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  1. drivebitch

    Disney has always been big on gays. They've had gay day at Disney World for decades before it was popular and hosted gay families since the 90s. They got a lot of pushback from conservative groups but didn't falter.
  2. drivebitch

    She'll lipsync for her life.
  3. I finally appreciate "Looking for Mercy"!
  4. It's amazing how an experimental album did better in North America than anywhere else.
  5. Time to take Madame X to court!
  6. I don't think Canada has announced yet.
  7. This album is totally different experience with headphones. There is so much going on. Layer upon layer.
  8. drivebitch

    I hope they make it look like it was shot on old film. Give it a total 70s throwback.
  9. You know what... you’re probably right.
  10. You give me fever.... Rescue me... finally enough love
  11. drivebitch

    The blue is perfect!!
  12. So Madonna 2010s gave us: MDNA: 16 new tracks Rebel Heart: 23 new tracks Madame X: 18 new tracks And I'm not even counting all of Rebel Heart's leaked tracks.