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  1. usagifer

    thanks for answering. In fact I'm looking for the 26th, since my tickets are for that night, and he wants to attend with me. I get tickets for other nights but my question is, if I buy for another night, my purchased tickets are canceled?
  2. usagifer

    It's a shame, I was hoping I could buy a ticket for a friend, I used my code for 4 tickets, but he asks me for help.
  3. usagifer

    Can someone give me their Code Pass to buy a ticket? I need one for February 26.
  4. usagifer

    When does the general sale start in France?
  5. usagifer

    I think it's a good place, at least you're very close to the stage, it was my turn at Balcon Haut, do not think twice, go ahead or wait for a much better seat to come out.
  6. usagifer

    After two hours, I lost very good seats, but finally I was able to buy 4 tickets for the 26, I'm exhausted.
  7. usagifer

    Please, I need it: D
  8. usagifer

    Please, I need it: D
  9. usagifer

    I do not know what happens, my code does not accept me :( Help please
  10. usagifer

    Someone who has a code for Lisbon?
  11. Ahora más imágenes del montado del escenario:
  12. Ya dio inicio el armado del escenario de #Madonna para sus dos presentaciones en Ciudad de México. Vía Riggingplot México.