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  1. Vogue Hung Up Into The Groove Deeper And Deeper God Control Faz Gostoso Human Nature Laki Pre
  2. Madonna its not the only to "struggle" to sing her own song and by the way, no one is attacking jon by the way he looks or him clothes
  3. Right now in Mexico and the people loves Madonna
  4. I love MDNA, it was the firts time I bought a digital download. To me, Falling Free is a great song. Gang Bang was a missed oportunity to create a short movie instead we have secretptoject with no music. Another missed oportunity was Some Girls, Masterpiece (she could win an oscar I'll never forgive that), I'm a Sinner... and that rumor about a musical video for Superstar. Her last titanic world tour, an amazing photoshoot, a funy firts single, an amazing comeback thanks to the super bowl. Anyway Great memories
  5. Everlast is a rapper featured on Waiting Remix, it was the firts time I heard a rapper on a Madonna's song
  6. It's a megamix like the old ones that release Icon fan club in 2005 I remembered the one that contains Erotica/You Thrill Me (studio version) and Everybody (stuart price remix)
  7. Madonna came from the punk scene, don't forget that, like deby harry and many other singers that came from the punk are terrible in live, but those singers, sing with the soul, convey feelings. Did you hear susan's boyle cover of You'll See? Great voice, but lack of feelings. I prefer Madonna's voice, an imperfect voice but full of feelings and soul
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