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  1. she was so beautiful, happy and ON FIRE that's the M I love
  2. it looks great! It's my favorite album of them
  3. just watched it in full through Paramount in Prime channel. I really like the editing. The sound and colors are really good. There are some short cuts but not very annoying. The most annoying thing to me was the mix with the MX videos and MX album documentary. It was TOTALLY bad during the songs. The doc scenes between one song and another are ok (i.e. between Killers and Crazy). These scenes in American Life, Batuka, Killers, Medellin and Come Alive are unecessary. Human Nature, Fado pechincha, Crazy, Frozen and LAP are awesome the jokes and talking scenes are really good!
  4. looks like she'll promote the MX Tour recording on The Tonight Show
  5. I think it means footage from the audience
  6. she's live on insta!!! EDIT: for those who missed her live on IG:
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