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  1. What are these single edits? What’s the difference between these and the YCD that is already on streaming? Is it that they are unmixed?
  2. I think this clearly shows there has been some delay of some sort. I mean what’s the point of releasing just singles? This was probably a side bonus for when erotica was re-released, and then something delayed the album and the singles/videos were left as a “main attraction” this would explain also all the mistakes in these emails, the leak by that Serbian label, etc. so fingers crossed it’s still coming
  3. There has been many rumors around Latin America this week about Madonna booking stadiums here, so I would say it’s likely a world tour is in the works. this is a Chilean news article, it’s in Spanish (sorry) but in summary it says a website from Uruguay leaked that a venue was booked, confirmed by the venue themselves, for Madonna by the end of 2023. There are similar rumors in Chile, and they point to 6 countries having venues booked: Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia https://www.concierto.cl/2022/10/sera-que-vuelve-a-chile-madonna-estaria-preparando-su-regreso-a-latinoamerica/amp/
  4. I mean it’s all over this thread. I can easily quote them but I don’t see the point on singlieing out some members. I stand for the opposite, to cool things off lol
  5. He’s beeing sarcastic I presume the point is: nobody’s forcing anybody to like it because you’re a fan. The thing is we have a 40+ thread of meltdowns and people declaring this is clear evidence of her decline, that they like her less now than the saw this, that hung up is ruined, etc. super dramatic lol if you don’t like it that’s ok. It’s bad, we all know it. If you like the remix enjoy that. If not ignore the whole thing. I think the problem here is posting 10 times that it’s the worst thing ever. I really don’t understand how passionate people are about a random remix video lol
  6. I have come to learn that artists grow differently from the fans. That may alienate some of the fans, but to be fair as long as she’s coming up with music I don’t think it’s for us to demand it to be of a certain type i was a very big alanis morissete fan. I loved how the emotions were put into music, it made me feel something. Do I resonate with her current meditation album? No. Does it erase her legacy that she did in the 90s? Absolutely not. I can ignore the things I don’t like and enjoy the things I like. this “new” Madonna will be not everyone’s cup of tea. Do I enjoy how she looks? Personally I don’t, but we still have the pictures she did I liked. Do I love the hung up remix? Absolutely, it’s so much fun. Will I look at the video again? Probably not, I personally think it’s tacky I don’t understand the meltdowns. I feel like some people want to keep her doing things that are specifically tailored for them. If you don’t like it, move on, there’s always gonna be something next you’ll like. She’s famous for not repeating herself, she probably will not keep doing this trash thing forever. It’s just a (small) “era” I personally am happy she’s releasing so much new stuff. Maybe I’m lucky because I like them, but I did not personally resonate with madame x and that’s fine.
  7. Ugh I really hope they release this online as well. I hate missing out and there’s no RSD here in my country i hated I could not access the WTG super club mix
  8. Why is this remix so lit and the album version is so meh loving this remix 🔥
  9. Especially it’s not even released yet! I don’t think we’ve heard the studio version? Maybe it has more Madonna than the live version. We still don’t know but yet there’s people complaining
  10. Why is everybody complaining even tho it’s not even out yet lol
  11. I think there’s NO WAY it would be something else than the first album. I might be wrong though, but it would make no sense to release the one major commercial flop she had
  12. Even though I would live Erotica first, it would make no sense at all. You’d want to start with a bang (ie one of the most commercially successful albums), not the most obscure of them all that almost killed her career. I would keep expectations realistic and with a commercial point of view, since this is happening to make them money
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