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  1. Madonna attended Kid Cudi's concert a few days ago. Maybe she wants to cast him as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Cudi resembles Basquiat and they're both Afro-Latino. It looked like he paid homage to M at the CFDA Fashion Awards last year
  2. I admire that Madonna gives opportunities to her fans like this. She has long been a patron of the arts. I made a thread about her being immortalized in art. I like this remix better than the last few she's done this year.
  3. Right. The Whitney biopic was announced in April 2020 before the script was complete. By the end of the year they announced the casting. The movie will be released December 2022. Madonna began working on her screenplay with Diablo around the summer of 2020. It's been 2 years and no official casting has been announced. A few months ago we heard reports of Jennifer Garner being offered the role but nothing has been confirmed of her accepting the role. Last November Amy Pascal said that they were going to begin filming this year. Well that doesn't look like it's happening. Hopefully we get some exciting updates to coincide with the 40th anniversary of her debut single next month.
  4. The average 20-something probably won't find a 64 year-old sexy but imagine being an aspiring model, actor, dancer or rapper looking to further your career and Madonna wants to assist you. She probably tells these guys don't worry I'll take care of you just please me in the bedroom and I have connections to help your career. None of these guys really pop off but they get a few more lucrative gigs. I think she has a catalog of men to choose from, like she is presented modeling portfolios and she has her pick. There has been a pattern since Jesus Luz in 2008. She either dates one of her dancers or a model from a photo shoot.
  5. You're probably right. When I saw M's Instagram photos my first thought wasn't look there goes her nipple again, it was what is she doing wearing a Yankees chain? It's not her style to rep sports teams. She wears personalized chains that say things like B*tch and Mambo. Andrew is from Long Island so she probably gave him the chain in his new boy toy gift bag.
  6. I see she was wearing Andrew's New York Yankees chain in her latest Instagram shoot
  7. I'm not judging you for posting it. I had never heard that name before. In the tweet you shared the responses on Twitter were as if was a legit source so I was interested to know if that was some anonymous insider or the stage name of someone close to the source. I see it's like the blind item website Crazy Days and Nights that used to be popular.
  8. I was wondering who Deuxmoi is so I went on their website. They have a disclaimer that says they post rumors not facts so I'll wait for a more reputable source. The Cher biopic has already been confirmed and it has nothing to do with Madonna's movie. Madonna was still talking about the movie as recently as earlier this month on Jimmy Fallon. I can't see her giving up on this film. She knows if she doesn't do it someone else will make a film with a script she doesn't approve of.
  9. You don't know if he was always the love of her life and before you mention Truth or Dare, that was in 1990, just a year after their divorce. I'm sure Madonna has felt many men were the love of her life at some point. Jellybean said they had talked about getting married although she referred to him as her shitty ex-boyfriend a few years ago. In recent years Madonna said Jean-Michel Basquiat was her love and twin flame. She was also married to Guy Ritchie twice as long as Sean and bore him a child so she probably felt he was the love of her life before their acrimonious divorce. Sean and Madonna had a toxic relationship. They looked miserable most of the time and Sean was a hothead. His violence is legally documented. Also, judging by his own comments in interviews from the last decade I don't think he'd even want to get back with Madonna. You'd think the love of Sean's life would be Robin Wright, who he was in a relationship with for 20 years, married for 14 years and bore him 2 children, but in 2012 he told Esquire: "There is no shame in my saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don't feel I've ever had that. I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly. When you get divorced, all the truths that come out, you sit there and you go, What the f*ck was I doing? What was I doing believing that this person was invested in this way? Which is a fantastically strong humiliation in the best sense." Then in 2015, Sean told Esquire: "I'm very friendly with my first ex-wife. I would say that I'm on extremely good terms with the children I share with my second ex-wife.... Yes, I'd get married again. You say I've been married twice before but I've been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today, so I wouldn't even consider it a third marriage, I'd consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again."
