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  1. 𝒾𝓂 𝒸𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓈𝑜𝑜𝓃..

    1. musicman


      THANKS YOU MY FRIEND have great weekend i hope you dont have problem with your site.:):salty:

    2. nastybutfancy
  2. 0F8E8662-FAE2-46DA-8604-A70D8608F6C4.thumb.jpeg.80e661edd1c5c6d1a741754938c83267.jpeg

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    2. Metamorphosis


      Profiting off of someone's hard work is so wrong. Unfortunately it's a legal slippery slope because it's not your original work,it's a remastering of copyrighted material. I'm so sorry this happened to you and it's a shame that somebody is sick enough to do that to you,especially if you weren't credited.

    3. musicman


      yes guys you are reason i agree all i forget  many thing and i dont want give any idea for  make problem  thanks you alls.:Madonna008:

    4. emanon


      it happened to me once. someone selling dvds of a work i did for free to dvd also had menus, they just removed some stuff from the cover artwork...

  3. hi dear i want view your blog website but its private its possible you send invitation to me? thanks advance its really appreciate

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    2. dude78


      oh yes please. me too :rainbow:

    3. nastybutfancy


      Sadly I cant do anything becouse they blocked it :(

    4. TrendMusic


      nastybutfancy:  Continue here ... thanks

  4. nastybutfancy

    @Israel @Andymad I just dont wanna read mean comments about me, I do what I can with her videos. I'm very weak when it comes to hating, I'm just a simple boy who also has feelings.
  5. nastybutfancy

    Hello to everybody! I hope all of you have great day! I just wanna tell something about my remasters of Madonna videography. I decided not posting my remasters anymore HERE. On this world we have a very jealous people, and they do everything to ruin you. So If you are interested to watch M glory in HD here this is my website: Or If you wanna watch her still on her youtube channel or on that poor DVDs quality - don't go to my website! STAY AWAY Thanks everybody! Links: INSTAGRAM || MY WEBSITE || YOUTUBE
  6. Hello! I've create my own webstie with my remasters check it out!


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    2. Frisson


      Amazing, and thanks a lot again for all your amazing work !!

    3. patrice1711


      :hearteyes: L U V

    4. Madame X

      Madame X

      Thank you! But Justify My Love is missing...

  7. hi there,

    how can i get the true blue upscale video..thanks.

  8. Hey Nasty! Are you using Topaz Video Enhancer AI? If so, how long does it take for you to create one music video?

    1. nastybutfancy


      Hey! It take me 1 hour sometimes 40 minutes:smile:

  9. Paypal:

    You can support me of course if you just want, i dont say you must do it!💕

    Instagram: MDNAMVHD


  10. nastybutfancy

    Hey! Im trying to contact on instagram with webmaster who uploads videos in official Madonna youtube channel. Right now Guy only saw twice my instagram story. If somebody wants help me with contact with webmaster let me know i will give you his username!❤️❤️🙏🏻
  11. nastybutfancy

    I don't know but if they want they can take my work haha
  12. nastybutfancy

    Hey! Please tell me which videos have problem with audio. Right now i'm adding Rain with audio fixed.
  13. nastybutfancy

    Guy Oseary just watch my instagram story i cant believe..