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  1. He’s a laughing stock thanks to his god-awful tv show that was just cancelled.
  2. She’s been eating good these past few years so I would say no.
  3. The Kabbalah Center is not teaching the Kabbalah. It’s a bunch of rubbish. They’ll tell you whatever you want to hear for a buck. They even prey on cancer victims. Talk to Jews about it. We still can’t believe she was dumb enough to fall for this crap.
  4. I’d rather have a Girlie Show coat. The merch is pretty sparse. Anyone could make those pins and not pay a fortune for them.
  5. There’s a good chance it will be. Madonna always includes whatever it is that she’s just released in her shows, even if it wasn’t a hit. The remixes versions of some of her songs from FEL may end up in the show. It would be smart to do the Junior version of Secret and turn it into a dance song. Madonna will want to promote the remix package with this show. That package is also celebrate her entire career. That’s the release that’s out that she has to sell.
  6. Anyone know? Is this some old fashion device to keep makeup off clothing?
  7. Official reports claim that it was shot in black and white and then hand painted. Would they actually color all the unused footage, too?
  8. She already admitted to being into opioids. When you’re in pain you’ll take anything to get it to stop. They are incredibly easy for your body to become addicted to and they actually make the pain worse when the medication wears off. It’s not a weakness for someone to become addicted. Madonna needed knee and hip replacement. That’s incredibly painful.
  9. Rosie also said that she didn’t speak to her. She’s getting the same official story everyone else is. They’re not going to tell anyone not closely associate with the situation for fear of info getting out that they don’t want to get out. Rosie has had long periods where she hasn’t spoken to Madonna. She’s not exactly in her inner circle.
  10. Guy will say anything to take the heat off his client. It’s his job.
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