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  1. voguemadonna

    I actually think it looks quite good all things considered, particularly the "Dita" scenes. Is it perfect? No, but I'm honestly just happy they finally figured out how to replace a file rather than reuploading a video.
  2. Spent all day trying to properly organize my music library, hundreds of duplicate files gone...room for more stuff I guess?

  3. voguemadonna

    I'm kind of in the middle. I do want some kind of doc (dvd extras or something) to tell us a more complete story of what was going on behind the scenes, but so many people didn't get to see this tour because of cancellations, her performing a shortened version, and the no phone policy (I was lucky to attend one of the first shows so I got the full thing), so I think it's important that she release the full show for her fans that weren't able to see it.
  4. voguemadonna

    I love this! I expect it'll be filled very quickly.
  5. voguemadonna

    I used to use alternate covers for nearly every song, I've since reverted most back to the original album cover, but I still have the covers I used on my hard drive. I'll share a few of my favorites. (Note: I didn't make any of these, I found most of them on Coverlandia, a few through google search, and some from these two blogs.)
  6. Just updated all the links in my old posts to be active, mega links. So, if for some reason you need something I posted back in 2015/2016, the link now works.

  7. voguemadonna

    It went for $2,500 last night. I definitely agree with what others said about the jokes. They're funny if you know her sense of humor, can come off a bit rude if not. Last night for example the guy that won it paid with fifties and she made a joke about wanting Benjamins and how he better not short change her.
  8. voguemadonna

    I went last night and I though the show was great! My only real complaint outside of the late start time (which I was expecting) was how much longer the third act was than the others, after a few songs it started to feel like it dragged, this could also be because I was tired though. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it actually. There were quite a few songs on the set list I wasn't really looking forward to, but the way they were performed actually made me appreciate them way more than I ever have.
  9. voguemadonna

    Madonna: Borderline, Burning Up, Physical Attraction Like A Virgin: Material Girl, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Like A Virgin True Blue: Where's The Party, Papa Don't Preach, Live To Tell Like A Prayer: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Oh Father I'm Breathless: Back In Business, He's A Man, Sooner or Later Erotica: Erotica, Where Life Begins, Theif Of Hearts Bedtime Story: Human Nature, Bedtime Story, Forbidden Love Ray of Light: Drowned World, Frozen, Ray of Light Music: Amazing, Gone, What It Feels Like For A Girl American Life: X-Static Process, American Life, Nobody Knows Me Confessions: Sorry, How High, Future Lovers Hard Candy: 4 Minutes, She's Not Me, Devil Would't Recognize You MDNA: Gang Bang, Falling Free, I Don't Give A (Honorable Mention to the tour version of Love Spent) Rebel Heart: Illuminati, HeartBreakCity, Holy Water
  10. Her singing X-Static Process and Intervention was honestly enough to solidify what an amazing show this was for me.
  11. Was it ever performed live?