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  1. BlondAmbition

  2. BlondAmbition

    by chance, they also stole the show in Paris 90?
  3. BlondAmbition

    oh gosh it's passe a lot of could I forget 91? impossible
  4. BlondAmbition

    her wrost Vogue performance ever!
  5. BlondAmbition

    Killing Eve! Castle Rock How to get away with a murder (my fav)
  6. BlondAmbition

    I think so!
  7. BlondAmbition

    but I watched 9 show in Europe
  8. BlondAmbition

    her wrost tour ever...too dark, horrible entrance, bad scenes, horrible hairs...oh gosh
  9. BlondAmbition

    I think someone already posted in the Video forum
  10. BlondAmbition

    Vogue Nothing Really Matters Music
  11. BlondAmbition

    Album: MDNA iTunes: #96 Hungary #373 Mexico Album: Something to Remember Apple Music: #28 Mauritius Album: Erotica iTunes: #122 Estonia Apple Music: #144 Latvia Album: True Blue iTunes: #172 Uganda #518 United Kingdom Apple Music: #1292 United Kingdom Album: Crave iTunes: #678 United Kingdom Album: You Can Dance iTunes: #396 United States Album: I Rise iTunes: #1274 United Kingdom Album: MDNA World Tour Apple Music: #188 Bolivia
  12. BlondAmbition

    lot of re entry today 02/05/2020 on Itunes
  13. BlondAmbition

    I love Bedtime Stories!