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  1. yes, of course, but if you don't care about something, why should you go and see it at the cinema? many people won't do it because they are full of prejudices against her
  2. In the first draft, wasn't Erotica called 'You thrill me'? this could also be a list of songs to include in the 'Girlie Show' concert or residency
  3. I love you Madonna but I think it's a waste of money, no one will care; this new generation hate Madonna, a lot of people doesn't understand her music, her life and what she did that chenged the history. For me it'll be yet another flop ... sorry guys but it's what I think about this project. The Celebration Tour it's great ant I think it's better than this movie to celebrate her career
  4. SkyNews about Rio 2024 SkyReportHERE France24 news Eng-language AFP Español here AFP Deutschland The Telegraph here
  5. what I read on the official Wiki page, GloboTV does not have 4k frequencies
  6. What you think about the Copagabana show in Brazil? Ruters official review is saying "estimated at 1.6 million", not too bad! reade here: https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/thousands-madonna-fans-gather-copacabana-beach-free-concert-2024-05-04/
  7. great show, I'm sorry it's over, I would have hoped for a third leg but it's okay, Australia and Japan are waiting for her...
  8. Bad girl wow... I love this song! I don't like the false teeth
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