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  1. the EP is available on qobuz, I don't know about other services
  2. tracks from 1-5 are the same as the ones on Remixed Prayers (apart from the EY remixes), in the exact same order the rest was available on different releases, and 08-10 were only released on vinyl - hope that they are digitally sourced for this release
  3. YAAAAAAS! with the current trend of the maxis being released on digital platforms, I was hoping they would release the Remixed Prayers EP soon... this is even better!
  4. I don't know if they tweaked the audio on the videos, but for the singles, the audio is the same of the CD releases... and THANK GOD they were not remastered... there's not any reason to believe they would a good remastering job lol
  5. Ingrid Chavez's version of Justify My Love has been released on Spotify (and other streaming platforms as well)

  6. the video was shot on 8mm film. but I don't think the editing and mastering was done on film, the "Erotica" logo at the beggining looks too much like videotape for me...
  7. the star sign must be just a joke, but it's actually quite a relief to know that she DOES have the ability to say "no" to things at this point... hard to believe we should actually be partially thankful for what we got hahaha
  8. I think what is written is about right - she wore the ponytail until June 25th in NJ, then 5 days later in Gottenberg, she started using the curls... As far as I know, she didn't wear the ponytail for the European leg. I don't know what EY performance you are talking about, but maybe it could the one used for Truth Or Dare. It was shot in Paris (she played 3 concerts there, in one she said "Alright, Paris", and in another she greeted the audience with "Hello, Paris", don't know about the third one...), but they dubbed the audio during the editing of the film.
  9. could anyone please help me with getting a rare video that's uploaded only for premium users of either Florenfile, Novafile, Publish2me or Keep2Share? tks in advance!

  10. top of my head, i'd say act of contrition
  11. Something that I do sometimes is go for a temporary e-mail server (such as getnada), and create a MEGA account with them. If you upload files there in a short period of time, you can get to use 50GB of storage, not only the 15GB that MEGA offers for the free accounts. The only thing is: MEGA has been deleting files from inactive accounts (90 days without being logged in - at least that's what I've heard), so it's good to write down the login information of these temporary accounts you might make, and log into them from time to time, just to make sure...
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