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  1. Don't even get me started...the ONE remix that wasnt available on the maxi or spotify and only a rare promo yet its not the one chosen?
  2. You mean she ISN'T mentally ill and an alcoholic/drug user? Wowwww lol guess those "fans" are having to eat those words but probably not...they'll just say "we just have high expectations!"
  3. Gaga called her a "nice lady" Lol no its well known people say she's sweet behind the scenes but she hates it. The making of human nature her dancers say something about her being nice and she scolds them and says NO SAY IM A BITCH. Rosie loves her, Debi loves her, Britney...i mean so many have said. Can she be a cunt? Absolutely but who the fuck can say they're happy and sunny 24/7 365? There's some people here that are grosera infinitely.
  4. Awful...why even bother taking new photos when aldo can just photoshop you on someone else's body. I really absolutely hate that.
  5. Yup I was right...Erika Jayne lite...this REALLY suits her and when i think of older Madonna this is the sort of look I think of...hawt
  6. I'll assume we'll get another Erika Jayne lite look which IMO is the best she's looked in over half a decade since BIM
  7. My favorite part was her not crediting Gaga or the writers and allegedly not paying to release the song 🤣 what was Gaga gonna do? Sue her for singing Born This Way and not credit her? It was mean tho how she didnt credit Whitney and give money to that estate
  8. I mean there was always so many crazy rumors so who knows what's what. Also, AIR was meant to work with her for American Life! The one song they did ended up on their album and it would've been so dope had they had songs on American Life!
  9. There was the Luc Besson musical and then there was the Hello Suckers musical...Hung Up came from the Besson musical and Devil came from Hello Suckers. If memory serves right...she had written stuff with Patrick for Hello Suckers. There was also a rumor either during or shortly after RIT she was working with Martin Gore of Depeche Mode for her next album which ended up being Confessions.
  10. Madonna anime! Reminds me of those old school 60s/70s style anime series!
  11. Ah i was actually looking for this photo the other day! I think its a polaroid?
  12. Hmm...well there was the official remix that was titled Living for Drums and was a dub so if they named it promo mix now thats a bit of an eyeroll...of course assuming its that same remix. There was a fan mix that put the verses on it to resemble the live performance version however.
  13. Meh he would've benefited more than she would...I'm still curious about Goldie's work on To Have Not to Hold though! Or how she wanted to work on ROL Prodigy
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