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  1. Please, someone who saw the MTV broadcast could explain to me why there are fade to black transitions between songs? were those commercial breaks spots? I saw the MTV version later at night on the SkyGo app library, which had no commercials breaks in it but just atrocious moments of transition where everything fades to black and no audio can be heard. I noticed that the first transition is between Dark ballet and human nature. I'm really upset about that. The transitions between songs in general were kinda ugly, especially from the polaroid session (funny af) to AL. Please tell me that my version is fucked up and the real deal is a seamless experience because I really can't take it.
  2. same girl. Madame X is a fucking experience and with this little tweaks (and cuts) the journey feels complete
  3. I hope an eventual pressing of the live album will be much more curated and refined. It's cropped so badly in certain points
  4. i noticed the same issue ..ugh! btw I was blown away by the power of the new intro! I was expecting the gunshots/text thing!
  5. oh my god it's fantastic!!! stunning visuals. So the reshoots were also made to add CGI in future
  6. I'd love it. you've read my mind . something like LAP and part of AL but even more charged. real and dry instrumentals , the beautiful deep ballads she can write, simple, elegant but not anti-technology performances like in the mother and father RIT section . no vogue please. she has such gems in her catalogue. Btw I don't want a "plastic hearts " , I want the M touch! Maybe it won't be full on rock but a mixture of styles and influences. It would be such a bliss. Let her finish this MX, and the Biopic- auto- celebration era that she's going to start soon ( Klein's collab) and we'll see . Cant wait for a M Rock'nvention
  7. interesting ! thanks for sharing
  8. Same here in Italy , I think in Europe MTV (Classic?) will air it the 9th because of the time zone. Also MTV is a network, P+ is Netflix-like so for sure it won't be up at the same time . The Medellin special was broadcasted live from London and we did see it live alla round the world. But this is no live tv. I think by the time it airs in EU , the forum will be already digging the hell out of it lmao.
  9. I'd love a Ray of light 30 Boxset with your breathtaking design language Aqua colors, translucency and holographic prints could fit so nicely! 2 discs : OG and The mantra assembly / demos in hq . oh that would be so perfect !! What were you thinking of ?
  10. 14 its an ugly number, it's too sharp. I like the smoothness of the 6 , very sensual.
  11. You're right , erotica has a certain Synesthesia, the music is blue, also like the color I mean, you can feel its coldness as you said before. I can't describe the feeling JML gives me at the moment , maybe you're right about this. Rescue me definitely has a cooler vibe to me .
  12. Erotica will be forever part of my holy trinity . So avant-grade, so misunderstood. It better be well celebrated and revisited by critics and public 30 years later .
  13. I hope it will come sooner than RTH , maybe even at the end of this year or at least march 2022 . We all know she is working on other projects for 2022 and I don't think she is willing to drag along MX/MXT for another year . I hope in a XMAS gift or announcement for the live album and a release span of maximum three more months from that. I also hope she will keep us fed in 2022 with the reissue campaign while she's working/shooting the biopic But who knows...
  14. Wait till you see my Bedtime stories, honey.
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