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  1. I remember quite a few reviews of the album at the time picking up on Human Nature clearly being influenced by Dr Dre. It was the centrepoint of the album and absolutely everything that makes Madonna Madonna, rather than just another pop diva.
  2. I think Hard Candy was the first time she did the now-common thing of quickly moving on from the album to focus on the tour, where the real money is now made. With Confessions, the tour started 6 months after the album whereas here it was only 4 months. Then for MDNA the album basically only existed to promote the tour, which came 2 months later.
  3. I know GJWHF isn't just 80s, that's why I mentioned all the films etc. It's more iconic than anything Culture Club have done. In terms of other 80s hits, Every Breath You Take by The Police has 1.9bn, Take On Me by A-Ha has 1.8bn, Africa by Toto has 1.7bn, Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics has 1.7bn...none of these artists have monthly listeners comparable to Madonna, they just have big songs on loads of playlists. If I just type '1980s' into Spotify and have a quick look I'm seeing: All-Out 80s - has Like A Prayer, Into The Groove, Borderline, Holiday, Papa Don't Preach 80s Hits - has Like A Virgin and Like A Prayer 80s Dance Hits - Into The Groove and Holiday 80s Workout - Holiday, Express Yourself and Like A Virgin. In terms of the 90s: All-Out 90s - Vogue, Deeper and Deeper, Ray of Light, Frozen, The Power of Good-bye 90s Pop - Take A Bow, Ray of Light, Vogue, Deeper and Deeper, Hanky Panky 90s Work-Out - Vogue I really don't think there's some 'lack of push' and is what I'm saying - folk don't even think 'I'll listen to Cyndi Lauper', they just put on that one song they know, whereas with Madonna folk are listening to a heap of different songs.
  4. With a 'Classic 80s' playlist you're almost certainly going to get GJWHF on there, and maybe Time After Time or True Colours if it's a ballad one. With Madonna, you could have Holiday, Into The Groove, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself...you get the idea....and no-one would think 'oh why's this song here'. So it inevitably dilutes the numbers compared to having one or two signature songs that can get whacked absolutely everywhere.
  5. I can believe Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (and presumably Time After Time?) get big numbers cos they'll be on heaps and heaps of 80s playlists and they've been in loads of adverts, films etc. As others have said Madonna has so many iconic hits that it's more difficult to have that kinda focus on one or two.
  6. I've said it before on here but the total disconnect between how music used to be consumed and how it is now has long made me think there needs to be a pre-streaming and post-streaming era recognised by chart bodies. 'Records' like Taylor Swift filling the 'singles charts' with her entire album are just a total nonsense when that was literally impossible to do only a few years ago, and the fact that e.g. if you bought an album in the pre-streaming era it only ever counted as one sale, regardless of how many times you played it, whereas now an album keeps 'selling' cos most folk listen via streaming, underline that they're just totally different things being compared.
  7. Do we know it's because of Warner? Didn't Material Girl's feature on Stranger Things come years before her return to Warner? The fundamental issue with the article is one of expectations. She's a woman in her 60s, who's been around for over 40 years, making dance-pop. People need to always compare her to her actual peers for these things, not people like Taylor Swift.
  8. It also underlines how meaningless these numbers can be by mentioning Mariah's enormous Christmas numbers...I bet if it came down to it Mariah would rather have consistent streams across the year and an audience that could sustain a big worldwide tour than 20m listeners Jan-Nov and then an explosion for the same album.
  9. I think her catalogue has actually been handled pretty well, in terms of getting stuff on there and not filling it with pap. In terms of playlists I don't really know but I don't really care either - obviously her streaming compares poorly to Taylor Swift, but almost everyone's does!
  10. A bit weird that Cyndi Lauper is mentioned as someone whose numbers Madonna unfavourably compares to, which simply isn't true? The bottom line is that Madonna's numbers are good compared to most of her actual peers, and certainly the ones who are actually still alive and active.
  11. Enjoy a well-earned rest and return to music when she's feeling inspired and ready. In the meantime they can start releasing the re-issues.
  12. Yeah but...who cares? It doesn't matter in the slightest. It was a triumph.
  13. Speaking to friends who aren't "Madonna fans" I've heard nothing but positivity about this concert, and across the net it's all positive too. Absolutely no-one out there is obsessing over her vocals. And on that note, I think some folk need reminding that vocals deteriorate with age. It happens to absolutely everyone.
  14. Still love this album. It underlines why she is a class apart from most other pop stars.
  15. Now that the tour is over, what are you favourite memories from it? I think it's absolutely incredible that folk were talking about it beforehand like she was Michael Jackson going into the This Is It tour. It was going to be a disaster, she couldn't perform anymore, it might not even happen. And here we are, a critical and commercial success, one of history's largest concerts to end, a triumph in every respect. I was lucky enough to attend opening night in London and I've never felt energy like it at a gig. I'll never forget it.
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