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  1. tricky ricky

    I dont know why people meltdown over the mdna skin care i mean she has always been a buisness woman she is not going to keep locked up in the studio ..she is also a mother ...people forgot that
  2. tricky ricky

    she did do better though we got ghost town and joan of arc ..both great songs in my opinion ..she could make a album with that kind of quality of songs but does she want too ...i dont think so ...she wants to have fun
  3. tricky ricky

    the whole point of bitch im madonna was exactly that ..ppl trying to limit her due to age . it was the i dont give a fuck song was meant to be ironic
  4. tricky ricky

    "Bitch I'm Madonna". Such an embarrasment of her legacy. she has always had silly songs ... hanky panky springs to mind ....
  5. tricky ricky

    radio will not play her music due to her age ...nothing more its not due to the quality of her music ... masterpiece was a great track ghost town was a great track damn even living for love was good radio ignored them
  6. tricky ricky

    she has artistic integrity shes not going to keep pushing out the same sound just because it sells she is not that type of artist i mean mariah carey has been doing that all her career not to diss her as i like her recent work but she never really changed her sound ....
  7. tricky ricky

    poor production ? i dont think the leaks helped we prob would have respected it a bit more if we didnt get the demo versions of the songs or listen to them but to me i thought rebel heart is one of her best with like a virgin her album being her worst lol ..funny how we have different taste
  8. tricky ricky

    I think its sad that some of you in this forum behave like rebel heart was the worst album ever despite us getting like 60 demos from the sessions you all still complain lol ...
  9. tricky ricky

    wow some of you here really are not very supportive of her i don't see any decay rebel heart was a good album and did you even buy it if not then sod your support and leave her behind she isnt stuck in the confessions era of course the live nation deal took centre stage there is not a lot of money in selling records anymore due to streaming etc the money is touring and in my opinion this is what she is best at ..putting on a show ....
  10. tricky ricky

    breaks my heart ..this ...its such a brilliant track .....
  11. tricky ricky

    depends if it leaks ...
  12. tricky ricky

    Yes madonna has already flimed her part in her bathroom ..well skyped it
  13. tricky ricky

    iCONIC was a disaster ??
  14. tricky ricky

    The best song on the album " I will never love again " is good i really liked it but then i realised it sounds like " i believe i can fly " by r kelly or some mariah carey reject and at the start you think the carpenters "close to you " and now i'm not so fond of it feels reductive ive seen the movie via torrents and i think its overrated nothing special in my opinion especially if you already know how the story goes ....i have always thought she was on the ugly side but she is very plain in the movie ..thats all i have to say about it really ...
  15. tricky ricky

    absolutely i have no doubt in my mind that this album will be good not worried