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  1. Ekans

    11 abortions.
  2. Ekans

    We all know all of this wouldn't be happening if she had properly added Rescue Me to the setlist.
  3. Ekans

    Yes! It's a colonial (?) hat. She showed the outfit a few times on her Instagram stories. What I actually want to know is how's the entrance? Does she just walk to the center of the stage?
  4. Ekans

    Could anyone describe in detail how does M appear onstage at the start of the show? I haven't seen it anywhere so I thought I'd ask.
  5. I don't think IDSIF will be an interlude, since she once posted a photo where you could see she had underlined some of its lyrics on paper. But that setlist looks promising! I just pray to God that Rescue Me will be the opener, that song always SCREAMED opener for me.
  6. Ekans

    Anyone else LOVING how organic the instrumentals are sounding in the snippets so far? Can't believe we're gonna hear more LIVE instruments and less prerecorded backing tracks this time!
  7. Ekans

    OMG I can't believe MInfinity is back. This is the best Madonna's online forum and would be missed a HUGE lot. <3
  8. Ekans

    Plot twist: Looking for Mercy is a song about the day when Mercy James got lost in Lisbon and everyone was desperately seeking for her.
  9. Ekans

    Just found a nice streaming link for those outside the US: http://ustvgo.net/nbc/?fbclid=IwAR0VXfUxJQ5bsHaiQKJz8SCQ_5OzlYTw6Nt4sz46QSOpdiPawThkCwgK1VQ
  10. Ekans

    You mean the Re-Invention Tour?
  11. Ekans

    I Fucked Up. Extremely cheap production.
  12. Ekans

    Can we talk about how AMAZING it would be if THIS was real???
  13. Agreed! An actual discussion on the shared files would be much interesting.
  14. Can't believe her own fans are age-shaming her.
  15. Oh hell all the online streams are lagging for me