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  1. Steven is a recluse who refuses to be seen in public. Sources say he’s vain and doesn’t like his appearance, which is sad and frankly ridiculous. Not sure about Baron. They really should have gotten those involved with the book to be there. Perhaps they couldn’t make it. At least I hope that’s the reason.
  2. God forbid. Enough already. There are so many others out there to work with. 4 albums is more than enough He gave her one hit song 22 years ago. Shep Pettibone should have been there. Isabella Rossellini and Naomi Campbell too. Instead it was full of flavor of the month people. On a more positive note, she looks good. Loving the read hair and braids and I’m thrilled she’s celebrating this era of her career.
  3. It would be neat if there were actual props and clothing on display. I think Hard Rock owns the leather one with the tits cut out. This sounds like it’s a very small exhibit, so I’m not expecting much.
  4. Yes there is. https://www.ysl.com/en-us/sex-by-madonna-t-shirt-in-cotton-755467RDTKK1000.html
  5. Yeah, that’s nice but she should be targeting fans at this point. It’s gotten to be ridiculous.
  6. Where’s the photoshopped pic of Madonna reading the Sex book to a bunch of kids?
  7. She’s at a point in her career that she should be making shit for fans, not exclusive crap for the elite. She’s become so out of touch it’s insane. Her fan base is dwindling. She’s supposed to be trying to get them back with this nostalgia deal she has going with Warner Bros. I’m sure she’ll be topless with something sheer below showing off her cooch at the opening.
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