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  1. SecretProject

    Oh Omg wow I saw her at the Chicago 21st show. She wore that exact outfit with a short black leather miniskirt. It’s so strange she was front row and there was something about her that I was like ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ I don’t know the woman, never exchanged words with her, never met her or care to now but even then I was like ‘She ain’t right.’ Always trust your intuition. anyways, hopefully this uploads right. Here is dancer Danielle and I after the show on the 21st of October. He was so sweet and is teensy tiny.
  2. SecretProject

    Went to the Monday Oct 21st Omg what an insanely awesome show! But the crowd sucked tbh. the fado portion went on a bit long and honestly she could’ve incorporated some older hits in this easily. I have a feeling this crowd was some fair weather casual listeners and they made their presence known by yelling at her to sing some older hits. my husband who was not a fan and was dragged to this LOVED the show and said he has a new found respect for her and he laughed his ass off at all her jokes. I mean, laughed!!! And is it me or does anyone else smell essential oils in the air? What was that smell?
  3. SecretProject

    So excited for tonight! C’mon Chicago!!!
  4. SecretProject

    I really need Crave and it was rumored to have what it feels like for a girl.
  5. SecretProject

    . Set list on Spotify updated as info comes in
  6. Me crying in happiness for her #1!
  7. SecretProject

    No! Say it isn’t so!
  8. SecretProject

    This was the disco video with the drag queens. The song is about gun control so we’re getting super political Madonna back but after seeing some of the imagery, I’m hesitant already. The Pulse massacre was 3 years ago and it’s still so fresh to me. Seeing her bloodied on the floor leaves a heart dropping feeling in my stomach. I can’t escape my roommate crying at the sight of his bffs mother crying for her son who died in the attack. I’m at a restaurant on my work break now and it’s hard not to tear up and hold it together in here. What do do you think? Keep the comments nice please. You can disagree but please, I’m begging you, don’t be mean.
  9. SecretProject

    I’m heavily enjoying MDMX at the moment but if she would make another album, I’d like her to work with Ernest Greene but that’s only in my dreams.
  10. SecretProject

    I’ll give my review later but all I have to say is that my fears with the single choices were not validated. This is the first album I sat down and listened to the whole way through since Confessions and genuinely enjoyed. It even gave me more appreciation for I Rise and Crave which were not my faves...AT ALL. I really hope she performs Killers on tour.
  11. SecretProject

    This video is made stronger by her not appearing in it but for only a brief moment. She understands that the struggle against black, transgender and HIV Positive people (everything Mykki is) isn’t about her and it wouldn’t be a powerful message against the patriarchy,The old straight white Christian male way, and how it demonizes these people by centering herself in the conversation.
  12. SecretProject

    Wtffff this was a trip lmfaooo I have loved Mykki since 2012 when my crush turned me onto him so I was so excited for this collab. This is so dark and eerie and so so so so so far out there and I love it!
  13. SecretProject

    How old are her kids? Millennials and Gen Z aren’t really pushing to have kids. Birth rates have been on a decline.
  14. SecretProject

    Who’s all going? Down for a meetup? My husband and I will be going for the Oct 21st show.
  15. SecretProject

    She did want to create a musical a long time ago, maybe this is her chance to do so but using her music.