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  1. Hello, what is the source of this information? the information in the photos is great,
  2. Te lo dije en tono de broma, a lo Chica de Silva !!! Madonna no descubrió el fuego, eso lo tengo claro!!
  3. Atrasada??? Madonna siempre está adelantada pero no con lo que todos hacen!! Lávate la lengua estropajo !!! :-D
  4. I don't know what I feel exactly for him, compassion or admiration? Hey, his mother is the queen of pop, MADONNA.
  5. 96/5000 Excuse me, English is not my language and I did not understand the question well, you want to know the location. -D
  6. 36/5000 You're making a joke, right? this is the master of the concerts!!
  7. Hardcandy mexico still open http://www.hardcandy.com.mx/ https://www.facebook.com/HardCandyFitnessMexicoCity/
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