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  1. they'll say that it will be so so that the jackets don't get ruined at the show lol
  2. If only the BA bomber jacket didn't cost a month of minimum wage when converted to my local currency...! cries in third world
  3. The BA jacket! Would who have thought they would actually get this right with her merch??!
  4. Yes, it's the one I got from the NZ store link someone posted a few pages behind...
  5. https://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/0/Music116/v4/8a/40/95/8a409532-f7e7-bb95-d6b7-b6ec6b1c3a5e/603497831111.jpg
  6. I know, and my point is that if they (her team/people in charge of this at Warner) ever get around to actually goind down that road, I imagine it would be one of the first ones to get this treatment
  7. I have to myself that if the La Isla Bonita video doesn't get the full remastering treatment (going back to the original film reels, rescaning them, reediting if necessary) no other video will... Not rational at all, but I think my train of thought is: if they don't go this route with the video that is her most streamed one on YT, and with a song that M loves herself so much... they are not gonna bother doing it with others...
  8. I've read and always believed that it's about Rocco and the complications she had at birth
  9. it makes sense, but it's not impossible... they did include the Edit Two of Fever on the Rain EP release...
  10. Good to know the Kruder & Dorfmeister Mix (and the other mixes, for those who love them lol) of NRM has a chance of being available, but I mean... they're not releasing the Dub? what I mean is... if Bertrand hadn't just recently shared his rip of an obscure in-house Maverick CDr, we simply would not have gotten this mix (apart from a white label vinyl rip)?! they were doing so well, really starting to get the hang of these reissues, being comprehensive with all the mixes... and as for the "they're saving for the reissues" line of thinking - I just don't believe it yet. that didn't stop them from releasing a bunch of mixes before which ended up on FEL, for example. and I really hope they don't end up only on the physical reissues, as they'll probably all be tampered with - i.e. compressed to death - whereas on these digital EPs, we're getting, at least for the late 80's/90's releases, them straight from the digital files from in-house/promo CDrs...
  11. this is the video one: this is the original one that was on the first vinyl pressing (but was later replaced by the one above) and as a B-side on the Angel single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg6mJ90hZo0
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