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  1. At the first Paris concert I was front row in the 'Bad Girl stage' and during it I made eye contact with Mercy and she gave me a beautiful smile. I'll never forget it.
  2. new corset for Bitch i'm Madonna https://www.instagram.com/p/C0AeVMpN4DJ/ edit: new pic
  3. My first show will be in two weeks but for what I saw so far: Open Your Heart Live To Tell Bad Girl Don't Tell Me Rain
  4. curious to know how the LAP solo will work
  5. for those who will attend the show tomorrow: have you received any e-mail with any 'special' instruction? I'm curious about that
  6. Wed Nov 01 – Barcelona, ES – Palau Sant Jordi Thu Nov 02 - Barcelona, ES – Palau Sant Jordi Mon Nov 06 – Lisbon, PT – Altice Arena Tue Nov 07 - Lisbon, PT - Altice Arena Sun Nov 12 – Paris, FR – Accor Arena Mon Nov 13 – Paris, FR – Accor Arena
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