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  1. lennyleonard

    the video was shot on 8mm film. but I don't think the editing and mastering was done on film, the "Erotica" logo at the beggining looks too much like videotape for me...
  2. lennyleonard

    this tour not getting a blu-ray release has always baffled me... it makes no sense! warner always used madonna's video releases (one of her biggest strenghts) to help push the new home video formats, like they did with Laserdisc and DVD. it was her most successful tour up to that point, the whole era was a huge hit (in terms of criticism and sales), and the whole recording is gorgeous! it was the perfect oportunity to make this her first Blu-ray release, as the format was getting more popular, but then... nothing happened!
  3. lennyleonard

    the star sign must be just a joke, but it's actually quite a relief to know that she DOES have the ability to say "no" to things at this point... hard to believe we should actually be partially thankful for what we got hahaha
  4. I think what is wrote is about right - she wore the ponytail until June 25th in NJ, then 5 days later in Gottenberg, she started using the curls... As far as I know, she didn't wear the ponytail for the European leg. I don't know what EY performance you are talking about, but maybe it could the one used for Truth Or Dare. It was shot in Paris (she played 3 concerts there, in one she said "Alright, Paris", and in another she greeted the audience with "Hello, Paris", don't know about the third one...), but they dubbed the audio during the editing of the film.
  5. could anyone please help me with getting a rare video that's uploaded only for premium users of either Florenfile, Novafile, Publish2me or Keep2Share? tks in advance!

  6. lennyleonard

    Yeeees, somebody please record this!
  7. lennyleonard

  8. lennyleonard

    it's a torrent site
  9. lennyleonard

    Something that I do sometimes is go for a temporary e-mail server (such as getnada), and create a MEGA account with them. If you upload files there in a short period of time, you can get to use 50GB of storage, not only the 15GB that MEGA offers for the free accounts. The only thing is: MEGA has been deleting files from inactive accounts (90 days without being logged in - at least that's what I've heard), so it's good to write down the login information of these temporary accounts you might make, and log into them from time to time, just to make sure...
  10. lennyleonard

    I have done a few yoga classes in college a while ago, and to put it simply (hope I'm not being reductive with the matter) the mantra in Shanti/Ashtangi is the opening one, and part of Cyberraga is the closing one. @UnruheI found this transcription, which is the part of Cyberraga that I mentioned: Om Svastih prajābhyah paripālayantām Nyāyena mārgena mahim mahīśāh Gobrāhmanebhyah śubhamastu nityam Lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om I could never find any other information about the other bits of Cyberraga... Don't know what it is, nor have found any other transcriptions of it... And what is weird - or maybe a clue - is that this part, the closing one is the exact bit of the song that she sang in the MDNA Tour performance...
  11. lennyleonard

  12. lennyleonard

    I was checking LDDB (LaserDisc Database) website, and looking for infos regarding the BAT LD I found something curious - among the audio specifications, they mention this: It's said the NTSC USA LD (because the same site has a record of an American PAL disc [?]) has a 4.0 surround (left, center, right and rear) sound on both digital AND analog tracks; and it's also there that: "Although not marked on the jacket or in the end credits, this release is encoded in surround sound using the Dolby compatible Shure Stereosurround process. Unfortunately, the much superior Japanese LaserDisc is standard stereo only. The American LaserDisc release of The Girlie Show [9 38391-6] is also encoded in Shure Stereosurround." I looked it up on the internet and I found little information about this said Shure Stereosurround. One of the good things I got was that it was similar to Dolby ProLogic II (a process that allows 2.0 audio to be decoded into 4.0 audio - with the rear channel [which is mono] being limited to 7kHz), but didn't share its rear channel frequency limitation. Have I got the tech info wrong? Or am I right in believing that there might be a chance of somehow getting a surround track for the Blond Ambition Nice concert? Could anyone shed some light on this? Here's the entry of the BAT LaserDisc where I found this: https://www.lddb.com/laserdisc/21862/PA-90-325/Madonna:-Blond-Ambition-World-Tour-Live
  13. I remember seeing a website a few years ago, that was a gallery of high quality albums and single covers.
    It included not only Madge's releases, but a lot of others pop artists' as well, and I cannot recall the name of this site... Does anyone know what I'm talking about and could help me, pleeease?!

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    2. madgefan
    3. lennyleonard


      @thegr8forever that's exactly the site that I was looking for, thank you so so much! <3

      and @madgefanthanks for the tip, too! couldnt get access it with my ip, put I saved it, so I can visit with a proxy later haha!


  14. lennyleonard

  15. lennyleonard

    great vocals editing... finally!!!