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  1. Reminding everyone who doesn't live here in the USA that Latino music and music in Spanish is everywhere and has been the norm just like how the Spanish language is everywhere here. It's only natural since Latinos will be the majority population in the future. So start adapting & learn Spanish motherfuckers if you plan to come here in the U.S. especially California :fire: :rainbow:

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    2. DrunkBySix


      Tell somebody who cares, Cos.

    3. professormouse


      How many Native American dialects do you speak ?

    4. cosmicarlo818


      LMAO the anti-brown and anti-Latino came out in some of you! If you’re not a resident of the USA and don’t know then then sucks to be y’all! Brown Pride! 

  2. any vatos/homies here in Los Angeles my age 26-30ish only who are Madonna and Bad Bunny stans like me!? LMK vatos! bad-bunny-benito.gif

  3. Hoping that the b-rolls for "Crazy For You" leak so we can make a completely new music video of just her singing in that purple-lit bar. I just love M's look and the bar's ambience  :cry:

    1. Wuthering Heights

      Wuthering Heights

      I want even more B-roll period. We have a lot from Deeper & Deeper and Bad Girl so I'm wondering if those will be the next to come out?

    2. Tex20


      Totally agree. I love that era - anything to do with that particular footage of Crazy For You and Gambler gets me excited. Fingers crossed that we see some more footage of that one day. Maybe there's some 'extra's' type features that may pop up on a future Special Edition Blu Ray release of 'Vision Quest'. 

  4. Some of you motherfuckers don’t get it though. I love her great vocal performances but I do criticize her vocal lows too - they’re awful like what the fuck girl? It’s not all praise lmao what the fuck? I’m not that delusional like a lot of people on here. Of course I agree she has had awful vocals, especially as of late. Those are horrible, granny, nasal, thin, forced vocals. It doesn’t mean she can’t improve and work on them again. It’s truly up to her at this point. Madonna always had and has potential. It’s only a matter of what impassions her at this point. But the point I was making was: Madonna is and always had great live vocal capabilities when she puts her mind and heart to it. Alas, only this applies to the first 25 to maybe 30 years of her career. LMAO all you foos saying some lame shit! LMAO shut the fuck up! The same people bashing her vocals all will watch and listen to her videos, live performances, and tours anyway and will have your eyes gleaming just the same. You can’t deny how much you love her regardless of her “lack of” vocal abilities. You know what I mean. LMAO fucking fans!
  5. People who think her live vocals are "horrendous" "ugly" or "not good" really are either not longtime fans, fake ass fans, don't know music/vocals/music theory... or just don't have great ears. MADONNA is a fucking great studio vocalist and also has shown on multiple occasions that she can sing live so powerfully and decently. This is a fact. Concert tours, live performances, acapellas. On top of that, that great versatility and range that she has. That is why we have the Virgin Tour, the Who's That Girl Tour, the Girlie Show Tour, the Drowned World Tour, and many others to prove this. Madonna is a decent live singer, though she may have had mishaps, yes, but when she does well, she fucking delivers. Go watch these concert tours again and get your damn ears checked or study music/vocals. LMAO some "fans" I swear. Fucking hilarious.
  6. I can go in depth about Madonna's vocals, the nuances, the variations, the subtle changes, the registers, the timbres, the tones, but - only one thing I can conclude that many around the world will agree with: MADONNA IS A GREAT TALENTED VOCALIST and a DECENT SINGER. She has a unique range. It's all about the emotions. Period.
  7. 21 years of being one of the world's biggest Madonna megafans... and it's the first time in my 28 years of existence that I felt this overwhelming indifference about Madonna - The Post-Pandemic Madonna (2021 Bionic Filtered Madonna especially). This feeling started since after the release of Madame X Tour film. I hope I eat my words soon and she wins me and the world over again, but this year, man IDK. Hope she'll continue to be happy and healthy though!
  8. LMAO yes! I wouldn't mind being @Shoful's neighbor then woohoo! Madame X Tour was amazing
  9. FOUR WORDS: HUMAN NATURE TRUMPET GIRL My upstairs neighbor's about to write a letter to the building owner for blasting Human Nature 31986536561651x now
  11. JUSTICE FOR BITCH I’M LOCA FINALLY! “Bitch I’m AHHHHHHHH” Where are my BIL fans!?

    MADAME X is screening here in L.A.! I already RSVP'd oh my fucking gahhhhhd! 

  13. Anyone here in Los Angeles wanna link up for the Madame X Tour premiere, DM me uffff! :hearteyes:  61b6711a2b2a8d968c09fe53e5b8833d.gif


  14. Let's be real: if Madonna did an acoustic performance like this, and do well with it vocally like she did in the past on Letterman, etc... we all know it would slay so much and she would be talked about again in a positive light! Manifesting that she performs Crave with an acoustic guitar with Monte! Wow I would bawl for weeks
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