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  1. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I'm very happy with the final result. It incorporates what I learned creating my Confessions box set in 3D, and gives my old art a bit more life. (2020 really doesn't feel like it was 3 years ago.) A few things have been improved (some of the before/after moments are shocking!) but overall it should be what you know from the original version. I hope you like it! https://www.behance.net/gallery/92913091/Madonna-The-Immaculate-Collection-30th-Anniversary
  2. I've been working on a re-design of my Immaculate Collection box set and it's almost finished - it should be live tomorrow! Here's the tiniest of tiny sneak peaks. 

    TIC Final Assets 2023-04-11 Scene 3-3-1.png

    1. FallingInLove


      Oh Bradley, your box set is sooo amazing!!! I wonder what you have in mind! Bring on the re-designed box!!! :06:   

    2. RUADJAI


      Love this minimal but Iconic look. 

  3. Thanks for the love everyone 💖 I'm keen to hear what you like and don't like about it so I can keep improving. I also wondered about re-doing my other sets in this new style. For example - any thoughts on digipaks vs individual card sleeves? USBs with all the audio and video in uhq, yes or no?
  4. You're not old, it's the site hosting the images that's inflexible on zooming. I've added individual clickable back covers now so hopefully it's easier to see all the tracks. Enjoy!
  5. They're all in there, except the instrumental album. (I thought about it, but 15 discs is already pretty loaded!)
    1. MPowered


      WOW!!! This is absolutely magnificent. THESE are the kind of designs we deserve as fans. It's such a shame that people like you don't get to actually work for her. You are incredibly talented.

  6. https://www.behance.net/gallery/160831625/Madonna-Confessions-on-a-Dance-Floor-(Box-Set) I've designed another box set concept for one of M's albums - after Immaculate, ROL, and Erotica, this one just had to be Confessions. As always, keen to hear what you think!
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