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  1. Some of the members of this forum live in a bubble
  2. Well yeah, I guess I don't know enough about licensing to know if an artist changes hands do they remove everything previously uploaded and re-publish, or just take over the rights and royalties and it's up to the artist/new record company to make changes.
  3. I would argue that the radio edit of 4 Minutes is the superior version. Gets rid of that intro and outro and makes it tighter. It's a shame that's not on the streaming single but thank goodness I have it on GHV2.
  4. Do we know for certain things are going to be taken down though? It's a more modern release strategy to release things separately. Take a look at any artist releasing new things on Spotify, almost every individual remix gets released as a single, so you have 5/6 different singles for a particular song. I definitely prefer everything to be collected under one release and hope that's the case but it's also possible it might not happen.
  5. I want to say that boutique streaming labels specializing in niche releases are actually going really strong. There is one area of physical video media that is growing, which is 4k Ultra HD blu-ray. It seems like a similar scenario to vinyl in the music industry - it's making money specifically because releases are marketed to collectors. And these labels are growing and releasing higher profile films. There's also the fact that streaming services are not actually that profitable. Paramount+ is desperately trying to merge with another company because they lost $490 million dollars just in the last three months of 2023. Warner Brothers and their MAX streaming service has famously been pulling tons of content to save money and to decrease their massive amount of debt they took on from the merger with Discovery. Streaming platforms are continuously adding advertising based tiers and increasing prices because they lose money. Amazon doesn't give a lot of insight into the profitability of Prime Video but it's widely thought of to be a loss leader that keeps people locked into a Prime Subscription and keeps people locked in to shopping via the store. Basically in a nutshell, streaming platforms will continue to get more expensive and worse. Collectors know this and are keeping physical media alive, but only when it comes to niche releases that are released in high quality. I imagine Madonna concert videos could absolutely capitalize on this trend. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/4k-blu-ray-collectors-market-140000292.html
  6. On another note, I'm living for Katya's reaction to the snippet Katy posted on her insta https://www.tiktok.com/@kibiras29/video/7382251989272431905?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc
  7. I don't know, something about Kelly Clarkson saying that she believes everything Kesha says and that she was blackmailed and bullied when working with Dr. Luke makes me believe it's all true. Kelly worked with him several times in the beginning of her career (Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, My Life Would Suck Without You) and has nothing but bad things to say about the guy. Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to help pay for Kesha's legal fees, and there were a number of artists that all publicly supported her. Sexual assault is notoriously difficult to prove in court years later but in this case (for me at least) where there's smoke there's fire. I'm all for compassion to someone who's made a mistake like twenty years ago saying a slur for gays, but has in that time apologized and shown personal growth. This is a totally different magnitude that I'm not entirely sure someone should ever be rid of the stigma of. Obviously no one wants to be accused of something they didn't do, but when enough celebrities (who aren't currently under some sort of recording contract prohibiting the badmouthing of their producer/record label) are speaking up, it's a pretty good sign.
  8. The person who has most worked with him since the trial has been Kim Petras who is continually (deservedly) raked over the coals for it. He uses aliases on his work to hide the fact that it's him (Tyson Trax, MADE IN CHINA, Loctor Duke). When Doja Cat's Say So won a grammy in 2021 members of the recording academy were upset because they didn't know who they were voting for and didn't find out until the ceremony. There's controversy with every single thing released by Dr. Luke, not just this new Katy Perry song.
  9. Can I ask how you followed the link? It redirects me to Madonna's main Spotify page and I can't see anything regarding this release
  10. That's an incredibly subjective opinion considering you have the current state of dance pop mining inspiration from 90's dance for samples like FISHER x Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight.
  11. Exactly! Outside of the clubs I remember hearing the Junior Radio remix of Secret and the Miami mix of DCFMA on American pop radio. But I also remember remix videos of Mariah (the Bad Boy mix of Fantasy was arguably even more popular than the album version) for both of them on MTV. Needless to say they were both HUGE when it came to 90's remixes and there's no reason to downplay either of them as some are doing.
  12. Yeah we've had all these Confessions EPs in Canada forever. Maybe regional differences and they were just recently added to certain countries?
  13. Oooooh I love the idea of the BA mixes added to Another Suitcase In Another Hall. It really seems like soundtrack songs have gotten a pretty complete treatment since it's less likely that the albums would be re-released.
  14. I would love another feature on a hyperpop song. Something Vulgar should have been (clever but filthy lyrics) with someone like Charli XCX, Slayyyter, Kim Petras, etc. Something for the gays only. Then an album that with the Max Martin songs. Hopefully a little more introspective.
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