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  1. Assuming we're talking about Physical Attraction... I remember an insider saying it was mixed with I'm Addicted but she later dropped it. She even knew the words at one of the sound checks when fans were let in early and they sang along with her. This makes me think the rumour was true cause I doubt she would remember the lyrics to a song that was 30 years old unless she recently rehearsed it/listened to it.
  2. I'm just going by her pattern in recent years when it comes to movies/her post production/making new music. She took forever to edit W./E. and her last 3 tours so I wouldn't expect the biopic to be any different since this will be her baby and only chance at acclaim as a director. I just can't see her taking on both projects at once. If the film gets pushed back (I wouldn't be surprised if it's canceled all together) then of course I would expect an album in 2022 or 2023.
  3. We all know an album is far away since this year (and likely next year) is all about the biopic and she won't have time to record new music. With all the side projects going on, it's hard to predict when a new album will surface. 2022/2023 they will film the movie. 2023/2024 will be editing (we all know she will take at least a year to edit the film with a 2024 release) 2024 Warner will push the hell out of the movie's soundtrack, making yet another GH release for her. 2025 is when she may likely release a new album. But how will she have time until then? And how is Warner going to release all the reissues, the soundtrack, AND a new album simultaneously? Furthermore, I would imagine a farewell tour to come in 2025 or 2026. What do you predict?
  4. It looks like a cheap promo display, and that black backcover is sad. I'm so glad I decided not to buy this, but I'm glad some of y'all didn't mind dropping $60+ on a piece of cardboard
  5. If I remember correctly, I believe the press release said deluxe editions for SOME of her albums. So I think you're right - most albums will just be remastered and pressed on colour vinyl with maybe a couple bonus tracks.
  6. I'm not sure but it's similar to Janet's Discipline album font called Brushot
  7. Don't worry, we'll get Candy Shop featuring Dua Lipa and Human Nature featuring Cardi B on the deluxe editions.
  8. Well to be fair, this includes almost all the singles that came out after Celebration and most of the post 80s tracks are remixed drastically different than the album versions. Of course we weren't getting any new music since she spent a year editing that damn tour and now she's focused on the biopic. I personally think this collection is much better than yet another GH collection.
  9. I'm willing to bet there will be a ballads collection down the road. These reissues are gonna sell like hot cakes and they will milk her discography to no end. And I don't think they'll just simply reissue Something To Remember; I think it will be a collection of her ballads/mid tempo singles. Deluxe Edition: Side A: 1. Crazy For You 2. Live To Tell 3. La Isla Bonita 4. The Look of Love 5. Oh Father Side B: 6. Sooner Or Later 7. This Used To Be My Playground 8. Bad Girl 9. Rain Side C: 10. I'll Remember 11. Secret 12. Take A Bow 13. You'll See 14. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 15. You Must Love Me Side D: 16. Frozen 17. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 18. The Power of Goodbye 19. What It Feels Like For A Girl Side E: 20. Nothing Fails 21. Miles Away 22. Masterpiece 23. Ghosttown 24. Crave Standard Edition: 1. Crazy For You 2. Live To Tell 3. La Isla Bonita 4. Oh Father 5. Sooner Or Later 6. This Used To Be My Playground 7. Rain 8. Take A Bow 9. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 10.Frozen 11. The Power of Goodbye 12. What It Feels Like For A Girl 13. Miles Away 14. Masterpiece 15. Ghosttown 16. Crave
  10. Remember that there's a second Record Store Day on June 18th. Maybe we'll get an EP for Angel since that was also left off of Finally Enough Love.
  11. He's pissed cause they didn't include the remixes he wanted them to put on there.
  12. I don't think he could pull that off. Unless he's referring to the amateur 16-track cover cause that screams poor photoshop skills.
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