  10. Andrew said he was 22 in a video posted by his modeling agency last April so he's only about 23 or maybe 24 now.
  11. I get that some people love being in love and always feel the need to be in a relationship but I hope she doesn't get into another serious relationship with a boy toy. Having a brief fling is one thing but this model Andrew Darnell is even younger than Lourdes! If this rumor is true we've come to the point where she's dating men younger than her oldest child and it's creepy. I feel the same way about men like Mick Jagger who had a baby at the age of 73 with his 29-year-old girlfriend in 2016. It would be nice to see her with an established mature man. She doesn't have to date another 60-year-old but geez the last time she dated a man over 40 was Warren Beatty in 1990 and Guy Ritchie was the last time she was with someone within 10 years of her age.
  12. Well, Julia has reportedly been chosen and offered the role but there has been no official announcement of her being casted. However, I agree that this movie is happening and I don't know why so many fans seem to want it to fail. If Madonna doesn't do it someone else surely will. I'd rather her not be so involved but we probably won't ever get an autobiography so this film is the closest thing to Madonna telling her own story from her perspective. It's already been picked up by a major studio and she has submitted a few drafts so far. I'm a bit weary that we haven't had some official news in a while, especially considering that Amy Pascal said filming was planned to start this year (that doesn't look likely anymore), but I have faith that this movie can be a success. I don't see her touring anytime soon either since she's so involved with the film. I can definitely see her doing some sort of greatest hits tour to promote the movie with a few new songs.
  13. I don't care for 50 Cent because he's an immature troll but he had a nice run of chart success between 2002 and 2007 which includes a few No. 1 hits. His music career doesn't compare to Madonna's but the younger generation probably know more of his songs than Madonna's and his Spotify streams are higher than hers. She also seems like a fan of his music because she has posted his songs before. Below is the video she posted of herself and Jean-Michel Basquiat with 50 Cent's song "Best Friend." I wouldn't be surprised if she bops to his song "Candy Shop" every now and then. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrDvgLfBRpb/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  14. No, I'm stating my opinion on a message board and I actually try to avoid giving the Daily Fail clicks to their website. Is it a bad thing that I thought she was naturally attractive and didn't need to alter her appearance drastically? Madonna is going to do what she wants regardless but just because I'm a fan doesn't mean I have to agree with every choice she makes. I'm aware that the pictures I posted are from 10 and 7 years ago but that's not an excuse. Look at Joan Collins, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Cyndi Lauper, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joan Jett, Angela Bassett, Annie Lennox and etc. All these women are the same age as Madonna or much older than her. Some of them have clearly had work but they are aging gracefully. Aging gracefully is not a bad thing, it doesn't mean she has to act like a retired senior citizen in a nursing home. To me, it means embracing nature and still being beautifully confident as you age. Madonna has not appeared confident with her appearance in the last few years compared to the pictures I posted. She even stated on Jimmy Fallon the other night that she wears grillz because she doesn't like her teeth. The gap in her teeth is iconic! She could have gotten veneers like most celebrities 40 years ago but she rocked her imperfections. In a way, now she's conforming to expectations of an aging popstar by being afraid to age so she turns to surgery, botox, fillers, Facetune, and posts thirst trap photos/videos on social media. She is following the trends of Instagram models. In her paparazzi photos, I don't think she looks bad for a nearly 64-year-old woman. She just looks different even from when she released Madame X in 2019. The drastic change in her appearance seems to be the general consensus outside of the fanbase. When I read comments on social media, articles on the internet, and YouTube videos I see a lot of "wow, that's Madonna?" "she looks so different" and "what has she done to herself?". I have only stated my opinions about her appearance here because there's already so much negativity elsewhere and some people say things just to be cruel. Here we are all fans and I hope ultimately we all want the best for her. I do agree that some fans are harsh when they criticize her appearance but it's not out of malice on my part.
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