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  1. This screams planted story. Saying 12 months instead of 1 year, because that makes it sound like there's no definitive timetable, is very telling. If this is coming from her camp they're probably sniffing around for a deal. The deal with Universal was definitely shelved. I know from a close source that she wanted Lourdes to play her and Universal said absolutely no way. I said from the start that she did the Celebration Tour out of nowhere and on the cheap (no band, no backup singers, no new backdrops, reused backdrops, no tour book, etc) because she wanted to raise money for her film. Regardless, if she writes and directs this thing it'll be a disaster. Why she always sets herself up this way is beyond me. It's pathological. You write your memoir, option it to a studio, sign on as consultant, and let people who know what they're doing do their thing. That's the way it works. Madonna and film do not go together. It'll end up as Showgirls 2, a camp classic, enjoyed for all the wrong reasons. She deserves better than that.
  2. I’d have to disagree. The audio was hard to hear and the majority of it was just the album versions. He basically pushed play. I never liked his work. He made “Vogue” sound flat and boring for the Reinvention Tour. His music always sounds cheap. I wish she’d go back to having a real band.
  3. She should do a mini tour with Bedtime Stories.
  4. Reinvention Tour was about as creative as GHV2. The Nobody Knows Me Tour would have been a much better title.
  5. Is there somewhere we can download this show?
  6. Why “Human Nature”? Didn’t he do a bunch of her magazine photoshoots too? What went on between them? https://x.com/olvskn0503/status/1775166914962350482?s=46
  7. Does anyone know what floor it was shot on? I’m surprised fans haven’t planned a pilgrimage.
  8. What are they trying to say? Who is this person? Why should we believe them?
  9. I like to singy singy singy (Like a bird) On a wingy wingy wingy
  10. Anyone know his name? Update: Found him - Stephen Thompson.
  11. Is there any way you could ask him if he has any copies left? I’d love to buy it. I remember seeing that it had outtakes.
  12. Does anyone have this? I wish it was still available to purchase. https://www.1stopmadonnashop.com/sex-book-25-years---brazil-book--dvd-12380-p.asp
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