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  1. not sure this has been shared here...but the video of hung up here is awesome quality and FULL https://pagesix.com/2022/06/24/madonna-makes-out-with-rapper-tokischa-at-nyc-pride-concert/
  2. Fully agree. She's at her best when she does what she wants.
  3. voted! A classic album and a very exciting era. My memories of being front row at the confessions tour here in Amsterdam and having a brief exchange with her during the flag speech will be forever a treasure. That tour was so incredible to witness live... I also remember vividly waiting to watch the MTV awards...and the moment it started! What a rush! Curious how many 0's "hey you" will get
  4. voted! i love this album, curious how this ranking will unfold ;) Hopefully there will be no strategic shenanigans...
  5. Another fun megarate! Thank you @Curtains for the work put in it!!!
  6. yes, i love this dude! passionate and insightful reactions...really enjoying his deep dive madonna journey for a few months already...
  7. This is amazing!!!!!!!! so happy about it. Thanks!
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