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  1. Has anyone been able to request a refund? they don’t have the right to hold onto my money for another 6 months! Ticketmaster is bullshit. I don’t care about a rescheduled date and I’m not rearranging my life for another date! Not cool… she’s been on drugs for months anyways, and she openly admits this. Done. This is business, my income my money, has nothing to do with her health. Refund the fans immediately and let us choose to purchase tickets! do speak up if you received a refund…
  2. Wearing them till they are over worn. Then they will be turned into a t shirt quilt?
  3. Yes when they bring the vanity out, etc... Obviously she isn’t singing the interlude live but the vocals on it do sound like her and that children’s choir...
  4. Is Madonna actually singing the “Maria” interlude after American life? also does anyone else hear “oh father” at the beginning of her getting changed behind the changing screen? Also can anyone make a cool wallpaper from the tour? Haha ty in advance!
  5. I will definitely take another look for you! I don’t recall seeing shot glasses but they could have them now! Happy to help a fellow fan who is appreciative!
  6. There were no hand painted hoodies in the vegas Pop Up store. Seems like it’s just leftover merchandise from the nyc pop up. I’m sure Cesar’s entertainment is rolling the red carpet out for her, thus giving her the retail space for the “pop up” shop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in Vegas more and more in the future. All 3 shows are sold out, 4,000 people a show. The guitar picks are about to be available on the official site. “Soon”
  7. For sale from Las Vegas Madame X Pop Up Shop: Madame X Black T-Shirt, size large: $90 Madame X Tour Blue T-Shirt, tour venues on the back, size large: $90 Madame X white leather journal, embossed with the “MX” logo: $60SOLD Ebay links: Black Shirt Blue Shirt White Leather JournalSOLD free shipping for board members. (Not sure where to share this post, if this is posted incorrectly I apologize!)
  8. $450 is what the sign said I believe. I could be wrong haha.
  9. No, those pictures are pretty much what it is. There is also the pride Madame x signed print, crave straw hats, and “silver” limited edition necklace. The employee said they are expecting more merchandise too... I’m assuming the actual tour merchandise.
  10. It’s also weird to me that she sells tix to her screenings in every city, and she just added a new go fund me link to her website asking for more money from fans for another exploitative documentary of nothing. How does she have the likeness rights to do all this??? It’s very scammy and shady. I’m almost certain that photo of her with the Polaroid is photoshopped as well. This seriously needs to be brought to madonna’s legal team’s attention... they need to be banned from shows.
  11. Looks like Madame X caught up on her sleep haha! New start time is doors open at 7:30 showtime 10:30. Also the Madame pop up store is located in front of Cesar’s theater entrance. Lots of items left over from the New York pop up!
  12. I’m going to the Madame x Las Vegas pop up tonight... anybody need anything? Haha I’ll buy some things for eBay, but if you have a request say it now
  13. Where in Las Vegas was this store? Is it the store in front of the entrance to the theater at Cesar’s? Looks like another pop up store, same merchandise. Any info is helpful thank you!
  14. Do they sale the Madame X blanket at the tour/pop up? Thank you for your help!
  15. Glad they went on sale like this today for everyone who didn’t get tickets yet. I see now why it was worth it to register, and do the lottery. My seat would have cost me $400+(Not resale) just bc it’s row A in the balcony. So I guess I saved money on a Madonna concert?!?! Lol good luck to everyone! We need a holiday!
  16. I received my “claim” email this afternoon for Las Vegas. Tickets are officially loaded onto my Ticketmaster account!
  17. Las Vegas tickets are being confirmed. I just received my email and my card has been charged! Congrats to everyone and good luck!
  18. It’s a additional stage on the already set stage. Did you watch any performance in the past 5 years???
  19. Why do you think she is gonna do anything “new” it’s the same stunts and setlist for years. Get ready for a religious theme, gypsy/Lisbon theme (“ole” shots of water) and a acoustic “request” section or a stand up comedy/TOC routine. Expect to see like a prayer, human nature, like a virgin etc (look back at her Instagram in Lisbon with the black curly wig, that’s what you’re gonna get). there will be sets and wigs. Maybe even a conga line if you’re lucky haha I’m excited. Just like billboard award and Eurovision sets. Same living for love round stage with screens. Not cgi madonnas or holograms. And I would say if she is doing it in the workshop, it’s gonna happen on the tour. She doesn’t waste her time and doesn’t remember lyrics to her songs haha. I’m excited still!! OLE!!!!
  20. So how does this work? I requested 2 tickets for each date in Las Vegas. If I win one set of tickets, can I still win 2 more for another date? Any help is appreciated.
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