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  1. She doesn't have to reinvent the wheel. Just record great songs. Patrick Leonard needs to come back for writing and melody for a few tracks too.
  2. Debbie Harry and Iman looked amazing!
  3. Oh, you mustn’t have been alive back in the day when Cher’s body and face were constantly ridiculed. That being said, Cher doesn’t take herself too seriously and admits to having surgery. This shuts people up quite quickly. She’s in on the joke. With Madonna, she seems to take herself very seriously thus people take her as being delusional, not to mention she keeps doing the same thing over and over again. She can do what she wants but she does seem to be promoting her, um, assets every five seconds. It’s not like you can just ignore the elephant in the room. She seems happy enough, although I do wonder if she’s on any pain meds for her hip. I concur with those who think something is slightly off these days. I also think things haven’t been the same since Liz Rosenberg retired. I’m just hoping for good music in the near future. I’m also wondering if this film will ever see the light of day. Madonna could retire tomorrow. She doesn’t have to work in order to live. So you should keep that in mind and appreciate that she’s still active.
  4. Most people say bluray. I don't hear anyone still saying DVD outside of Madonna forums. lol DVD is like from another century. Completely outdated terminology.
  5. She doesn't even own them anymore. lol. Weren't they sold? A lot of her stuff ended up in the garbage only to be scooped up by fans.
  6. I think you mean "The Immaculate Collection" not that mess she threw together with radio edits, not to mention those god-awful liner notes. "The Immaculate Collection" is iconic and is still breaking records.
  7. Why doesn't she come out with a line of sex toys. You know damn well those well sell out in no time.
  8. I hope she signs with them for her next album... whenever that happens.
  9. Madonna was rocking a red string on her wrist at the time which wasn't for Kabblah but for pro-choice advocacy and I think in remembrance of women who died having back ally abortions.
  10. After Guy massively fucked up with U2, I thought she'd ditch him. She needs to do a housecleaning.
  11. She was basically a non-stop touring act at the time. In 2005, she said that she only made albums to tour. She wanted to do them quickly and get back out on the road. FF to 2021, her touring days are probably numbered (maybe one final worldwide Greatest Hits tour in 10 years). She was left without a label in the Live Nation deal and it shows. She'll want a real label as the musical side of her career is going to be concentrating on albums albums again, not tours, especially as covid is going to be with us for quite awhile longer. It makes sense for her to go back to WB. Get what she makes actually promoted. I could see her doing a few shows in select cities in the future. When she'll actually do an album again, who knows? It could be awhile before we hear anything, although maybe she'll contribute to a soundtrack or something.
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