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  1. Thanks for the love everyone 💖 I'm keen to hear what you like and don't like about it so I can keep improving. I also wondered about re-doing my other sets in this new style. For example - any thoughts on digipaks vs individual card sleeves? USBs with all the audio and video in uhq, yes or no?
  2. You're not old, it's the site hosting the images that's inflexible on zooming. I've added individual clickable back covers now so hopefully it's easier to see all the tracks. Enjoy!
  3. They're all in there, except the instrumental album. (I thought about it, but 15 discs is already pretty loaded!)
    1. MPowered


      WOW!!! This is absolutely magnificent. THESE are the kind of designs we deserve as fans. It's such a shame that people like you don't get to actually work for her. You are incredibly talented.

  4. https://www.behance.net/gallery/160831625/Madonna-Confessions-on-a-Dance-Floor-(Box-Set) I've designed another box set concept for one of M's albums - after Immaculate, ROL, and Erotica, this one just had to be Confessions. As always, keen to hear what you think!
  5. I appreciate the "works of art" sentiment - I tried to do my best with those. I would love to be involved in the reissues/box sets, but sadly that phone call hasn't come yet, so we just have to wait and see what Warner comes up with - and hopefully the result blows my work out of the water completely. What keeps me warm at night is knowing William Orbit liked my Ray of Light box set. That was a very special moment for me. And the one and only Detox liked my Erotica box set too, which was definitely a pinch-me moment.
  6. I'm very excited to be a guest on this latest episode of Inside the Groove, talking about Finally Enough Love, my design projects and our hopes for the future reissues. Enjoy!

    Inside The Groove - Finally Enough Love episode

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    2. ScottyX


      Oh I thought you meant you were hired by Madonna!

    3. Piksel8


      i really love the Ray of Light covers and Box Concept. I wish we had something like this to collect from her catalogue.

    4. proxy


      Gorgeous concepts, Madonna's team should work with you.

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