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  1. Ace of Base gave Max his career. He worked under Denniz Pop and the Cheiron Studios team in Sweden. Max doesn’t equal disco music. He’s done plenty of genres including rock.
  2. The 2000s looks and covers were Kylie Minogue rip-offs (cowgirl, Patty Hearst/Che Guevara, disco queen, boxer) and it came off cartoonish. I’d rather see M as M rather than a boxer or a cowgirl.
  3. The whole thing is such an ugly mess. M/M revealed prior that M saw the same cutout design they did for another campaign and asked that they do that for her. It was basically a cut and paste job right down to the red over the one eye. The album is such an eyesore.
  4. Fans are paying exorbitant amounts of money for tickets. They have a right to air their grievances. It’s up to the band whether or not to take their complaints into consideration.
  5. She’s issuing a new Ray of Light vinyl sleeve. https://shopuk.madonna.com/products/ray-of-light-holographic-album-sleeve
  6. This really shows how extent of her messing with her face. (IMAGE REMOVED)
  7. Madonna was always more of a showgirl than a great singer. That’s where the difference comes in between Madonna and the people you mentioned. Those people can easily stand there and sing because they’re known first and foremost as vocalists. When Madonna sits to sing we get the horrible guitar medley.
  8. He was not found to be an innocent man. The prosecution was found not to have proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt. MJ is innocent the way OJ is innocent. He was a monster. Great talent, evil person.
  9. No. Elon Musk has declared it a free speech zone.
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