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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy “Rebel Heart (Clean Standard Edition)”? With the hype sticker of course. :Madonna041:

  2. I'm tired of everything...

  3. I’ve always wondered why MDNA gets so much hate in the fandom. It’s not her best, but it’s a solid body of work. It has great songs like: I’m addicted, I don’t give a, Girl gone wild, Gang bang, Masterpiece, and more. What do you think of this album, and why does it get so much hate?
  4. Hi. I just found Keep It Together CD Single on Amazon. It’s a CD-R and I want to know if the quality is good.
  5. FINALLY! Bedtime Story ??? I can’t wait for Fever (Edit One) and (Edit Two).
  6. Yes. I always think of this about the MDNA era.
  7. I think they won’t disagree. When Kylie released her latest GH for the 1989th time, all the Warner and other songs were included. Or maybe it was released with Warner. Idk. JLO also did the same. Sony made the compilation and songs from UMG were included.
  8. Can’t wait for “Gambler” to be released. I need to buy that song so bad.
  9. I’ve always asked myself this, I really would like to know.
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