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  1. SHE'S FUCKING HOT! This looks like a magazine photoshoot done by David LaChapelle! If only her more recent singles artwork looked as great as these omg
  2. Lol yup! I remember sneaking multiple times to get closer to the stage and crouching in the aisles cause yknow, halfway through the show people are buzzed & start moving around lol. Then she calls this girl named Kim Kordasheen or something and she was right next to the seat I was crouching at LMAO. Apparently she is this huge but talentless celeb?? IDK But I saw her so damn close during Extreme Occident. And damn... that ASS mama!
  3. IDK about you guys, but "Papa Don't Preach" must be included too! She really sang it live, I swear and she sounded soooooooo fucking goooooooood
  4. Amen! 32 mins total of those damn speeches, beer hos, and typewriter intros! LMAO! Although the FREEDOM SPEECH after Come Alive should be kept for sure! Omg now I can't wait! COME ALIVE was really transcendent I cant even --
  5. BRO I JUST WANT "COME ALIVE" THAT'S IT! Lmao! ugh the rest of the set list would be a bonus for me at this point Yes, believe the hype! Cum Alive was really that life-changing after seeing it 3x LIVE here in Los Angeles. I'm cum-crying as I type
  6. SHE LOOKS AMAZING! Long Live Madonna! Queen Of Pop. Living Legend. Freedom Fighter! Thank You Madonna for not stopping!
  7. NO! SHAME THE FUCK ON YOU! You shouldn't be here! People like yourself are why Madonna has been fighting the bitter but worthy fight the last two decades! We only have Respect and relative Love and Appreciation for Madonna here! Take your heinous negativity elsewhere, fuck out of here with your tasteless "humor" dude
  8. HERE IT IS 🌈 #BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM #IWantYouInMyRoom #MadameXBoomVibrator #ProudBoomer #Pride
  9. I am excited for this! Wow! Florence Pugh has that Madonna ESSENCE! I campaigned against that super whitewashed twig Anne Winters for months on IG! She doesn’t deserve not one ounce of attention and credit to play Madonna! Thank God for Florence 😍
  10. AMEN I’m down for this 200% 🌈
  11. This is all of us this week lmao! I need it to be the 24th asap so I can detox from my drugs that are helping me cope with this anxiety and finally get rid of my high and low expectations of Mederner! Then by the 25th I’ll just drink my life away in West Hollywood gyrating to Bad Bunny UGH
  12. YOU GUYS I just realized!!! On the Born This Way album in 2011, there are two versions of “Born This Way” — the original we all know and the country road version as a bonus track or something. For the reimagined versions, the country road version was done by Orville Peck obviously. BUT the actual Born This Way track still has yet to have that guest artist. So… yes there is a slight chance it could be MADONNA. Wow ”Y’all are not ready for what’s coming.”
  13. All I can say is, whatever this whole thing is... PLEASE MADONNA, IT HAS GOT TO BE SO DAMN HUGE because come on now! With the historic Pandemic and 2020 and all that, SHE HAS GOT TO DO SOMETHING SO NEW AND SO MAGNIFICENT in this new world we had entered after COVID-19. Like a Renaissance. IT MUST NOT be something of the past (Madame X, Remix album, etc.) IT NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING NEW, honestly! She has got to do something that will make waves again! WE ALL NEED IT SO BADLY ugh come on mama you got this!
  14. I really feel like Madonna is quickly losing not only so many of The Gays but her long-time fans too (at least a lot of us are starting to lose some hope even though we fervently love her forever!) The general public doesn’t really care for her as it is let alone the younger gays having their pop bitches. Like cmon Madonna, at least give us something for PRIDE Season to tide the gays over and break the internet a bit while we wait for this damn Madame Dry Tour 😭🌈

    1. Steffmad


      That's life, some Fans go and some comes in.

      I will stay on her site, she did great Songs, and i say "she" did. She is not a Puppy Product like others.

    2. DickTracy


      I kinda dig her anti-hero status as of late. I want success for her but I also want her to be happy (which she really truly seems to be)

    3. professormouse


      'the gays' is a myth.
      As five minutes on here will soon tell you.

  15. Ey wsup foos! Am I the only one from The Valley, Los Angeles here :rose:


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