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  1. I really doubt anything already released will be "fixed." I'm just hoping for the real 7" Remix to be included on the Madonna re-issue. Time will tell if that ever happens.
  2. I hate to break it to you but the general public is not listening to Madonna single B-sides. They're listening to remastered versions of the songs they know. That's the purpose of the singles campaign, not releasing unreleased material.
  3. I guess we'll either get it as a part of a single or maybe a Something To Remember re-release? I'll be sad if we don't get it one way or the other.
  4. I could be very wrong but I think Crazy For You is extremely *likely* to get a release because I doubt the Vision Quest soundtrack is getting a re-release. It might just have a 2024 remastered version of the full length 4:08 version and the 3:45 remix/edit but I fully expect this one to be released. People said they wouldn't bother with Material Girl and we got that.
  5. I also doubt that Borderline or any erroneous single will be fixed, but I do wonder if we might see missing remixes on the deluxe album re-issues. There's been a lot of remix edits missing from recent singles and those take up less space on a physical album than full length mixes. Maybe Crazy For You in Feb to celebrate the re-release anniversary from 1991? Grasping at straws
  6. It's not really much but Me Against The Music was just upgraded to Dolby Atmos. At least it's something!
  7. What makes people think that digital singles won't be released if the songs are already available? Was that ever said anywhere?
  8. Young people might have less disposable income to buy vinyl (which is also more expensive than buying a CD), but yeah they're absolutely purchasing it.
  9. Totally this. Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS has four different coloured vinyl each with a different bonus track exclusive to that version. None are on streaming. I have a feeling this will be the norm as it generates much more revenue for the artist and record company and incentivizes (extorts) fans into buying multiple copies of the same album. Ugh. Imagine if M did that with the re-releases and put one unreleased demo on each. People here would riot.
  10. There were 2 Spanglish versions as well. Also a terrible white label Junior Vasquez mix but I don’t ever see that getting released. https://www.discogs.com/release/22514666-Madonna-Youll-See-Mixes
  11. Berghain and other german industrial nightclubs. I was also kind of curious what could have made Madonna every choose him as a remixer and listened to his biggest song Love which sounds kind of like if Underworld remixed Justify My Love (it has spoken vocals reminiscent of JML and Erotica - in fact it sounds a lot like the Erotica portion of the Thunderpuss GHV2 Club Megamix). Certainly better than his POG remix but that's a very low bar. Much more excited for the Don't Tell Me and other American Life singles than her worst remix package.
  12. Paper Magazine had the Kim Kardashian champagne pic cover that "broke the internet" in 2014. It's definitely a reputable publication.
  13. CD2 of this compilation is all mixed as one seamless DJ mix, so it's really just the full length remix that doesn't have the full intro or outro. The ending blend's into BT's mix of DJ Rap's Bad Girl. [Hidden Content]
  14. Building on this, many of her singles released to radio stations were edits of remixes. The video versions of Fever and What It Feels Like For A Girl used remixes that sounded nothing like the album versions. There were also countless remix videos played on music video channels and in bars. It makes sense why her fans would then embrace her remixes as an essential part of her body of work. She's the remix queen.
  15. I don't know... one seems like a subjective opinion about art and the other seems like personal attack against members of the forum. It's ok if people have opinions we don't agree with! That fosters discussion about a topic. The moment it gets to be about a member of the community is when it seems like it turns "toxic." They seem very, very different to me, but that's also my opinion which should also not be taken as fact .
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