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  1. Top tier: Hung Up Celebration LFL IDSIF Meh: Sorry GI2M Medellín Horrid: The rest Disc 1 and 2 are nearly perfection though!
  2. It's such a task getting through disc 3 in my car - most of the mixes are horrid.
  3. Ingrid is probably throwing vases around her beachhouse as we speak.
  4. Good assumption. It would have been announced with this release. This is either a tease for Erotica coming out next or it was just a bone to throw at her fans that were expecting something for the anniversary.
  5. Interesting observation. This just goes to show how messy the era was, with no set-in-stone plan. I truly thought Crave would do well because it was radio friendly. It shocked me how quickly it was released after Medellín which I'm sure was Interscope's idea since the lead single didn't stick.
  6. Imagine the ending being her coming out of the disco ball. Ugh - an event!
  7. I still wish they proved the full show. They honestly couldn't fit it all on 2 discs?
  8. This year was such a tease before the reissues for the albums start. An unexpected remix collection, Erotica single, and then possibly an Everybody single. I can't wait to see what the first album release is gonna be. Now that we're getting the picture disc, I doubt it's Erotica.
  9. Mine was just shipped from Amazon, coming tomorrow
  10. Signature song: Like A Prayer Mega classic: La Isla Bonita Classic: True Blue
  11. Where would a good cut off point be? Ray of Light? I can't imagine the movie going all the way up until present. The only interesting things would be her divorce from Guy and maybe Confessions.
  12. If this gets scrapped, I'll be irritated that the last 2.5 years were wasted when we could have had a new album and/or reissues rolled out sooner. Madonna works very slowly these days and eventually Universal is gonna lose interest or replace her if she keeps dragging her feet. Lately she has shown much more interest in music while the script is still stuck in development hell. They won't wait till 2024 to finally start filming. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if Julia left the project already (assuming she truly was offered the role) because she can't wait around and is taking on other roles while she's in her prime.
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