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  1. But there is a difference between stating an opinion and being a shit stirrer. Also isnt there a point where if every opinion that you have is going to be perceived as negative dig against madonna that perhaps a board dedicated to her isnt for you? You're a mod so it's your choice if you're going to ban someone like me who offends people by calling them sour patch adults then that's out of my hands. All i have to say is I love madonna, I love this board but what i dont love all these negative members who all they do is post negative things. If you're going to ban me, sorry to all the members I love talking with, it was a good ride while it lasted and i really cant wait until she proves all the haters wrong with her biopic and tells her beautiful story the way only she can.
  2. I do not ignite anything, i simply reply and unlike others I do not name call and unlike others I am not constantly attacking Madonna. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who feels that way when I read posts and can already guess who wrote it by the negative tone. If I am being scolded, fine, that's your prerogative but it's not a good look especially when there are certain members that are the ones who REALLY are the shit stirrers on a MADONNA forum especially when we can easily go to their profiles and see their post history.
  3. I remember she wasnt that late for confessions and mdna for my shows...rebel heart she came on like at 11 something I think...i was so hungry!
  4. Agreed. I mean I can't be the only one that remembers the Esther years where everyone was BEGGING for the old fun Madonna to come back and not be so serious. I think there is definitely a difference in not liking an album or song and just shitting on her taking every sentence she says literally. We shall see what is next for M!
  5. No please dont report me i promise I won't correct you when you're being rude and wrong about madonna! I promise I'll read all your novels of you dissing her! I agree! Madonna is trash! Please don't do this!
  6. Why wouldn't it be personal? Not all old people wanna have fun, i mean look at this board...a bunch of sour patch adults...btw i can't wait to not read your long reply you'll poop out on your keyboard
  7. Lol why does this response seem so out of touch when no gif is involved?
  8. Hell must've frozen over because i actually think that that's...good lol my only complaint why make the hair blonde? Lol
  9. Wow the fact that we are alive the same time Madonna is alive is a blessing...can't wait for the finished video! I must confess (no pun intended) i always disliked the video for Hung Up and the Confessions videos in general but this looks SO good!
  10. OMG i just got it...cuz my username is Alpha lol
  11. And i have to say...you don't have to like everything M does. I for one think PDP and LIB are awful songs but the post was just so eye rolling.
  12. Well i certainly didn't expect that 😂
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