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  1. I sure as hell hope so!! Guess time will tell. I still think if you make more mock-ups like this & they somehow catch Madonna's or someone on her team's eye there is a VERY GOOD chance that she would like the concepts & it would plant another big idea in someone's heads hopefully! And they are all photos that have already been chosen (approved my M) so we don't have that possibly being something she doesn't like which I think is just crazy! I saw a mock-up of the first album box set (prob by the same creator as here?) & it included a couple shots that were "outtakes" from the photo session which I liked the idea of too just sayin! Either way I'm def excited to see more of these & like I requested above I think one of the most highly sought after "box set" type releases from M that are craved by her fandom is a tour commemorative box set of I guess DVD's. Especially the Virgin Tour (Detroit) [full unedited show], Blond Ambition Tour (full Paris show filmed for Truth or Dare? - or the best of the other pro filmed) & Re-Invention Tour (full Paris show or the pro shot Lisbon show (or shows). A large set containing ALL of them including the others that have been available on DVD before would be nice too (WTG Tour, Girlie Show, DWT, Confessions Tour, S&S Tour, MDNA Tour, RHT & then the new MXT). That would be the ULTIMATE! Last just to mention I once saw a petition actually online somewhere calling for the release of the above mentioned tours that had never been available on DVD before (VT, BA & R-I) & it was called the "Virgin Ambition Re-Invention" Petition & it had alot of signatures from fans that had already signed it when I did but I never heard anything else about it again. I REALLY think if she (or Guy O.) keep seeing things like fan mock-ups (especially if they're really good) it will click to someone that there is an untapped market in the fan base (& prob lots of pop culture fans or enthusiasts if it's packaged right!)! Worth a shot for sure that's the one I'd love to see you create most of all if you get the time to do so Great work so far absolutely! I'd pay for every single one of the ones I've seen you create!
  2. These are absolutely stunning but I'm afraid we will probably never see anything this nice for 1 album :( I'd love to see you do one for the tours, especially the ones not available yet. Do you think you could put something together for a tour box set? Anything you choose will do I am sure will look AMAZING! Madonna needs to see these!!! If she goes crazy over simple artwork from the Aldo Diaz dude I would hope & pray that she would think these are GORGEOUS!!!
  3. I can't freakin wait for this!!! Looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good! I've always liked Janet - I grew up with her too! She wasn't that far behind Madonna at all in becoming famous & she has her own ICON stats & records to boot. She always seemed like a genuine sweetheart to me & I like that. There's a part of me that thinks M should have gone this route too instead of with the biopic do a docu series on Netflix or something using personal (unseen) footages & also rare stuff but most importantly - M telling her own story! I guess she is writing, directing & all that her own biopic I just think with a movie there is ALOT more room to "fictionalize" things plus there is nowhere near enough time to tell her whole story in one 2 hour movie. Guess we will see tho I know I can't wait to hear more about the biopic hopefully soon! But this looks amazing I can't freakin wait to see it! It's about time Janet got her much deserved R.E.S.P.E.C.T! I remember hearing about this months ago but had forgotten about it honestly. This preview looks sooooo good thanks for sharing!
  4. I think the last thing you said sounds completely ridiculous I mean this is EXACTLY what I'm Breathless WAS!!! An ALBUM that Madonna FELT INSPIRED to write & create ON HER OWN. Find something else to over analyze this is a no brainer folks sorry. But as I said before, it really is a matter of opinion so just decide for yourself & leave it at that. Simple. It's not really worthy of a huge long drawn out discussion because as you see there are TONS of people out there that WILL NOT be convinced that this is anything other than a "soundtrack" so it's pointless to try to reason in that circumstance.
  5. Is this really that hard of a thing to decide? As with EVERYTHING Madonna related everyone is going to have a different opinion, but I am definitely with the majority here that this IS a studio album. It's NOT a soundtrack to Dick Tracy because there was already a completely separate official soundtrack album for Dick Tracy. This was an ALBUM that M did as her character which was INSPIRED by the film. Even tho it includes some songs that were also in the movie, the fact that it contains more that weren't makes it a stand alone album. It's really not that hard of a thing to see I think & have never understood why it wasn't considered it's own specific era/album? SImply, for what it's worth, I consider it a stand alone album of M's & include it in the overall total seperately.
