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  1. But I'm not gonna lie, I was really loving all the amazing heres-my-last-tribute-to-this-forum gifts we got. I was really getting used to it now. lol
  2. How am I first reading this now? This is fantastic! I really love this forum! And it would have been such a great loss for all of us. So thank you for continuing this forum! From the bottom om my heart; THANK YOU!
  3. I love the COADF version. It's one of my favorite songs of her. The live version is AMAZING! Wish she would sing it again
  4. Cool! I really like this version! Well I'm also a huge fan of the album version! But it's always nice to hear new versions
  5. I kinda always wanted to hear Till Death Do Us Part live. It's such a good song and so honest!
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