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  1. Thank you for the news! Hope they don't upload a tweaked ("remastered") version of these tracks, and possibly from a good master, not the yellow single one. They normally don't go this route for the 80's singles, but they did it for La Isla Bonita (for the Remix Edit, that is) and for the Single Edits of You Can Dance, so maybe there's hope!
  2. About the Papa Don't Preach single: Track 1 (LP version) is the 2001 remaster/35th Anniversary Edition. Trying out a few things, I discovered that it is the same track (matches/runs at the same speed) as the one from the original 1986 Japan pressing, but with loudness applied (possibly some EQ, as well? I don't know, I don't have an ear for that, tbh) Track 2 (Ain't No Big Deal) doesn't match the one from the Dress You Up Japan CD, the 1995 yellow single, nor the 1996 Japanese boxset. No idea which version that is. Track 3 (Extended Version) is the same as the 35th Anniversay Edition. Weirdly enough, it matches the one on the Super Club Mix EP, with loudness applied (and possibly some EQ, as well), like track 01.
  3. About This Used To Be My Playground: all 3 tracks identical to the ones on the CD single/Japanese boxset, 1:1 copies. Good thing that they didn't just duplicate the one already on STR, as that one is a bit more compressed/louder - not like the current releases/remasters, thankfully, but still louder than the ones on the single.
  4. This Used To Be My Playground artwork, 3000x3000, from Apple Music:
  5. Don't really know anything about rock, but I know that when the Rolling Stones performed at the same beach, they released a box set with 4 discs: one with a "regular" video, one with the Rio one, another with bonus songs and cuts from other cities, and one with a documentary. I know this would be a lot, considering how her releases usually go, but this would be such a hit if they decided to go with this type of release. If there's one release of hers with a good potential for sales in many years, it's this tour! She could even slap a disc with the Madame X film as an extra, not only making it available on physical media, but in a way that would get it a better visiblity than as a stand-alone release (so much so that it never happened).
  6. couldn't upload to those servers, but uploaded it to MediaFire, hope it's good for you!
  7. In their defense, they did give us that The censor bar was the alternate footage! Not the alternate footage we wanted/deserved, but the one that we got
  8. I think that by the time I get back home from the concert it will have already been shared here haha But, if it doesn't, I'll do it, of course (:
  9. Both Globo and Multishow do broadcast a 6 channel track option, if it's HDTV rip it will likely include that option. Now, whether the surround channels are actually going to contain any information (with only the stereo ones actually having any sound), or if it's a "true" 6 channel audio depends on the technical organization of the event, I imagine. I have downloaded some concerts broadcasted by them with a fully functioning 5.1 audio, and some of them with a 5.1 container, but with only the stereo channels having information to them, so I guess it depends on the mixing that they are given by the technical team of the artist.
  10. I think so! The fact that there's a dedicated slot on Globo (not just Multishow, but the main, over-the-air, channel) for the concert makes me think that it was a condition for their negotiation to go forward that delays would not be tolerated (or at least not to degree that they usually happen in the other gigs). Also, they have always promoted the 9:45/10 pm starting time, not the 8-something (that never happens) hahah
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