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  1. the transition from Rescue Me to Frozen was great
  2. justice for I Know It, Think Of Me and Physical Attraction!
  3. And the teaser looks amazing. Batuka looks so great on it
  4. So happy it's coming in the beginning of October. I was ready to wait until the end of it haha
  5. It's a blessing to have M healthy and always delivering us new different things in her 60s. I'm happy to be a witness
  6. whatever it is, good luck guys
  7. Last time I've watched this was in 2015. For me is her worst performance EVER. Her look was really good though.
  8. Could you imagine if all this is for her bidding that chair for charity?
  9. Her story guys Is it for charity?
  10. The best thing about it is that we don't need to wait for it that long Whatever is it is coming this thursday
  11. It's the Candy Shop video + remixes
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