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  1. tricky ricky

    Hardly ...why ??? you mean charting ?? or if this new album fails she will just retire lol
  2. tricky ricky

    i dont think her single i think it will just be a single by them three , i think its a good plan to release a single with these two especially when her new music will prob appeal more to the people who listen to that kind of music ..just a guess but if this is the case i think its a good move
  3. tricky ricky

    anitta and maluma and madonna will release the song they have recorded in january possibly giving madonna a bit of buzz before she releases her solo work first single in febuary ..performance at grammys possibly - should we take bets she will give us some info at christmas week these are all just guesses
  4. tricky ricky

    meeeee ,the roller ...
  5. tricky ricky

    i thought there were going to be merged ?
  6. tricky ricky

    they wont sadly ...this is madonnas choice to keep it all secret especially as she was so furious with the leaks of previous works ...
  7. tricky ricky

    It was not a insult it was a question and a serious question ...
  8. tricky ricky

    it was a question ...i'm just yet to read anything positive from you about her new album and you just come across like your'e moaning and shes not hanging out with the fat jew he just worked with her on her mdna skin promotion if you dont like it dont buy it dont listen to it dont watch it ...ill type how i want to type thanks ...GOD ..youre on ignore i cant deal with your boring posts sorry
  9. tricky ricky

    urhhh you would think we have haters in this forum reading some of the crap they post , they post like their opinion is factual "she's goingto be scrutinized " the post said while doing exactly that in the post lol .... to be honest she has always been scrutinized so whats the big deal
  10. tricky ricky

    time stood still
  11. tricky ricky

    are you a hater ive seen your negative posts in other forums lol
  12. tricky ricky

    who is hating on miles away ? fuzzy dream its a great song
  13. have the numbers of views merged too ?
  14. tricky ricky

    i actually think this could be whats happened ...why not feature in a hit song before you drop a album especially if thats what she thinks will be this albums target audience and maluma did like her post with anitta
  15. tricky ricky

    yeah her first album is very good to be honest and i still listen to it ... can you imagine the physical cd had a magic 8 ball thing in the cover ......and it changed to the song titles when you shook it ...ok ill stop now