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  1. RBoogie

    We WERE being naughty. ;) lol
  2. RBoogie

    I am ecstatic and happy as FUCK. Pin your negativity on yourself, where it belongs, baby. The alleged "negativity" is a personal projection. I'd rather dance. lol P.S. I love all opinions.
  3. RBoogie

    Cheers to YOUR embarrassment and unhappiness, I guess? It's ONE bloody song. LOL! The drama. You WILL survive, I can assure you. The lyrics are about...oh, nevermind. x
  4. The same thing happened to me, with a FEW of the Rebel Heart tracks. Then again, the album was never properly released, without the rush. The metallic timbre of the production of the vocals hurt my ears. The songs were great. Again, it's all subjective and personal.
  5. RBoogie

    Artistic impressions and interpretation are subjective and personal. No one hears the same song, or sees the same painting the same way. Cheers, bitches. ;) <3 Love! xo
  6. Yea. ...But, who gives a damn? Not I. We are now caring about what other people think? Thank Goddess M gave us the Truth or Dare gay male kiss back in the day. If not, it would be a much stranger world. ...But, I digress. Perdoname. Back to dancing. ;) <3 xo
  7. RBoogie

    Then you, simply, don't like it, which is perfect. To each their own. *Mad love* To berate others for being happier than you are (about it), is another concept. ...And you, still remember Champagne Rosé? Perhaps that is la problema? ;) lol x
  8. RBoogie

    It IS MAD addictive! <3
  9. OkuuuuuRRRRRR! ... And, it feels HELLA good. I adore the "cheek" of it. Yes!
  10. RBoogie

    I am, as well!
  11. RBoogie

    Maybe you can't afford them, dahling. ;) I jest. <3
  12. It's just what a expected! Haha! #ShakeDatAssPapi
  13. RBoogie

    'FUTURE' is , absolute, fucking PERFECTION! I did NOT know that I NEEDED this! A ray of light piercing through the dubious "church" of ominous clouds hanging over this dark time. To the FUTURE! <3 It IS bright! I, still, have hope. <3 x