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  1. What 'Holy Water' is all about? SEX and RELIGION - Def not new territory as we had Erotica/SEX book- JML and Where Life Begins* and her additional lyrics on George Michael's I Want Your SEX' - ok I made this last one up! - [Baby, you should get down low/And drink my precious alcohol/Don't it taste like holy water, like holy water?/Kiss it better, make it wetter] - call it whatever : oral sex - cunnilingus.. Her RHT's The Last Supper was genius and I must admit I totally loved it! What's so blasphemous about the Last Supper? Out of respect...Didnt she excluded the performance in Singapore? *Nothing beats "I can make a fire without using wood" so WLB all the way! No comparison!
  2. Hope not, in my opinion WTP aint the best opener, she'll have some other [stronger] kick-ass one! She better FINALLY give us RESCUE ME! -
  3. Sir Michael Parkinson: Chat show host dies aged 88


    1. stefo


      Oh sad to hear that. I just watched his interview with M and he seemed such a nice, ironic, elegant man, the perfect British host. And that interview is still one of her best ever :heart: rip

    2. stickersweeter


      Oh man! That's sad! Hope he gets a well deserved rest before starts interviewing the stars in heaven. 🙏🏽

      To me, his interview with Madonna is one of her best, indeed. Including those memorable performances!

  4. The Power of Good-Bye video was also shot in Malibu Beach in early August - The video paying homage to 1940s Hollywood glamour [The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) and Humoresque (1946)] Madonna wears a Vivienne Westwood Red Label dress and a pair of golden Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sandals upon seeing the pair of sandals at the Diavolina store in LA. but.. I can exclusively tell you that during the Malibu shoot - a sandal broke - and Giuseppe had another replacement pair sent straight away to Madonna -
  5. I bet its the same tracks we already have - either lp and/or demo versions....
  6. We had DAT for the ROL Instrumentals that I reposted link of - the plot thickens
  7. Hey, one of my dearest friend has pointed out this new 'arrival' on ebay and thought - why not? Now now hold your horses, I meant no purchasing it involved but the usual WHAT WE THINK ABOUT IT? https://www.ebay.com/itm/165818435144?hash=item269b8c8648:g:gt8AAOSwVKxjj52A
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