I feel what Madonna herself stated is true: she DO love autotune/ vocoder , she DO like the contrast between lifeless robotic voice and meaningful passionate lyrics. See it like a more exagerated Nobody's perfect .... Plus , it's very linked to her previous Mirwais productions (AL, Music) and she used vocoder back there too ( a little less, yes) but I think it's an artistic choice that I respect. I mean, RH wasn't like MX, and the next album won't be Like MX for sure..... "Take your judgements... and let them gooo"
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