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  1. We know she’s Breathless
  2. drivebitch

  3. She's got holograms now. Just send them out to perform. ABBA is doing that.
  4. Quavo was asked to name a Madonna song and he couldn't. He said he didn't grow up with her. He then named Champagne Rose.
  5. Oh gawd. Eurovision 2019: Madonna accused of using playback…as Israeli media leak vocal rehearsal ahead of interval performance at the Grand Final
  6. How did Israel rig it?
  7. I wonder if she’ll end up dying it for real.
  8. drivebitch

    Band? Madame X plays the accordion. She don't need no band!
  9. People have said “Hung Up” would probably be too expensive to perform. They’d probably have to pay ABBA a ton just for the sample.
  10. drivebitch

    Hmm. Could be. I always thought it was a boy. They’re pretty androgynous.