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  1. I’m waiting for our audiovisual heroes to create a definitive edition of this show. I want to listen/watch it so badly but I’m waiting for a quality master of the broadcast.
  2. Hey guys I'm the Itaú officer who won a pair of Espaço Itaú tickets! It was such an incredible experience. I was in front row and has the time of my life! There were several fans around me and we sang our hearts out during every song, it was kinda funny because they even moaned in Erotica and I did not because I'm so shy lol. I feel like I made eye contact with M everytime she came close to me especially when she sang Express Yourself right in front of me. I feel like I'm reborn. Best night ever!!! I posted some videos on my Instagram (check the highlights): instagram.com/gvstt. I have no words to express how grateful I am and how proud I am to be a Madonna fan. That night changed me. I'm so so sooooo happy! The stage was sooooooo high so I didn't have a good vision of M when she sang songs at the main stage and at the catwalk/little stage where she performed OYH and BU for example, but I watched them on the big screens. Erotica is my favorite album and basically all the songs from the 90's segment were performed close to me so I'm extremely happy anyway. DAD had an amazing punchy bass ("I could feel it in my pussy"), EY was so emotional and Music was a blast. Seriously I am still gagged over that night, I feel like I can't think straight yet. xD Can't wait to watch it on my TV as soon as a good rip surfaces!
  3. I’ll leave to Rio in 3 hours! 😩😩😩😩 Soooooooooooi excited for this!!!!!
  4. The guy who recordes the rehearsal audio said it was after LIB, replacing DCFMA. So it should be at the end of the cowgirl section.
  5. I think the black area is for the VIPpest VIPs. Since the concert is going to be recorded I think they’ll put the fans they’ve been selecting on social media and in front of Copacabana Palace there.
  6. Not accurate! The removable walls in red are not VIP area delimitators. It will be smaller.
  7. So everyone gets happy in the end yay ❤️
  8. Remember you can mute the volume of your livestream baby
  9. Oh my God she’ll be in Rio, the city of funk and Anitta. Stop complaining about them performing Faz Gostoso, it’s the perfect opportunity for it. It was kinda huge in Brazil by the way, the crowd will go insane!
  10. O Globo just confirmed that Anitta will perform Faz Gostoso with M!
  11. Don’t forget the thief’s phone! If you have an old phone, bring it with you so that if you are robbed, you give the thief your old phone. 😝
  12. Of course babiess! I’ll try to register as much as I can when the day arrives. Espaço Itaú opens at 6pm so I think things will start to heaten up by the end of the day on May 4th.
  13. Why so? They are clearly only setting up the “stage beds” as of yet. I think the real thing is gonna be up along next week. There’s no reason for it to be a mess.
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