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  1. There are too many questions There is not one solution There is no resurrection There is so much confusion
  2. Sorry i don’t know if it was discussed here or not, but did we ever find out what the alleged deleted segment that included Music was, what else did it include and why was it removed?
  3. I do believe anniversaries are important. Somebody here, I forgot when, said that her team “does not care about anniversaries” and that is why the important anniversaries were missed, and they could randomly release whatever whenever I think that’s ridiculous too, but if that’s not true, then it means not one of the anniversaries that have passed are relevant to her team, and that they’re waiting for a big relevant date for re-releases i just don’t understand how the debut is not relevant enough
  4. I definitely think the deal is on. What I don’t think is happening is expansive reissues. somebody here said her team does not care about actual anniversaries (lol!) and what would have made sense commercially is announce the LAV reissue or whatever landmark they think would make sense with or around the tour announcement. They didn’t. I don’t think they would randomly release next year LAV after ignoring everything else I just think we will still get things (most likely compilations) for special dates (like RSD) and call it a day as I said I truly hope I am wrong and it’s just me being bitter about the whole thing.
  5. I strongly think there will be no expanded reissues. It’s been 2 years, multiple important anniversaries have passed. We’ve beeng through multiple times: “just wait until this next important anniversary; she will release xyz at that point” and nothing has come out of it. It’s just not going to happen. maybe we’ll get another compilation, some more RSD releases and that’s it. I just don’t see anything else coming UNLESS there is a big shift in strategy, which I don’t see coming hopefully I’m wrong and we get something #soon
  6. I think it’s pretty clear no reissues are coming so it’s just better to let it go. Just enjoy the single uploads to streaming :(
  7. Apple Music seems to have Been updated as well, dates as 2023 tho Strangely 4 minutes is under compilations now. Not sure if this was like this before Not at all what I see. Nothing fails remains in Albums, but the rest was moved to singles
  8. Apple Music seems to have Been updated as well, dates as 2023 tho Strangely 4 minutes is under compilations now. Not sure if this was like this before
  9. Hopefully? But we did experience this same thing at the beginning of this year and then nothing happened definitely keeping my expectations low but all my fingers crossed
  10. If there was a STR2 I think it would naturally be composed of songs released after STR Capping it at 15 songs so it’s like the original one, this would be my take 1. NEW SONG 2. Drowned world / substitute for love 3. Devil wouldn’t recognize you 4. Frozen 5. Easy ride 6. nothing fails 7. I deserve it 8. time stood still 9. the power of good-bye 10. Ghostown 11. I rise 12. NEW SONG 13. Masterpiece 14. Messiah 15. gone
  11. Both look like they made them in PowerPoint in April 2003
  12. I mean the singles designs has been all over the place in all her eras. I mean this atrocity is from Confessions
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