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  1. same here, this has to be one of my fave looks/eras of hers...artistically this photo is just stunning considering the Like a prayer era and everything the album meant theme wise...the pic sums it all up so beautifully...Herb and M=magic
  2. plus all the Spanish that also watched the live broadcast that day... (like me... it was my first live M concert)
  3. Hi everyone! i recently joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jesus, spanish and living in Amsterdam. I have been a fan since 1983-4... cannot remember exactly though one of my first memories as a child is singing holiday Really happy that I have made the move to become a member of the forum...had been a long time that I discovered it and was anonymously checking it daily.
  4. Hi everyone! I recently joined the forum (though I have been checking it anonymously for quite a while). I saw this thread and thought it could be a good way to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Jesus, I am Spanish (though I live in Amsterdam) and fan of M since 1984... I will slowly ease my way into posting more. Still feeling a bit shy
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