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  1. I love that I caught the beer bottle! It’s in a safe place in my apartment. 🤣
  2. I love that back in February 2023 the media ripped her apart for her face and now she beat a world record at 65!
  3. Dear lord! God really said ‘I’m gonna make EVERY DAMN Brazilian HOT AF!’ 🔥 👀 🤤 🇧🇷
  4. Social media is raving about her! To think back in February 2023 people were nitpicking her face but now it’s all love, admiration, respect. I love her so fucking much!
  5. Can’t believe David is already 18. Time goes by so slowly is a lie. ⏰ All her kids are gorgeous and talented. What else would you expect out of Madonna. I will say though, Rocco truly surprised me with just how good he is at painting. He’s phenomenal and I’m truly not just saying that because of who his mom is. He’s immensely talented.
  6. I’m happy for her but Swift is about as exciting as millennial grey. She’s not offensive and her team played it smart by being as boring and milquetoast as possible. I don’t wish for her downfall but I am baffled by how anyone could be excited for someone that gives absolutely nothing when she’s onstage.
  7. It was hot as hell and humid. No wonder her hair looked insane. Stepping outside in the cool breeze was so refreshing. Bring water to the shows y’all!
  8. The show was great but she did seem over it. Mercy was on the piano and looked completely OVER IT. She mentioned to Bob and said something like let’s be friends. I need you for 8 more shows.’ Had a great time in the pit but the energy she was giving was that she was ready to be done with the show.
  9. Who’s That Girl. From 6:13 on. Growing up, I was never into this era. I hated the popcorn hair. It would be another 4 months after that tour ended that I’d even be born. But I finally watched it last year and I was blown away by the vocals at the end of this one. Just wow!
  10. Love the reaction videos on YouTube from Gen Z. They legitimately like the song and keep saying they’ll upload reactions to other Madonna video's exposing them to her back catalogue. I always love it when they watch a video like American Life or Erotica and then the inevitable ‘OMG WTF MADONNA!’ comes out hahaha
  11. LMFAOOOOO I'm really not trying to be a hater but this shit sucks so hard. Its paint by numbers 'music'. The New McDonalds is more like it.
  12. I'll celebrate who I want. I don't like or care for nice Madonna. Get over it.
  13. We’ve heard this story about their encounter already so I won’t add my two cents about that in particular. But I will say that I’m sick and tired of people faulting Madonna for not being nice. It’s the single most boring thing about celebrities today. Never wanting to cause a scene or ruffle a few feathers. Can you imagine being a woman in the late 70’s/early 80’s and navigating the music industry? Imagine being 65 and navigating it now. The 💥MEN💥 behind the scene's pulling the strings, who own the labels, who cut the checks, are completely misogynistic lawless MONSTERS! I’m thrilled that Madonna isn’t ‘nice’. If she was, with her self admitted limited abilities, she’d be eaten alive. We wouldn’t have the game changer we have today without her being a calculating, stone cold bitch when it comes to her business dealings and artistic integrity. So she gave you a weird look…deal with it. She told a few kids to fuck off when she had dinner with Michael Jackson…so what? Not to mention, she’s old school NYC bitch! The one Giuliani took away from us. The one where people actually got in your face if they had a problem with you. Yeah, she’s a bitch. She, along with any other woman that the public love to shit on for not being nice (Jlo 👀 ), don’t owe you niceness. Thank God she’s not nice.
  14. 100%. The dancers signifying her friends dying of AIDS, the prince tribute, Michael. If it’s not obvious that this tour is a celebration to life and how thankful we should be for every minute we’re gifted idk what is.
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