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  1. I'm eagerly waiting for an insider or something to give the tiniest hint, even a post saying "get ready" would be exciting to me.
  2. It could be done, if it starts in NYC and the first half is the 70s/80s, they could get a lot crammed into a 2.5hr movie. The 2010s/2020s era will be very minimal since nothing much exciting happened during that time.
  3. I don't think Borderline playing in a store has anything to do with marketing dollars dear.
  4. I agree that FEL was a great complication but c'mon guys - in 3 years that's the only major release we've had. It's clear they didn't even work on anything last year otherwise it would have been released by now. I know some fans speculated they postponed everything cause of her illness but I highly doubt they sat on a project this long. Madonna works at snail pace these days and CLEARLY doesn't GAF about anniversaries so Warner has no choice but to be on par with her schedule.
  5. Imagine the meltdowns and bad press she would get if she booked a stadium or arena where she only did songs that a majority of the audience doesn't even know and actual hits. It wouldn't work; the only way this would be successful is if it were promoted as a tour for her die hard fans and booked in intimate venues.
  6. Off topic indeed. Why are you posting her in here??
  7. Well that I know, I thought she had 2 different wigs in the same show (one of the Erotica section and a different (more straight) one for the Vogue section in Rio. But I realized it was the same wig just the curls were worn down. Very Blond Ambition-looking imo. OT: About the audio, the GP is not closely analyzing every frame like we are. The broadcast received good praise, so let's focus on that. Calm down people, the official release will sound much better.
  8. Not me thinking she wore a different wig for Vogue when it really has the humidity thinning her Erotica wig out
  9. And for as many cameras as they had and the massive production, they did a fab job! There were some shots you could tell they were clueless on (especially during Bedtime Story with the projection not working) but for a one-shot attempt, it was impressive. I miss the 80s and 90s when TV would broadcast raw live footage like this.
  10. Let Rio be a good reference to something that's not overly edited. She'll edit the fuck out of the official release but at least it'll be how the show was intended (projection screens, floating cube, indoor venue making it more theatrical).
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