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  1. i absolutely love this series! such a great job @Blue Jean Cannot wait for the next!!!
  2. it defo deserved a higher ranking...this is the track that proved at that time she was more than a dance/pop act with her beautiful vocal delivery
  3. this is so much fun! thanks @Curtains!! Cannot wait for the true blue results. And shoo-bee-doo last? such a beautiful song and so unappreciated... : (
  4. done! also lots of high ratings for most songs. such an iconic album when you look at it with perspective. exuding vibrant magnetic energy and immediacy.
  5. great!!!! perfect for the new lockdown that has just been imposed in Amsterdam...
  6. Voted! wow, the first 5 were somewhat easy to rank...After that, ranking the rest was quite difficult (with the exception of the bottom 2 which were very clear) This was fun to do! Thanks @Curtainsfor the initiative!
  7. https://vmagazine.com/article/v133-madonna-forever/
  8. same here, this has to be one of my fave looks/eras of hers...artistically this photo is just stunning considering the Like a prayer era and everything the album meant theme wise...the pic sums it all up so beautifully...Herb and M=magic
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