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  1. Well it was intentional the cold copy and paste effect. I enjoyed it. Inside Out too was amazing. I loved the darker yet more ballad take on it. Personally I think his work isnt that great but loved his take on those Rebel Heart tracks. SEX also was improved and felt more intentionally funny as opposed to the demo. But either way...his stuff isnt R&B and i hope they dony work together. His personality is that much of a turn off for me.
  2. Ehhh Holy Water was prob one of the best tracks off that album though. The only one that was awful IMO was Wash All Over Me.
  3. I used to have an edit that had the shortened radio edit intro but still had the remaining bits intact. Not sure if it was real or just fanmade.
  4. Lol first of all...they have worked together before. Second of all...does ANYONE consider his music r&b? Sounds like they're saying that just because he's black. Lol if she does in fact want an R&B album i doubt she'd go to him for that. It wouldn't surprise me if she is going to work with him again though. Am I here for it? No. Been there, done that and his music is HARDLY groundbreaking or genius the way people say it is. I am sure they can create cute or cool songs but meh.
  5. Maybe because of everyone saying it but i had a dream that they had officially posted that Julia was going to play Debi lol
  6. I never wanna see an eyepatch or wig ever again.
  7. It was always just credited as Jellybean
  8. It would make most sense if it was Spotlight or Where's the Party.
  9. How did Vogue spend the same number of weeks at #1 as Jump did? I would've thought it would've spent 4 or 5 like Hung Up and Music!
  10. In terms of graphic design it was actually. I just think the lacking of new tracks is what REALLY made it feel underwhelming. The cover image being the cover of the DWT book and very similar to the BA tour book was also a great touch even if unintentional. In my mind Run and Arioso were the two new tracks that both went top 10 lol
  11. I was going to say lol other than the nonchronological order and missing two new tracks it felt like a good representation of her 90s work
  12. I'm expecting and want an extensive super deluxe for streaming like Garbage did for their debut. Maybe edits to fit on an 80 min cd and however long for a cassette and 8-track and vinyl and then full length DJ set for streaming. 50 #1s is a pretty impressive accomplishment.
  13. I hope so! Im praying for promo mixes or vinyl only remixes/edits and all segued like a DJ set a la Confessions. Mike Dean however is a friggin pain to watch but at least it will SOUND amazing.
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