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  1. drivebitch

    The UK has been paying her dust for a decade. She's done with them.
  2. drivebitch

    The era of many fonts.
  3. drivebitch

    Multitasker - Madame X
  4. drivebitch

    I couldn't even tell you. MTV is a dead network, at least in the US. No one watches it for music. It's just known for reality show rubbish now. I'm sure someone will cap it and upload it.
  5. drivebitch

    Oh, that's so ridiculous. I hate when fans try pushing this nonsense to manipulate charts. Madonna ain't gonna go broke and she'll continue to make music if she so chooses. She doesn't need people buying 20+ copies or messing with a VPN or streaming via multiple browsers. Just enjoy the music. If it's a hit, it's a hit. If it ain't, it ain't. She's not going to stop doing her thing either way. She's not a new artist on her second album.
  6. drivebitch

    Well, here's hoping the album does well. She missed the #1 spot thanks to a television soundtrack. In the UK, can't remember what happened there.
  7. drivebitch

    It was at #689 on AM, and was at #111 on iTunes. Not sure about now. Ay yi yi. Anyway.
  8. drivebitch

    WOW! Hope it’s real.
  9. drivebitch

    Because Madonna has a history of embellishing stories. Back in the 90s she wrote about stalking Martha and trying everything she could to get her to speak to her. Now suddenly Martha is knocking on her door. Madonna tells good stories. I’ll give her that.
  10. drivebitch

    More shocking is Mulama pretending to be straight. Ay yi yi.
  11. drivebitch

    It’s #105 in the US now and someone said it’s in the 600s on Apple Music.