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  1. I think this is what she wants to look like, a sex doll. Can you imagine Madonna sitting with her coochie all out as she poses for the graphic designer who had to create her image as perfect as she envisions herself? I can. I'm skeptical of NFTs, but at least the proceeds are going to charity.
  2. At 28, Debi Mazar Was Smoking Pot & Going Out Dancing With Madonna Debi Mazar has been thinking a lot about her twenties lately. She’s currently writing a memoir, and her daughters Evelina and Giulia are inching closer to their second decade. And one of her best friends, Madonna, is in production on a biopic that will bring that era of their lives to the big screen. “She blew my phone up a lot wanting to know, ‘Deb, do you remember when or what?’ So I try to help remind her of certain things and procure a few pictures for her. But it's a movie about Madonna,” Mazar, 57, tells Bustle of Blonde Ambition. But it’s Mazar’s role in the film that recently made for tabloid fodder after it was revealed that Julia Fox auditioned to play her. “I don't know how big the role is. I know that [Madonna’s] looking at several people aside from Julia. Of course, Julia ran with it because she was doing all that publicity with the Kanye stuff,” Mazar says. “I don't know what her range is or anything. I loved her in Uncut Gems, she seems like a lovely girl.” While Mazar isn’t concerned with who will play her on the silver screen, there are a few stories she’d be delighted to see make it into Madonna’s film. “I just hope that she has a moment of when I convinced her — because she's such a control freak and would never smoke pot — to smoke a little pot and walk up Broadway to go to my friend's house,” The Pentaverate star says. To Mazar, she and Madonna were like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe in Just Kids. They’d have sleepovers, go out dancing, and bop around the city. And much like with Smith and Mapplethorpe, their friendship was also tinged with some truly extraordinary moments. “One night we were all out and I went to the bathroom and when I came back I saw Madonna's hair going on fire. I was like, ‘F*ck.’ So I just picked up this ice bucket and dumped it on her head. She looked so angry at me.”
  3. Jennifer Grey shared this polaroid taken during the filming of Bloodhounds of Broadway in 1988. I've always seen this photo grouped together with the other Beth Baptiste photos I posted. It could be the same photographer but I think this one is from a different day or at a different session that day. Madonna's outfit is different and she is with Erika Bell, Martin Burgoyne and Bagz in this photo.
  4. I'm familiar with the process of how movies are made. When biopics are announced most times the lead actor/actress is announced at the same time or within a year of the news. For example, there was a new Jean-Michel Basquiat biopic announced in February 2022. The starring actor, Kelvin Harrison Jr, and the title of the film, Samo Lives, were both announced with the news of the film even though the script is not complete. It is slated to go into production this fall. Whitney Houston's biopic was announced in April 2020. The writing hadn't begun for the script and it wasn't even acquired by a production company yet but there was a title already, I Wanna Dance with Somebody. In December 2020, it was announced that Naomi Ackie will play Whitney. They have already begun filming and there is a December 21, 2022 release date. Madonna announced her film in September 2020, after she had already been writing the script for months. That month, Universal Pictures picked up the film. Almost 2 years later and the starring actress still has not been announced and Madonna has been casting since at least November 2021. She turned in the first draft of the script a year ago and the title of the film still hasn't been revealed. I'm not even asking for the film to be completed this year. I'm just wondering when we're going to get some news on the lead actress and the title of the film.
  5. I can't believe it's almost May 2022 and we still don't know who will star as Madaonna. Even if they are still casting for the supporting roles you'd think the lead actress would have been chosen by now. Madonna first stated she was casting on her Instagram Stories last November. Also in November, Amy Pascal confirmed on the podcast Lunch With Bruce that filming would start in 2022. We're already almost 5 months into the year and not one member of the cast has been announced.
  6. Most young men eventually want to get married and have children of their own. That's one of the downsides of dating men young enough to be your own child. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were married 8 years. She was only in her 40s then and he was in his 20s. After they divorced he starts a family with Mila Kunis. Ashton and Demi were 16 years apart which seems like nothing now compared to Madonna and her partners. She hasn't dated someone with less than a 25 year age gap since Guy Ritchie. If Madonna was an average middle-aged lady I don't think Ahlamalik Williams, Aboubakar Soumhoro, Braham Zaibat, Jesus Luz or any of her other young lovers of the last decade would've dated her. I'm sure she connected to Ahlamalik emotionally in some form but I don't think any of us saw this relationship lasting. It actually lasted longer than I expected but they both benefited. He recorded some music, got some recognition and a modeling gig. Madonna got to have a tenderoni at her beck and call. It would be nice to see her with a mature man over 40, who is established and who she can build with but I can't see many men putting up with her social media antics. She also seems like she wants to be in control in relationships and it's easier to control younger people. I recall reading that some of her exes from the 1990s said she tried to woo them with her fame and money, and she would tell them not to worry about money. That can bruise a prideful man's ego.
