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  1. Yeah definitely and I'm sure most of the RSD releases will remain exclusives. And you're right I love my copy of the Super Club mix because I did line up and get it. So I see that for sure. I just hope the 12" mixes get uploaded really haha.
  2. It's just a suggestion, I don't control the releases. I was just saying it would be nice to have them on streaming in some capacity and this could be a nice way. I would actually prefer them separately also as that's how they were released; even in Aus where I am. What I don't appreciate is 'Once again: No.'. I won't accept condescending rubbish from other fans, had it in another thread and its genuinely embarrassing behaviour.
  3. Oh really? For me 'Run' doesn't sound like it fits Music at all. Almost like a lesser version of Beautiful Stranger. Whereas 'Liquid Love' sounds like the Music album and fits lyrically. Could've easily been a b-side.
  4. The only Orbit song that is unreleased that I think should've been released is Liquid Love in all honesty. The right songs were released and the demos while cool to listen to aren't strong enough.
  5. Would be incredible if they announced an Australian leg later in the year, but I can't see it happening.
  6. Definitely. Seeing as we're not getting anything for RSD it would be nice for them to upload the 'Who's That Girl/Causing A Commotion' 12" from the other year haha. Maybe like this: Who's That Girl Who's That Girl [Extended Version] Who's That Girl [Dub Version] Causing A Commotion [Single Mix] Causing A Commotion [Silver Screen Mix] Causing A Commotion [Movie House Mix] Causing A Commotion [Dub Version]
  7. I think you're both somewhat right. I think its obvious she's not that keen on Who's That Girl and American Pie is because of the associating films. But also what she was going through at the time, in 1987 a marriage breakdown and in 2000 she was more focussed on Rocco and the Music album coming.
  8. Unfortunately 'Who's That Girl' and 'American Pie' will always get similar treatment from Madonna because the associating films didn't do well. However I think we will at least get Causing A Commotion this year.
  9. I was going to say you can hear it really quietly. I'm pretty sure its always been a tape pop/click. Because its not on the 12" mix or The Immaculate Collection version. But I don't mind it being there considering thats how its always been. And cool that they use it in the video too. Also the 2024 one sounds a bit tinny?
  10. I think they were referring to the US Club Dance Chart, but yeah definitely more on the other charts.
  11. Haha. There's only a couple. Human Nature and Miles Away. But I would've had those over Physical Attraction and Me Against The music. Along with Causing A Commotion.
  12. Causing A Commotion should've been on Finally Enough Love, MATM or not.
  13. That's correct. The US 12" and the Canadian 12" and cassingle have always been labelled Angel/Into The Groove.
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