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  1. Sky Fits Heaven Music (Groove Armada Remix) or Into The Groove (YCD Remix)
  2. Lo Que Siente La Mujer True Blue or Impressive Instant
  3. My mom was a huge fan like me, my dad was just a casual fan (went to WTG, BA, and TGS) but didn't follow her after the 80s.
  4. It better not be that awful Human Nature remix they do on tour
  5. I hope they put as much effort into her future live albums as they did with this - complete show with 3 LPs and beautiful artwork.
  6. True but I'm referring to vinyl outselling CDs. So right now it's the primary format. Of course that could eventually switch
  7. You need to give up on that concern just cause you don't buy vinyl anymore. CDs are a thing of the past and physical media demands lean towards vinyl now.
  8. That would be such a Warner move to release another GH collection instead of a reissue. #M40 #soon
  9. But why release Deeper and Deeper when it has nothing to do with her debut?
  10. I would post it but idk how to rip FB videos
  11. Someone posted playing Sodade on Madonna's Empire group on FB
  12. I'm still confused about this. Did only a handful get released? Was it shipped or sold too early by accident? I need answers.
  13. The first album will be released when the biopic finally hits theatres in 2034. Can't wait!
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