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  1. I mean D&D was still top 10, i think had Fever been released as 3rd US single it would've prob been top 10 as well probably boosting Rain as well. Also going to assume video play wasn't much since she mentioned it in Girlie Talk saying the videos didnt get played except for the "last one" which was Rain and why that made her on the fence whether or not she was going to shoot one for Bye Bye Baby which...I'm SO curious as to what her idea was for it
  2. But at that point Erotica and Deeper & Deeper had done well, it was only Bad Girl had done modestly. Idk it still doesnt make sense because obviously it was gonna be the plan since like u said the US had the Fever mixes while Bad Girl had Erotica/D&D.
  3. Since most topics go...uh...off topic figured start a topic where we can ask questions etc My question is...why wasnt Fever released in the US and why was it released without a video in the UK and then why did they finally do a video after it was a single!? And did the video air in the US?
  4. I remember reading it on myspace lol And the Hollywood with American Life intro is actually the DVD!!! I'm no expert but i think the biggest flaw was that the DVD set was a single layer not a dual layer and that's why the quality was so shitty
  5. There was an initial tracklist with the versions being used and i think most were going to be q-sound. Like a Prayer and Express Yourself were DEFINITELY going to be q-sound and fans complained so they changed it but it wasnt until the album was released that we realized some were unique versions.
  6. Nonsense never makes sense especially when you try to throw things at a wall to see what sticks but hey at least you tried. Novice gif fyi.
  7. And fans will eat it up the way everyone bought the sleeves and awful and lazy celebration merch!
  8. It's just ridiculous the argument. Like are they defending him because they like his work? Are they defending Madonna's choice? Or are they just being a stirrer?
  9. 1) no because entitlement would be feeling you deserve something just because you want it not because you dont have skill or talent. Daft response. 2) glam is different. They're also not doing a shitty job and giving interviews like they're the talent. Daft response. 3)uhh...that's what we're all complaining about. Daft response. 4)again...that's what we're complaining about. Daft response. 5)...seriously? AS PER ALL OF OUR LAST EMAILS....THIS IS WHAT WE'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT. DAFT RESPONSE. 6)nip what in the bud? 🤣 Daft response! In conclusion, your reply has been daft. Not even sure if you're trying to be cute or something.
  10. The UK mixes too. I never even knew about those until a few years ago. Those were SO good!
  11. I mean Keep the Trance turned into Hey You, look at Funny Game & Superpop. I would imagine them being different songs but it could very well be just how those Mirwais songs evolved or like how Love Hurts is a different song than Erotica yet the same song if that makes sense. We know she's had that history. Even Infinity vs Give it 2 Me and Is This Love vs Voices.
  12. The difference is that most of us are TALENTED. time and time again we've seen fans many on this board really "remaster" or edit remixes better, we've seen so many fans airbrush and upscale photos, we've seen fans recreate single covers, we've especially seen fans create brilliant mockups and designs for our dream box sets or singles etc. That's the difference. The biggest complaint the past decade fans have had is quality control. Of course most of us would jump at the chance but not because we want clout or to be in her circle but because we LOVE and appreciate her work. You can't have it both ways complaining about her output then flippantly say it's because we're jealous.
  13. Great. Now screenshot where Shirley confirms it's Madonna on #1 Crush.
  14. So you gonna tell us or did u make it up lol
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