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  1. The earliest she starts is 945 so I would be at your seat by 930 just in case. Although some shows she doesn't come on till after 1030.
  2. What a nice surprise! She looks flawless!!!
  3. It was rumoured that a EU leg was happening when one of her dancers spilled the beans but I think that would have been announced by now. It is heavily expected she will visit South America this autumn.
  4. Wait - these pics of her singing I Will Survive and DCFM without the black coat on - when did this happen? It look so much better with just the brown corset showing.
  5. Should we take bets on what songs she'll do next? Let's look at the possibilities that would match the outfit/visuals: This Used To Be My Playground I'll Remember The Power of Goodbye Drowned World Ghosttown (imagine a mashup with either Frozen or Rain)
  6. 5 more days for promoters to scramble around trying to sell all those empty floor seats
  7. And what do you expect the reissues to have? They're gonna be the same albums we've had for decades so I don't see your point.
  8. I feel like if they hired Stuart to remaster everything, she would put all her trust in him and not be so hands-on. It would help speed things up as she would only have to approve of the track list and packaging.
  9. So with all the huge anniversaries that came and went with nothing released (they weren't made up or random as you implied), why are you so certain they're gonna start with LAV this year?
  10. That was actually cute - the way she ab libbed about the technical glitches
  11. There's no way she canceled these plans or will strictly do digital releases, WB and her are going to BANK on physical sales - it's a guarantee money maker. I think they're just dragging feet cause she's busy and probably wants to supervise every single thing and we all know how slow she works these days when she's in the studio.
  12. Well to be fair, I loved the concept but it was very long and she still only sang half the song. I still can't believe Vogue hasn't been performed in full since RIT 2004.
  13. He sounds very....cunty. Like he was there for the alcohol and 3 mins of spotlight. And the nerve to demand a ride home BEFORE the show ended. Someone else deserved that seat.
  14. Makes me sad as I love this album. Maybe she thinks the Hard Candy boots during the Erotica section is good enough
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