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  1. I'm so excited!!! I'm already planning some drinks and snacks for my one-person-Premiere-party!
  2. You should really look it up! Torrenting is the revolution of love M has always talked about.
  3. I think there's a 7-day free trial when signing up for Paramount+. I'll def try that and then be happy with a torrent being available the next days.
  4. I'm sure someone will rip the audio from the show and put up in here for us the next day, never doubt the M media fan gods
  5. She's an immortal vampire, honey
  6. That's what I was thinking! She could be filming the intro to it, then she'll perform it and then BAM! A extended trailer for the Madame X Tour
  7. LOVE them and I'm very happy about it! C'mon dudes show some respect to the creators of pop music
  8. Me and my DVD collection would really appreciate that OMG I love the drama this forum can bring us
  9. DVD is just a way of saying we want VIDEO releases, concerts especially, not necessarily in DVD format. I thought it was obvious???
  10. I miss IGTTYAS on Spotify. Acoustic Love Spent would be nice too. Only god knows why they don't update her catalogue there.
  11. BAT is overrated and I really don't like her outfits there... (except for the black priest dress)
  12. Batuka is such a gem. I'd love to hear it in a stadium tour, can you imagine how transcendental would it be to see a packed crowd singing it at the top of their lungs?
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