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  1. BRO cálmate las tetas! 😂 I said “we all knew this” referring to her doing the Latino-oriented stuff since early on. And it’s great. What I meant was to feature a Latino boy as her romantic interest in a major music video release back in 1984. I don’t know of many mainstream artists doing that back then unless I am wrong. So yes, I can marvel at that and express it too many times. The point in all of this is that aren’t we blessed to have someone as forward-thinking, progressive, and inclusive as Madonna even during a time when minorities were not included? God bless Madonna for being Madonna.
  2. Yup I actually LOVE 2022 Madonna! It’s like Mini Madame X characters (again) like someone else mentioned 😂 Excited for what’s to come!
  3. Can we talk about the eerie possibility that Madonna may actually have been Latina in her last 27 lives? I mean to feature Latino culture (and its sexy ass men) early on in her career still amazes me! If I’m not wrong, that was unheard of back in 1983-1984!
  4. GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He has this aura and his singing voice. But I’ll reserve all of this for an upcoming thread I was urged to start about him. Back to MADONNA LA CHOLA 🔥
  6. Glad you’re paying attention. And I’m glad there are fellow Madonna stans who are… musically-culturally-linguistically aware. LMAO people are funny as fuck. They seemingly seethe at the fact that it’s becoming more brown/black in these beautiful United States of America. Madonna would totally be proud of having them as her fans 😂 Besos y buenas vibras only 😘
  7. I saw on the videos posted that she was going down all the way to the floor uffff! MAMA GOT HER BIONIC KNEES FIXED! DWT 2001 Madonna Squats are back 😂
  8. I like Pilita Corrales better. Or any Ilocano music or artist 🇵🇭
  9. Hi Cutie have a good week 

    1. cosmicarlo818


      Yourself as well! Long Live MADONNA!

  10. He’s fluid I believe, on top of the fact he speaks up for the LGBTQ+ community, trans and female killings in Latin America. And yes he has been the most-streamed since 2020 per Spotify statistics. His 2020 albums topped U.S. charts (Billboard 200) and his current one, his best so far, “Un Verano Sin Tí” spent 9 weeks on the Billboard 200 even dethroning Beyoncé! Yes it’s been the era of Bad Bunny and I’m such a huge fan since his debut! I just love educating people outside of the U.S.A. about the popularity of Latino/Latin Pop/music in Spanish in recent years.
  11. I mean, we all knew this. And we love it so much! As she expressed in that 1989 interview, “I’m a Spanish (Latino) boy in my past life.” We love Latina Madonna ❤️
  12. We forget that DWT 2001 had bleached eyebrows mostly and we lived for that tour! At least I did! We can get used to brow-less M again 😅
  13. OMG! This response is everything! Love your humor AND YOU READ MY MIND! “La Isla Bonita” would be the perfect remix for Madonna & Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is always proud of Puerto Rico and at times it has been referred to as “la isla bonita” as well! Please oh please that remix would break everything! 🔥
  14. There you go, you confirmed my previous response! Reggaeton/Latin Pop has been so popular. And as a 16 year fan of Latin music, I am fortunate to enjoy this time and era we are living in! QUE VIVAN LOS LATINOS!
  15. I imagine EUROPEANS are not keen on Latino and/or Reggaeton except maybe for Spain??? But maybe Europeans are just... Euro-centric just to put it safely. But here in the U.S.A. and of course Latin America and even among Koreans and Filipino-Americans, he is very popular. Maybe it's cause the U.S.A. is becoming more Latino by the minute and a lot of young Latinos support him and his messages. It's cause he breaks the stereotypes for a macho, Latino man, he also has spoken up for trans and female injustices and millennials and Gen Z love that of course! We love him for it. He's Madonna in a lot of similar ways!
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