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  1. Ricardo Gómez and the titles "Madonna's second set Of eyes" reminds me this lady, I don't know why
  2. 1. This Used To Be My Playground 2. Falling Free 3. Easy Ride 4. Ghosttown 5. Extreme Occident 6. Paradise 7. Like It Or Not 8. Voices 9. In This Life 10. I Want You
  3. 1. Cosmic Climb 2. Spanish Lesson 3. I'm going bananas 4. Bitch I'm Loca 5. Jimmy Jimmy
  4. Avoided mmm In the next tour Human Nature, Frozen and maybe , I don't know ,she can't avoided her greatest hits
  5. Yess! The set list: 1. Jiuman Neicha 2. Laki Pre 3. Jon Op 4. Jolidey (RH Tour versión) And maybe "imagine", "rebel rebel" or another Elton Jon song or prince song she loves to single another people music
  6. No, some Madonna fans especulated That she was a Madonna fan and glenn close herself denied That rumors about being a Madonna fan
  7. "flopped" because music video and single were released at the end Of january at least In México and the cd maxi single was put on sale till July, same in europe, I was very disapointed when i saw NRM on hot 100, by the time of the released Beautiful Stranger was on the radio and the music Video on MTV
  8. Is this correct? Spotify México says #85 In the world. In Madonna ukmix Say it's #200 In the world, thre are two different list? I don't understand
  9. Ooh i was 21 years old when Beautiful Stranger came out, summer song Of 1999, the last summer Of humanity before The end Of The world In 00,Castlevania 64, Smash Bros, it was a hit In latin América, almost 5 months In Los 10 Más Pedidos In MTV LA, years later I was very surprised That in USA Beautiful Stranger never was released as a CD single, only outside US, a waste oportunity to have a #1 single same with American Pie. When The song came out as a digital single I was very disapointed with the radio edit of the song without the amazing outro. Lucky me I bought the CD single In 1999
  10. 1. Gang Bang 2. Some Girls 3. Love Spent 4. I'm A Dinner 5. Falling Free 6. Masterpiece 7. I Fucked Up
  11. In latín américa we have it on claro música, thanx to mexican mogul Carlos Slim and coming soon on trebel music
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