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  1. OMG Hidden Hills here in L.A.? She's closer and closer to King Papi DRAKE yasss! Ugh I hope they f*** already and make that collab album! I ship them both ugh! The hottest couple that never was! Damn you grillz
  2. Lo Que Siente La Mujer going into La Isla Bonita... just wow!
  3. GOD I LOVE THIS TOUR SO MUCH. All of the songs are my fav! But that opening with "Drowned World/Substitute For Love." Man... it's like entering a mothership to a cosmic emotional journey!
  4. SUNSET BOULEVARD would be the ultimate return-to-form musically and in filmic terms for Madonna. If done right and with an even greater effort than EVITA or other musical ventures she's done... it could be one of her last hurrahs - a FUCK YOU to ageism, a comeback, and a semi farewell. But she's Madonna, so...
  5. awww what? reeeallllly!?? I kinda was too, papas
  6. I see her doing "SUNSET BOULEVARD" with Britney Spears as a female Joe Gillis. But it would be an electro-disco musical
  7. I believe it was time Madonna did a full Spanish-language album, original songs or covers of Latin classics! Album title would be simply "VERONICA." I truly think it would be a hit omg I can only dream :cry:true blue madonna GIF

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    2. cosmicarlo818


      @G House Yes MEDELLIN is a different kind of "reggaeton." And yes something along the lines of Callaita or just anything prodcued by Tainy is just pure latin pop magic! ROSALIA and MADONNA would be the ultimate collab! Wow!

    3. EgoRod


      @cosmicarlo818That would be nice.

      She did try her luck wit Rosalia, but she kinda snub her, well Rosalia's team.

    4. Voguerista


      I love this idea! I love her Spanish songs. Bring it. 

  8. Oh man... MDNA for me is like this nasty, dirty stain in Madonna's discography / body of work that I want to forget but can't. IDK, I guess if one doesn't put their soul and their all to a project, it really shows... and that was the case for MDNA the album. Ugh, I just don't like it. I feel like it was a quick need for Madonna (or her team) to release something especially after the Madonna VS. Gaga comparisons of 2011. Because of it, it was half-assed maybe and the result was below subpar - very unlike Madonna. The only listenable songs are Girl Gone Wild (really took a while to grow on
  9. This is fun! Need to do more of these "Member Zone" threads, thank you @Voguerista! 1. What is your favorite TV shows from the past? The Office, LOST, and 90s Mexican telenovelas 2. Your favorite color(s) to wear is Black or Burgundy 3. If you had pets when you were young, what were their names? Tiger 4. My favorite lunch item(s) to make myself at home is Chicken Sandwich 5. From 1-10, how do you rate Madonna's "Take A Bow"? Song: 8/10 Music Video: 9/10 6. And a serious question: What is the root of a
  10. I just realized the "Drowned World Tour" is turning 20 this year. Praying and flagellating myself daily until any of the "straight hair" shows leak this year. Please oh please :cry:

  11. I just need Spotify and the other streaming services to correct the actual tracks on some Madonna albums. "Madonna" "Like A Virgin" "True Blue" and "The Immaculate Collection" all have some of the wrong tracks and mixes -  UGH this has been bothering me for 6 years  :cry:

    1. Roy


      They corrected Dress You Up from the Casual Mix to the album version but other than that, no updates on the corrections.

    2. DickTracy


      same with Like A Prayer

  12. bad-bunny.jpg

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAD BUNNY! One of my absolute fave artists within the last 4 years! I swear this papi has so much talent and his music is like none other in Latin Pop/Reggaeton in a long time! Like Madonna, he is super artistic, creative, outspoken, funny, sexy, and an LGBTQ+ Ally. Here in the U.S.A he is almost as popular as Drake. Te amo Benito! :hearteyes::rainbow:

  13. I just want DWT Barcelona or Paris or Philadelphia or NYC or Detroit (Aug 25th) to leak already please! I'm ready to pay $5,000 for it at this point :suffer:

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    2. Bermu
    3. emanon


      If I had money to spend I would love to have first: all the demos from Madame X, then DWT Barcelona first night, both RIT Lisbon, CT Paris 31 (the one with Lenny Kravitz), SS Lisbon, SS Barcelona, MDNT Coimbra, RHT Barcelona both nights, MDMXT Lisbon 21... A boy can dream, right?

    4. Bermu


      I'd add SST Seville and MDNAT Barcelona to your list  :hearteyes:

  14. Can you imagine if Madonna would just come out and surprise everyone by starring in a modern Sunset Boulevard adaptation as a response to all this ageism? Like it would be her ultimate "fuck you here I am, older wiser and owning it still" response. Imagine she really does it so well - acting, singing, & all - and the film does really well and receives critical and public acclaim like she never had before. It would be like this new "comeback" so to speak. Wow it would be like an entrance to yet another great era for her and for fans. Oh man if only
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