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  1. Lots of people say that Physical Attraction was rehearsed for MDNAT but I can't see it anywhere in the show. Same for Some Girls. Do we know more info (anything!) about those versions? Scrapped sex/religion act in RHT is quite obvious tho.
  2. That was said by a tabloid. Can’t assume it’s true at all.
  3. Given that the song has already leaked, what are the chances they could change the release date? It’s a bit dumb to keep it to 6/9 and lose lots of streams and all the hype
  4. Can we make it go viral like the Padam thing? C’mon Twitter gays you have one job
  5. That’s the extended version, dear
  6. Can you imagine Illuminati with the beats of Vulgar? They kinda remind me of the Illuminati demo.
  7. ChatGPT’s outputs are often filled with nonsense and twisted facts or advices even though its grammar is accurate
  8. It would be so nice to go back 50 years in time and experience homophobia and authoritarianism at their finest 😍
  9. 999. What the hell was she thinking when she decided to shelf Avicci’s version of Wash All Over Me?
  10. I kinda agree. I find it beautiful but you have to be in a specific mood to enjoy it.
  11. This rivalry theme has gotten way too old. She should just celebrate what she’s achieved and forget about her “wannabes” (hate this word).
  12. Can’t believe the mods do nothing in regards to this troll ruining every fucking thread
  13. Several threads have been ruined by this “truly” crap, some have become unreadable. I wish the mods did something about those annoying ppl
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