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  1. From my understanding, Madonna, Toxic, and some friends were just jamming around and recorded themselves at Basquiat's loft. Basquiat heard the tape and liked the concept which led to "Beat Bop" which he recorded with other musicians in a studio. Unless he kept some of their original instrumentation and they weren't credited, I don't think Madonna or Toxic are on the final recording. It would be cool to hear the original tape that they recorded at his loft if it still exists!
  2. Torrick "Toxic" Ablack is an artist, he was Jean-Michel Basquiat's friend and occasional studio assistant. He appeared in a few of Basquiat's paintings. He said Madonna played the keyboard during a jam session at Basquiat's loft. Basquiat heard the tape and it inspired him to produce "Beat Bop" by Rammellzee and K-Rob, which he released on his imprint Tartown Records. He had previously been in the noise band Gray. "Beat Bop" is ranked among Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time." The record is also very valuable because Basquiat created the cover art. It's so interesting how involved Madonna was with art, and hip-hop culture before she even became a pop culture phenomenon. I just read his new interview with Juliet art magazine which he mentions Madonna. I listened to the single “Beat Bop”, produced by Jean-Michel in 1983 for Rammellzee and K Rob. Jean painted the cover of the original vinyl, making the single one of the most valuable rap records in the world. Before producing "Beat Bop", Jean was traveling in Los Angeles. At the time, Basquiat was dating Madonna, and she lived in his house in New York. One evening, with two friends of mine, we went to visit her and ended up doing a jam session: I on drums, Madonna on the keyboard, and my friend on the microphone. We then used Jean-Michel’s turntable and started recording. Later, Jean listened to the tape and decided he wanted to record “Beat Bop”. In those years we literally were in the middle of a creative hub! https://www.juliet-artmagazine.com/en/a-trip-in-the-1980s-bronx-with-toxic/ He also mentioned it in the book Seeing Loud: Basquiat and Music (2022): "I knew Jean was in a band, but we didn't talk about it much. We were hanging out with Nick a lot. Jean bought a keyboard, A-One had a drum machine, and we would have these impromptu jam sessions. A1 would come by and play percussions. That kind of led up to 'Beat Bop.' Madonna was staying at Jean's place while he was in LA. I was there with my friends Trace and General EMC. She let us up, and we were just sitting there talking. I was playing the drum machine and Madonna started playing the keyboard. My friend started emceeing. We took Jean's turntable and scratched. Jean heard the tape. He loved that crazy impromptu shit! ... 'Beat Bop' was something that we took more as an art piece. Eszter [Balint] is on it ... We were around all these incredible musicians, like Arto Lindsay. We were painters, but painters who also DJ and make music, and Jean kind of tied it all together again, after Gray, doing 'Beat Bop.' Jean-Michel Basquiat, Toxic and Shenge Ka Pharaoh holding a copy of "Beat Bop" at Basquiat's Crosby Street loft in 1983 Andy Warhol holding the record in 1983 Basquiat and Madonna with Toxic and Easy Gee (General EMC) at Futura 2000's Fun Gallery opening in 1983 Basquiat with Toxic and ON2 at Keith Haring's Fun Gallery opening in 1983 Madonna and ON2 in 1983 Basquiat and Toxic in 1983 Basquiat and Rammellzee on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood in 1982 Rammellzee, Kool Koor, Fab 5 Freddy, Basquiat and Toxic at the Fun Gallery in 1982 Madonna and Fab 5 Freddy circa 1983 Basquiat depicted with Toxic and Rammellzee in his paintings Hollywood Africans in front of the Chinese Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars (1983) and Hollywood Africans (1983)
  3. While I wouldn't want to sue an artist I admire, I understand their frustration. This isn't even a delay with Madonna and other artists, it seems to be the standard to come on the stage much later than anticipated. However, if there are no warmup acts and they're just waiting for hours, it is false advertising. For those who say take the next day off of work, well, not everyone has the luxury to miss a day of work. Also, I'm sure many fans have families and children to look after. Maybe some had a babysitter for the night, maybe some traveled from another county or from out of state and if the concert is delayed they are now stuck in the city until morning if they missed the last train or bus. They will have to scramble and find a place to spend the night. The point is if people spend their hard-earned money to see you perform, the least you can do is respect their time and be on time. A 15-30 minute delay is not so bad but hours late is pushing it. Not all fans will be bothered by Madonna being late especially if she puts on a great show but if I don't blame those who are upset.
  4. M shared a birthday message for Jean-Michel Basquiat on her Instagram Stories: "Happy Birthday JMB! A beautiful chapter in my story! ❤"
  5. M photographed by Stephen Torton at Jean-Michel Basquiat's loft in 1982. I haven't seen this particular shot before.
  6. A Very Special Christmas is a benefit album for the Special Olympics. The proceeds still go to that organization. https://www.averyspecialchristmas.org/about?locale=en
  7. I made a thread with all the times M was mentioned in Andy's diary. I think he liked her but they didn't seem like close friends. Andy wasn't even invited to her wedding, he went as Martin Burgoyne's date. M never collaborated with Andy and surprisingly she never had her portrait done by him so I'm not surprised that she's not mentioned at his museum although he collaborated with Keith Haring for her wedding gift. M also wasn't mentioned in the Netflix series The Andy Warhol Diaries but they flashed a photo or two of her when talking about the downtown scene.
  8. M in Paris - 1979 M on the set of Borderline - 1984
  9. She looks good. I like Rocco's art and the photos he chose of M and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  10. That's scary, I don't want to think about losing her but alas we are all human. I haven't spoken much about the tour because I've had an ominous feeling since it was announced. I'm usually very excited for her tours but this was the first time I felt doubtful of her ability to pull it off. I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer since so many fans are excited but this is not a good start. I wouldn't be surprised if the tour is shortened or eventually canceled altogether. Regardless, her health is the most important. I wish her a speedy recovery and for her to prioritize her mental and physical well-being so that she is around for a long time.
  11. M and Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Mudd Club in 1983 M and Jellybean Benitez at Area nightclub in 1984 M with Sylvester Stallone, Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, Emilio Estefan, Ingrid Casares and Nayib Estefan at a party in Miami in 1994 The guys is Luigi Scorcia. He posted the photo on Instagram a few years ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSrKjm1LynE/
  12. I thought this would be a good addition to this thread. Madonna with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf in 1985. Finally a picture of her and Warhol. There has to be more! It was posted by an amazing Instagram account that Madonna follows. Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cly97NYpdzB/
  13. Illustration by Ze Otavio Madonna and Child by Brian Medina Illustrations by Liam Alexander. There are 14 covers in total in this comic series.
  14. She has been biking again for some time. She was seen riding around NYC with her ex-boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams last year.
  15. Julia Garner commented on M's latest Instagram post about Jean-Michel Basquiat. It's nice to see so many positive comments. Usually M's comment section is overwhelming filled with trolls. https://www.instagram.com/p/CmhnGDNSLaE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= We want to hear these stories!
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