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  1. The more i listen to this remix the more i love it. Cannot wait for the video!
  2. Voted! Needed to get back to those demos...it's been a while! I really enjoyed re-listening to them. Obviously they are unfinished and need work, but i appreciate the direction she was taking with quite a lot of them. her original concept of 2 albums makes more sense when u listen to the whole collection of demos, she defo had enough good material for both (8 to 10 tracks each) and, with a 6 to 10 month wait between releases, it could have been a great way to present well the messages she was trying to deliver and a great time frame to spread the goods of both. 1 or 2 producers per album with a really distinct sonic direction for each would have help the concept of Rebel/heart. I think her statement/message got lost in the final version with the track selection and the lack of cohesiveness. Even with everything that happened in that era (leaks, cape gate, etc) which left me with a mild bitter taste about it, i still love most of the material that she offered. And she looked and sounded beautiful!
  3. WHAAAT???!!!! this is incredible!! I looove this remix and Tokisha is fire in it! Their chemistry is so palpable. What a great move to make a vid for it. Thanks for sharing guys!
  4. Thanks for sharing! I love getting to know details of the creative process of her music, great article!
  5. Voted! one of my favourite albums of hers, though i understand why it is so polarizing. Pity that the tracks (most likely) will get lots of 0's: to me, Madame X is filled with outstanding tracks. I think Madame X will stand the test of time quite beautifully...
  6. Not the only ones!! Here's another Madame X stan, I looooove this album
  7. thanks @Curtains for another really entertaining mega rate!!!!! Cannot wait for the Madame X mega rate , gonna be polarizing to say the least
  8. oh wow! so many memories from buying those back in the day
  9. I just saw that this article was posted yesterday and wanted to share. In spanish ;) https://smoda.elpais.com/feminismo/doce-hombres-al-servicio-de-una-mujer-como-madonna-cambio-codigos-de-genero-e-hizo-escuela-con-el-blonde-ambition-tour/
  10. Voted! The creative sessions were so fruitful, sooo many great tracks...including the amazing ones that were left out. Pity that the leaks, questionable choices in track selection, capegate and personal issues plagued this era...because the potential for greatness was all there (somehow I see it all reflected in the Rebel Heart tour, which to me is her weakest and least imaginative)
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