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  1. I have a feeling a lot of fans will be eating their words trashing her before she's even started. I can understand how one could say she's a bad director. But this isn't W.E. or that first go round with that guy from Gorgol Bordello. This is her life story. A whole different ball game. I wonder how much of her life they'll be able to capture. When do you think they'll start filming?
  2. Really enjoyed this interview. She’s a New Yorker. No doubt about that. Loved reading about her sisterly bond with Mercy. That’s sweet.
  3. Hope it's ok to make this a topic here! So whats everyone listening to when you're having sex? I'm a big fan of stuff like Portishead, Bent and Massive Attack. Mezzanine is the sexiest album! Leave Spotify playlists if you want. <3 Here's mine ;-) Molasses
  4. I am so surprised that I liked it, too! I'm 33 and generally stay away from more mainstream music on the radio. But man! He really got me in my feelings with some tracks. Especially where he gets really into his emotions about being closeted and not his true self. His music video where he's having sex in the school shower and promotes safe sex...DUDE! I needed that as a teen! If you would have told me when I graduated in 2006 that there would be a black gay pop star thats unabashedly himself I would have never believed you but I'm so glad I'm here to witness it. Not all of us queers did.
  5. Vers. But I need time to prepare if I'm on bottom is you get what I mean...
  6. This. I used to be so offended when taken or married men would hit me up. But peoples situations vary greatly. I'm a lot less judgemental now. I used to see a guy who was married for 20 years and his wife didn't want to have sex anymore. What's a man to do? They sought counseling and a lot of other stuff but she just didn't want it anymore. They still loved each other and they didn't want to go through the hassle of divorce, so he made due. He didn't want a relationship, just sex. And he turned out to be really cool person.
  7. I’ve never read a truer statement. A lot of these ‘stars’ nowadays are just very well connected. Hollywood is full of nepotism. if you have 45 minutes to spare, please take a listen to this awesome interview Batiste gave on NPR’s Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross Here
  8. Lmfaooooo that’s the most NYC thing to say. It’s like meeting a cute guy saying he’s hosting in Washington Heights but you’re in Bushwick.
  9. All those notes with random words on it look like song titles to me.
  10. If she continues these smaller venue theatre tours it might work now. As a poster mentioned above, it might seem a bit out of the way and she might have to sign agreements she might not like. She’s also never performed here in Nebraska. Don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  11. Tracy Young is proof that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. That woman has created the most boring remixes for too long and she's everywhere still.
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