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  1. I hadn't noticed that in Ciccone Youth's cover of Into the Groove we hear the original version by Madonna several times. Do you know if this was approved?
  2. even if the subject that you broach is very important i do not see the connection with the song at all
  3. maybe, but here I'm talking about her in particular because she uses and abuses it
  4. what I really have trouble understanding is that she plays the role of a mature woman who assumes responsibility, but conversely all her photos on insta are retouched as if she were 20 years old. I doubt she assumes her age as much as she tries to make it seem.
  5. for me it is an album in its own right, it is inspired by the film but is not a soundtrack
  6. I find her so much more beautiful in natural photos unlike her Instagram posts
  7. I think I'm one of the few people who has always loved this album lol. Not really the image she released during this period but just the music. Special mention to Heartbeat
  8. Regarding the title 'Time stood still' do you know if this song was recorded expressly for the film or is it from another recording session ? thank you ;-)
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