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  1. Thrilled to see Borderline in the top spot! It's my favorite song on the album!!
  2. I'm going to go ahead and predict Holiday for the number 1 slot. Excited to see what the average ratings are though, since we're already up to 8.13!
  3. I'm thinking top three is going to consist of Holiday, Borderline, and Lucky Star...not sure in what order though
  4. Results so far aren't surprising. I'm happy to see the average ratings aren't really low but this album's non-single tracks were always going to rank lower than the singles.
  5. Not shocked to see ANBD in last place. It's a B-Side and it's up against so MASSIVE hits. Not a bad score with 5.72 though!
  6. What a nice surprise! I think it looks really good especially considering the original source is videotape.
  7. Excited for the results on this one! I had lots of high rates, I'm curious how it's going to shake out.
  8. You're absolutely right and I understand it's a matter of personal taste too. I was making more of a general statement than a comment about the ranking.
  9. Finally taking a look at these results...I'm happy to see American Life made it into the top 5! Ray Of Light and Erotica as the top two is very predictable, now necessarily wrong, but predicable. It's a shame people don't appreciate Hard Candy for what it is. It's definitely not her best album, but it's not her second worst either.
  10. Apologizing in advance for my weird taste skewing these rankings
  11. I love Hard Candy I don't really like LAP as an album, sure there's some great tracks there, but it's my least listened too/least favorite album On the opposite side, American Life is my favorite/most listened to album I hate The Girlie Show, mainly because I don't like any of the reworkings she did of the songs for that show MDNA is one of my favorite tours, though I ABSOLUTELY agree that the official release is horribly edited X-Static Process is the best song she's ever released Bedtime Stories is underrated as an album, the album tracks are way better than people really give them credit for Madame X should've been an EP (though idk if this is unpopular)
  12. I chose worst album but I'd think it'd be more accurate to say it's my least favorite. I think a lot of the reasons I dislike the album come from what a massive let down it was for me. I was so excited for her to work with Mirwais again (I could go on for hours and hours about how American Life is the best thing she's ever released), but when the album came out I was met with tons of stylistic choices I dislike in any artist's music, not just Madonna's. The autotune, the mumbling, the lack of a chorus on most of the songs, it just made the album unenjoyable for me. The only songs I listen to on a semi-regular basis are Crave (which took a while to grow on me) and Medellín.
  13. https://ew.com/movies/madonna-biopic-diablo-cody-didnt-quit/ EW is reporting Diablo didn't QUIT, but rather the two submitted the final draft and she moved on to her next project (Powerpuff Girls) as a result.
  14. For me, demos get organized by album (So I have "Rebel Heart Demos", "Hard Candy Demos", etc) the exception being if they were all from one set (for example I have the Ray Of Light Demo Assembly by itself). Live bootlegs by show (Blonde Ambition New Jersey, Blonde Ambition Dallas, etc). Studio versions by tour (MDNA Tour Studio Versions, Confessions Tour Studio Versions, etc).
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