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  1. Idk, cd pressings and vinyl are way different tho... I hate how they cropped all her hair in the cd artwork, she's so close to the edge her cheek is almost cut off!
  2. @WhitePanda I looooove it! And the re-creation of the original artwork is astonishing! Finally an HD quality cover without extra saturation! Will you share it with us, in the artworks master thread pls ? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zbc1OwvZAKaCfEW1C9DFpomAmNEOFw8f
  3. just noticed: has she done something to her hair? dark layers on the back? transitioning to full brunette soon maybe?  . I could die.   

  4. I saw Dangerous game / Snake eyes  for the first. time last night. I think she nailed it, I loved her more in this  than I did in Body of evidence.I feel like it's quite a forgottenmovie, underrated. we never talk about it as much as we talk about BOF. What a pity she chopped off half of the final product due the backlash she got from BOF. I read that the director, Ferrara, still loathes her for this, it was her decision because she was in charge of maverick back then. If you want to pick a movie for tonight, I suggest this one...

    1. Roland Barthes

      Roland Barthes

      Madonna did not have final cut, she did but she chose no to, and left it to Abel Ferrara. He resented her because she said the movie sucked ("the movie sucks but i'm good in it "her words) and did not promote it. But they made up a few years later. She got the cover and praises for her acting in it from iconic french movie magazine "Les Cahiers du cinéma" comparing her to Marilyn in The Misfits. 



    2. deathproof


      she was great, but the movie is such a bore!

  5. With my ascendant and moon I'm very well balanced mad-sona lmao
  6. Give it up, do as I say. Erotica is definitely scorpio
  7. Please, someone who saw the MTV broadcast could explain to me why there are fade to black transitions between songs? were those commercial breaks spots? I saw the MTV version later at night on the SkyGo app library, which had no commercials breaks in it but just atrocious moments of transition where everything fades to black and no audio can be heard. I noticed that the first transition is between Dark ballet and human nature. I'm really upset about that. The transitions between songs in general were kinda ugly, especially from the polaroid session (funny af) to AL. Please tell me that my version is fucked up and the real deal is a seamless experience because I really can't take it.
  8. same girl. Madame X is a fucking experience and with this little tweaks (and cuts) the journey feels complete
  9. I hope an eventual pressing of the live album will be much more curated and refined. It's cropped so badly in certain points
  10. i noticed the same issue ..ugh! btw I was blown away by the power of the new intro! I was expecting the gunshots/text thing!
  11. oh my god it's fantastic!!! stunning visuals. So the reshoots were also made to add CGI in future
  12. I'd love it. you've read my mind . something like LAP and part of AL but even more charged. real and dry instrumentals , the beautiful deep ballads she can write, simple, elegant but not anti-technology performances like in the mother and father RIT section . no vogue please. she has such gems in her catalogue. Btw I don't want a "plastic hearts " , I want the M touch! Maybe it won't be full on rock but a mixture of styles and influences. It would be such a bliss. Let her finish this MX, and the Biopic- auto- celebration era that she's going to start soon ( Klein's collab) and we'll see . Cant wait for a M Rock'nvention
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