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  1. May have been a bit reckless, but I've bought tickets to Primavera Sound São Paulo and can't believe I'll be seeing Lorde live for the 2nd time, and Björk for the 1st! :Madonna001:

    1. Neon Fever Dream

      Neon Fever Dream

      You're in for a fucking treat with B!

  2. does the US TGS DVD really have a PCM AND a dolby 5.1 audio track? or is it a misprint?

    1. Neon Fever Dream

      Neon Fever Dream

      I check a NTSC copy and it's just the Dolby (AC-3).

    2. lennyleonard


      @slutpride oh, so it was a misprint! thank you very much for confirming this (: 

  3. not to make assumptions... BUT I've compared the extended version of OYH from the Yellow CD (the one that is on the Remixology thread) to the one from this new release, and... the two tracks are in sync for the whole thing, although they differ in volume (the new one is quite brickwalled, like all the tracks in this release) can't say they are the same (or that the new one is a "remaster" of the yellow cd track), but from what I know, being tape-sourced, two different masters would never have the exact same speed, right?
  4. if ithere's anything about it indeed, I would guess it's about the Madame X Tour film/netflix special
  5. this new ToD theme is GOURGEOUS! :hearteyes:

  6. Don't mind you asking at all, dear ;) I got mine losslessly from Deezer, as well - I use SMLoadr. And by your own post, I could track down that my CD Promo Rip was the one posted by Vladimir Petkovic. Didn't know that the one on the Remixology thread was corrupt... And I found it quite weird that some mixes don't match neither the ones on Remixed Prayers, or the CD Promo. Where did they get those tracks from? hahaha but at least, they are not very different in volume levels, just very slightly in speed (may have something to do with the tape transfer)... if I'm not mistaken this also happened to some tracks of the LAP EP...
  7. I compared track 01 to the Promo CD rip I have (not a personal one, I got it from the forum haha) and they completely phased out each other...
  8. Just released now that they edited the dates of the expanded EPs (LAP, Frozen, BS) for the original year of release. They are taking advantage of releasing them as 2021, getting on the New Releases playlist of the week, then putting them on the correct chronological place! They are actually pulling this off very well!
  9. I'm trying to compile a 12"ers + 2 playlist, and wanted to know if anyone knew which of these CDs provides the best sounding version for the following songs:

    Into The Groove - Japan CD Single Collection, Material Girl Club Mix EP or the 1989 Star Series Single

    Borderline & Lucky Star (New/US/Extended Dance Remixes) - Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits! or the 1989 Star Series Single.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Hope we get soon the Fever and LDLHA ones that were scheduled, but replaced for Bedtime Story and Frozen. I think they are really getting the hang of this, both with the matching releases (HD videos + maxi singles) around the same time, and with the compilation of several mixes from different sources. The release of many tracks that had never been released comercially or digitally before is amazing, I would never imagine her team would actually do this LOL.
  11. I have a .iso of the blu-ray, exactly the same as the official one, menus included, but I've included portuguese subtitles (the same ones from the official Brazilian DVD). If you're interested, PM me.
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