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  1. What do you mean ? I think as fans when we have a legacy of work across 42 years her first 7 albums were released across 16 years! 1982-98 is madness like every other year on average from 23 to 41 years old Then 2000-2008 the gaps got a tiny bit bigger but 4 albums in 10 years from 42 until 51 years Then the start of the slow down a 4 year gap until MDNA then 3 more years REBEL HEART then 4 years Madame X now 5 years and no interest in making new music really it's crazy to think but honestly I'd love if we had non stop releases again doesn't have to be full on pro o tour but would be fab
  2. Oh don't remind me But yes I mean it's nearly a DECADE since the Rebel Heart album era leaks ...the era that really should've given Madonna a huge 2010s push if she stuck to dual album concept and have all 42 songs on it ! Imagine the streams by now! My days But yeah gutting it's so long but at least it's not quite Rihanna with her 8! And Cher had 12 years between Living Proof and Closer to the Truth and NEITHER artist do massive lyric writing compared to M
  3. A bit like Confessions after American Life I guess it adds appreciation to what came before Like previous posters have said she went from commercial hip hop producers on HC to violence yet unfocused chaos on MDNA to dark imagery and BDSM visuals for a very emotive raw dark album in RH then MX being very globally aware was 4 in a row of disconnect from the globe rather than sustaining You look at the past 17 years and you really SEE that happen HC-MX sadly could've been a cohesively good run if marketed and presented better for sure Madame X is a brilliant album my favourite from 2019 I can't get over it's been 5 years if she had produced it with Honey Dijon, SOPHIE, Arca, Rosalia instead to give a alt pop/trans/queer yet global earthy vibe I feel Madame X would've been heralded even greater leave Diplo/Mike Dean/Quavo/Maluma off the project ...Mirwais is great as a nostalgic reunion too but that team would've been gorgeous for the album and in my head I kinda pretend that that hyper alt pop world music team would've been gorgeous and added a cultural layer Eurovision should've been a colossal energy party and showcased the album vibe- LAP remix/Express Yourself/Music/Hung Up and La Isla Bonita fused with Medellin and God Control would've been insane! Showcase queer, feminine excellence and tell a story would've been the greatest platform to do it instead of what we got ....imagine then 61 year old Madonna doing elaborate choreo high energy solid vocals and the staging and graphics there it would've been such a ride and likely pulled more viewers in ....instead she I think offended so many on so many layers ... It deserved to be global N,umber 1 for pride month and deserved to be competing with Eilish and Grande and Swift that year
  4. And yes 2005 was exciting I have all three those albums 13 and I was at a peak in pop
  5. Yeah I mean I'm in my 30s now and they're same age or YOUNGER than me you know I mean Eilish is over a decade younger than I am!!
  6. So now we have had Grande, Beyonce, Swift, Lips, Eilish release new music ....we have Lady Gaga and Katy Perry apparently both releasing new material this summer This is such a busy year for pop divas .. it always feels like that we get a year of a tidal wave if new releases by the biggest names in female pop then ....nothing for a while . I do think Madonna should maybe wait until next year at earliest so her album will have enough time to get it's own air space with all these huge female names I feel unless it's a big winter release at the end of this year it'll sadly get overshadowed . Who's heard the new Robyn and Jamie XX sing?! With a lot of Robyn songs I often imagine what if they were Madonna singles I feel that aesthetic id very Madonna
  7. During her PRISM era Walking on Air feat Madonna would've been a huge spring summer hit for the pair pop house that never got fully immersed in the concept sadly but both could've benefit from that song Madonna post MDNA and pre Rebel Heart to sustain the hype and KP to continue her number 1 streak post Dark Horse instead of letting the era flop with birthday and this is how we do she never recovered from those two singles sadly Walking on Air could've been HUGE!
  8. Absolutely two of my idols gutted divine died before I was born a duet with the pair would've been chaotic
  9. There's always a new single coming soon just a question of when
  10. And lily Allen is married to the bear dilf from stranger things ....Hopper
  11. Oh yes, years ago she was pretty rude to a lot of people she's mellowed in time though lily Allen is great though
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