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  1. danMfan

    I really enjoyed Medellín since the first listen. It is different from what i was expecting but it's growing in me more and more
  2. danMfan

    Can't wait for the Japanese edition!
  3. danMfan

    I've just pre-ordered the box and the vinyl
  4. danMfan

    I can listen only to Love Song, TDDUP, Dear Jessie and Spanish Eyes
  5. danMfan

    I'd love to see it as an interlude.
  6. danMfan

    Thank you guys!! @groovyguy@MadonnaLove@Bel@blondebombshell
  7. danMfan

    Happy bday!!
  8. danMfan

    So excited!! Love the vibe from the video!
  9. danMfan

    I can't imagine her doing that.
  10. danMfan

    Love BAT in Barcelona!
  11. danMfan

    Her voice sounded great in Stonewall Inn. Hoping for some good ballads in this album. Her ballads are the best.
  12. danMfan

    Happy bday!!!
  13. danMfan

    Happy bday!!!!
  14. danMfan

    Happy bday!!!