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  1. I don’t think we’re getting anything, but if we were getting 3 re releases I would expect LAV, TB and LAP
  2. What if that “fan” mentioned in the reddit article is a sound engineer or something along those lines and was the one involved in sourcing the material? That would make more sense than some random person looking on their personal collection Anyways, no point in discussing it until there is something happening. In 2 months we will be at the third (!!!!) anniversary of that infamous announcement
  3. 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. Give Me All Your Luvin' 4. Masterpiece 5. Beautiful Killer
  4. i dont know which part is my favourite: - the MADONNA title in yellow with little stars inside - the nazi woman randomly chilling by the car - the literal bum with the "maitre nageur" sign - the man pretending to be a 1920's kid besides that she looked BEAUTIFUL
  5. I would not be caught dead listening to hey you
  6. Well it might as well appear on Amazon, that’s how we found out Celebration was coming, even though it was not available on Amazon lol
  7. What do you guys think would happen to the reissues if she releases a new album this year or the next? there wouldn’t be any right?
  8. I think the rumour of them bundling the firsts 2 albums together came from them ignoring the 40th anniversary of the debut album, and people desperately wanting that era to be celebrated and not go unnoticed. I would rather have them bundled than no reissue of the first album tbh
  9. I was waiting for the reissues to happen to buy the vinyls but I sincerely lost interest because it’s been 3 years so I just went ahead and bought LAV and BS. if they do end up re-releasing something I’ll stick to streaming. It’s been too long to keep waiting for something that might not even happen (or not in the capacity we were hoping for)
  10. lets hope we dont have to wait another 3 years for some information or leak or whatever on these reissues. i took as confirmation LAV is coming in november since Material Girl is tagged as 2024 remaster. if she's releasing it in november, we should be having some news by august? HOPEFULLY #SOON
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