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  1. Good to know the Kruder & Dorfmeister Mix (and the other mixes, for those who love them lol) of NRM has a chance of being available, but I mean... they're not releasing the Dub? what I mean is... if Bertrand hadn't just recently shared his rip of an obscure in-house Maverick CDr, we simply would not have gotten this mix (apart from a white label vinyl rip)?! they were doing so well, really starting to get the hang of these reissues, being comprehensive with all the mixes... and as for the "they're saving for the reissues" line of thinking - I just don't believe it yet. that didn't stop them from releasing a bunch of mixes before which ended up on FEL, for example. and I really hope they don't end up only on the physical reissues, as they'll probably all be tampered with - i.e. compressed to death - whereas on these digital EPs, we're getting, at least for the late 80's/90's releases, them straight from the digital files from in-house/promo CDrs...
  2. this is the video one: this is the original one that was on the first vinyl pressing (but was later replaced by the one above) and as a B-side on the Angel single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg6mJ90hZo0
  3. I love this remix, to me it's one of the best in her entire discography! It's weird Warner didn't release the dub in the maxi, considering the many tracks they put into that (and how similar to each other some of them feel) Thank you very much @bertrand for this whole campaign!
  4. Hadn't posted this about the Bye Bye Baby maxi, but just before Gambler is released and I get off-topic: The Bye Bye Baby EP varies - just like the You Can Dance Single Edits is a little bit "different" from its promo CD - a tiny bit from the commercial maxi single. They match in speed through the whole thing, so they come from the same master, but there is some very slight variation in volume, and in the high frequencies (above 20kHz). Don't know why this happened to these 2 releases, but... (Mike Dean, don't try to steal the spotlight! This is Emily's time to shine!!!)
  5. for some reason, when I saw it had been bought already, I thought it could be you haha
  6. I compared this release to the 1987 Promo CD (I don't have, I downloaded it here on the forum), but nothing in depth, as I don't understand a lot about it...
  7. So, I've compared this release of YCD - Single Edits from Qobuz to the tracks from the 1987 Promo CD. I took a very fast look at them at Spek, and ran them through Audacity to compare them. To my ears they don't sound bad at all, but, quite curiously to me, they are not exactly the same files. All of them run at the same speed through the whole thing, which indicate they come from the same master, but they sound a little bit... tweaked - all the tracks from the 2022 release are cutoff at a slightly lower frequency. Additional things I noted (current release compared to the 87 promo CD): For Holiday, Everybody, Physical Attraction and Into The Groove, the volume is a bit lower; in Over And Over, it is a bit louder; and in Where's The Party, there is some variation in this matter In Everybody, Into The Groove and Where's The Party the bass is not as prominent/or the treble is enhanced. I can't say this for sure, as my ears are untrained for this. Anyway, I think it's curious that they are not the exact same tracks, as they were using the tracks from Promo CDs for other releases of this campaigns, but not for this one. The differences are very subtle (at least to me), but I wonder why there are there at all, as it wouldn't make sense to alter the tracks just this much.
  8. Wonder if "Fever (Radio Edit/Remix)" is the same remaster on FEL, or if it's a digital release of the remix, before the 2022 remaster...
  9. actually, Masterpiece was ineligible for the Oscars, because, in their terms, it was not "used either in the body of the film, or as the 'first music cue' in the closing credits (i.e. the first song that plays once the screen fades to black)." - it was used too late in the credits to be considered for the nomination. It might be silly, but it's a rule for the award, and - this is only my opinion - she might have pulled an "I'm not compromising my art" for this one. But I agree, even if there was no win, it would still be nice to have at least the nomination.
  10. May have been a bit reckless, but I've bought tickets to Primavera Sound São Paulo and can't believe I'll be seeing Lorde live for the 2nd time, and Björk for the 1st! :Madonna001:

    1. Manipulated Living

      Manipulated Living

      You're in for a fucking treat with B!

  11. does the US TGS DVD really have a PCM AND a dolby 5.1 audio track? or is it a misprint?

    1. Manipulated Living

      Manipulated Living

      I check a NTSC copy and it's just the Dolby (AC-3).

    2. lennyleonard


      @slutpride oh, so it was a misprint! thank you very much for confirming this (: 

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