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  1. Yes but with nowadays with our wild screens it’s quite frustrating to have the video in this little square on the middle of the screen.
  2. Yes but it’s a shame that all the hd videos are not in 16:9
  3. Hope that she is not in the studio for another remix .
  4. After 3 ou 4 mails the customer service told me that they were wrong. My order has not been sent buy UPS but By USPS. Now I have the correct tracking number. 🙄
  5. Come on !!!!! You can do better than theses answers !!! We already get it about “sex” 🙄
  6. I'm still struggling with Merch traffic (from Official US Madonna Only Store) to know where is my 6 Vinyl Box Set. I had an email 2 weeks ago for shipment with a UPS tracking number but since then the status on the UPS site has not evolved. I have phoned to UPS and the told me that the tracking number is not a UPS tracking number. The number usually starts by Z.... Mine starts by 8....... Merch traffic keep on giving me the same answers. Anyone else have issue like mine ? Thank you.
  7. I bought the red vinyl from Phonica Records. The black vinyl and 6lp box from the US Madonna official store
  8. I had to pay 13€ for the red vinyl coming from UK. My 6lp box has been sent on Friday.
  9. In the booklet it's written that Like A Virgin and Material Girl didn't need a radio edit because they are already short enough for radio airplay ; )
  10. At least retailers have the 3 cd edition etc… so we should have pictures from them.
  11. Still no unpacking vidéo ou images of the 3 cd version or the 6lp box ? my red vinyl edition has been shipped. Still waiting for the 6lp box set to be shipped by us official store
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