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  1. The way her label is not giving her any budget to make these new industry standard streaming assets with the proper sizing Ray of Light was good, so I'm not sure what happened with these...they easily have the original photoshoots to work with.
  2. Yeah it's unfortunate they had to use the only release with that off-set printing error since the Madonna text clearly not designed to be right at the edge like that (coming from a graphic designer), but whatever I guess, nothing really matters!
  3. Well since you mentioned it, the artwork is cropped poorly considering the text should be more evenly space around the edges since they went with the 7" cover instead of the CD version, was it too hard to zoom out a bit?
  4. If you're on a computer, you just take an image link with ".jpg/.png" at the end and paste it into the reply box, and it should automatically convert to an image preview after a second or so
  5. I simply pasted the image link/url, sourced from Apple Music!
  6. If anyone's interested in a better Material Girl upscale with the correct set colors (based on set photos + Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) and marginally better details because the official one is tinted more orange, I shared mine on here a year ago
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