  7. Never thought I'd see Madonna and Erykah Badu together, they look good!
  8. I believe that Sean was verbally and physically abusive. Where there's smoke there's fire. He was violent in public so I don't doubt that he was violent in private especially when he was intoxicated. Madonna initially filed for an annulment in 1987 for a reason. She tried to give it another shot but after the last reported incident, which I believe has some truth to it, she made the right choice to leave him for good. They divorced over 30 years ago and are on friendly terms now. Whatever he did she has clearly forgiven him so I don't expect her to vilify him in the film. I can see her still wanting to protect him and she doesn't seem the type to victimize herself as a battered wife. She will probably portray a heated argument between them with Sean throwing an object towards a wall or hitting an object. According to the post-it notes of scenes, the film will show Sean assaulting the paparazzi and Madonna visiting him in jail. It's in the thread The Biopic; Untitled **Spoilers**.
  9. So much for people (mostly Madonna's own fans) thinking that Diablo quit because Madonna was too difficult to work with. It's normal for films to have multiple writers and to go through revisions. Diablo did her job, they turned in their draft, and she moved on to her next project.
  10. The boy in the blue jacket is Dontay Tc5. Oliver Sanchez is in the red pants and his brother Adolfo Sanchez is the guy squatting. The boy in front of Daze is Timmy. I don't recognize the girl squatting but that's not Lady Pink. Here's a pic of Lady Pink in 1983. That picture on 42nd Street looks like it was taken the same day at the black & white Beth Baptiste shoot in 1983. Daze spoke about it years ago: These photos were from a photo shoot by Beth Baptiste. I was invited to be a part of the shoot by Debi Mazar, who was a really good friend at the time. Debi was close to Madonna (for a while she served as her personal makeup artist and even went on tour with her) I was also friends with Madonna, as well as Adolpho Sanchez, Timmy, and Dontay. We were all part of the New York City downtown club scene. Going to the Roxy every Friday, Danceteria during the week, hanging at the Fun Gallery and going to openings every night. I think what Beth was trying to show was how diverse the scene was. The shoot took place on the street in Hell’s Kitchen, pretty far west. Madonna was not yet a big star. She just had one single out called “Everybody,” that’s it. We were all trying to make our way in the big world, trying to navigate through a scene that was sometimes difficult. We would all go on to become successful in some way. Obviously Madonna eventually became an icon. Adolfo, Dontay tc5, Daze, Debi, Madonna and Oliver Madonna and ON2 ON2, Debi and Daze
  11. Madonna confirmed during her first Instagram Live with Diablo Cody that Andy Warhol will be in the film. She said: "We do talk about Andy [Warhol], and Keith [Haring], and Jean-Michel Basquiat and Martin Burgoyne and the whole coming up as an artist in Manhattan, downtown, Lower East Side in the early '80s." She described Warhol's dialogue in the script as "monosyllabic." I watched the Andy Warhol Diaries and I noticed that Madonna isn't mentioned by name. There was a flash of a few pictures of her and I believe a short clip of her performing on the Top of the Pops. Even in the Basquiat episode, their relationship is not mentioned. She is mentioned a bit in the actual book but I never got the impression that Andy was really close to Madonna. He was close to Basquiat and Keith, and she was also close to them. Even Martin seemed closer to Andy than her. The mentions of Madonna in his diary are of them being at the same events or gatherings with other people but he doesn't talk about hanging out with her alone as a friend. I've never even seen a photo of them together, although he took photos of her. Andy attended her wedding as Martin's date, he didn't even get his own invite. Madonna said Basquiat introduced her to Andy so maybe that's what she'll show in the film. She also recalled them all hanging out at a restaurant. I'm intrigued to know how the casting is going for the biopic. There will be quite an eclectic group of people in this film.
  12. I'm sure there will be some embellishments. No biopic is ever 100% accurate and the movie needs to have a flow but there's a difference between dramatizing a situation and defaming someone's character. Not that Ike Turner was a model citizen, but the writers and producers for What's Love Got to Do With It clearly had an agenda to villainize him more than necessary and sanitize Tina's character. It makes for a good Hollywood movie but as someone who is a fan of Ike & Tina Turner's discography as a duo and has read both of their autobiographies, the movie makes them look like caricatures. Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne did great with what they were given, but the movie does not show why Ike & Tina Turner were regarded as one of the best live acts or how they broke racial barriers with their music. There's not much about Tina's songwriting (she wrote many songs other than "Nutbush City Limits"), nothing about the various record labels Ike started to release music for singers in his band (Jimi Hendrix was briefly in his band too), nothing about their Bolic Sound recording studio and owning their own music. I hope with Madonna's movie that her personal life doesn't overshadow her groundbreaking career. I also hope since she has had two co-writers that she has allowed herself to be shown in a realistic light.
  13. It's an entertaining movie with great acting but it's not a good biopic. There are too many inaccuracies. Even Tina doesn't like it because they changed so much of her story. Tina didn't have control over the script, that's something Madonna didn't want to happen and fans shouldn't either. What's Love Got to Do with It is only loosely based on Tina's autobiography I, Tina. A lot of scenes were fabricated such as the hospital scene, cake scene, rape scene, and gun scene. The movie even leaves out that Tina had her first child when was 18 with a musician in Ike's band. Tina and Ike both sold their rights so he couldn't sue for defamation. Tina was obligated to record the soundtrack and promote it.
  14. I love when she performs with David. They have a beautiful bond. This was something nice done for charity, even Elton (or his social media handlers) could put a petty feud aside and thank Madonna.
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