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  1. danMfan

    It's a good time for a new preview
  2. Great! Can't wait
  3. danMfan

    I've been listening to this a lot lately. One of her best songs. Love its lyrics and production. The live performances are awesome. Love the Septimo de Caballeria one
  4. danMfan

    I wasn't that excited until this "preview'. Can't wait!
  5. My favorite from Dua's album is Love Again. If there'll be a featuring remix I hope it will be for this one.
  6. danMfan

    Music 2001 (Grammy / DWT) Music Inferno
  7. danMfan

  8. danMfan

    Love this remix for GGW. I think it's better than album version.
  9. Love both but Rescue Me is totally a masterpiece.
  10. danMfan

    I love the hair and make up from the 2015 one but I don't like the dress
  11. Oh Father Bad Girl Take a Bow
  12. It would be awesome! I really like the GI2M video. Simple and cool but it is really forgettable.
  13. Ray Of Light and Rebel Heart