  6. Don't buy it then, I promise you it wont affect Madonna LOL! And there are LOTS of us out here that would love this. We are ALL NEVER gonna be satisfied with everything she does. But I support anything after this LOOOOOONG ASS SILENCE from her & absolutely NO love shown to her past! Bring it ALL the fuck on!
  7. Looks like the "Ghosttown" wig to me. She looks good! Can't wait to see what this is all about & to get more news on EVERYTHING!!! This gossip & rumors are driving me crazy! 'm ready for some official info!!!!
  8. No no no no no I'm sorry but the opening to Confessions Tour is P.E.R.F.E.C.T! Literally! Anyone who watches the show & doesn't think that the way she comes to the stage is not the best tour entrance EVER is just crazy to me. How is riding in a buggy any better than what we got? The disco ball didn't feel or look out of place in the "equestrian" section at all the whole damn show is supposed to have a disco theme running thru it not just at the end section. Some people are just too nit picky at things. Is "Future Lovers" not a disco inspired track?!? I mean come on it was mixed with one of the most popular disco tunes there was "I Feel Love" for God's sake! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course but NOTHING I am afraid will ever top that tour opener for me! NOTHING! Period. Also I think the ending was just great too I don't think she should've gotten back into the disco ball I mean it wouldn't have been a bad idea but things were just fine the way it was! I think the balloons dropping at the end is the highlight there. This show was superb all around & still one of my top fave tours of hers EVER!
  9. Let's not forget the first time we saw her create a whole new video just for the tour (Paradise (Not For Me) which was super cool & beautiful & also the U.S. cities that got to hear the amazing You'll See performance in place of Gone that was one of the most amazing things about this tour if you managed to witness it live! Great show!!! It will always have a special place in my heart. I even love hearing how different Nobody's Perfect sounds in each city the vocoder was always different some nights it seemed to be going haywire LOL but others it sounded gorgeous! LOVE DWT!!!!
  10. For what it's worth I love the new layout, design, colors etc... it looks amazing! I can only imagine how much work was involved in doing this! Such a much needed breath of fresh air! Kudos
  11. Another REALLY tough one.................... Ray Of Light Confessions On A Dance Floor Rebel Heart
  12. Sooooooooooooooooooo hard! Like A Prayer Vogue Drowned World (Substitute For Love)
  13. Next!!!! Stfu about it already! Thanks for the laugh @AndymadLOLOLOL
  14. Preach! You are way too passionate about this topic for me just sayin! You paint her out to be a saint or some shit for refusing to be a part of this project & God knows you are entitled to your opinion! But you need to understand that for every person that feels the way you do there is also someone who doesn't & that's just the way the world works. To you she may seem dignified but to others she may seem like a snobby, self absorbed, bull headed actress - just depends on what "side of the stories" you believe or tune into. As I stated in my original post - I like ALL of the women from this series (you obviously only care for one & that's your perogative!) & I just think it's a shame that she couldn't be the bigger person & participate in something that even though she may have been acting for 40 years - this show made her a star & I know that for a fact! She is KNOWN as Samantha to most people who know her that's just the truth. More power to her for choosing not to do it I am not trying to take away from her reason(s) or anything like that. ALL I AM SAYING is that it is a shame that she would diss fans of the series like that after ALL this time when everyone else doesn't seem to have a problem. That's why I said they should just kill her character off - have a voiceover tribute to her of some sort talking about her without showing her & just saying that she passed away or something like that. It would be easy to say that her cancer came back that she struggled with in the later part of the show & she did. It would be realistic as it happens all the time & BAM would solve the problem of her just not being there & not mentioning it. EITHER WAY, I am looking forward to seeing what they will do with the show & the fact that Kim will not be there will not really affect me enjoying it or not it's that simple. Again, your opinion is that the second movie was shit & sucked whatever but fact check - NOT EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY dude! I'm not wasting anymore of my time responding to this silly topic anymore & I am definitely not looking to fight or argue with somebody over SATC LOL! It is not that important. Watch it if you want to or DON'T! It really is that SIMPLE. But don't try to attack someone for voicing their opinion in a God damn opinion thread because it is different from yours! Btw, it's people like you that act like they know Cynthia Nixon & "SPJ" (LOL it's SJP for the record!) so damn well tell me how the hell do you know that Cynthia Nixon doesn't have any money or that Sarah Jessica Parker only cares about money & that is the ONLY reason they're doing it? You just know it all don't you? Sounds like you're a Kim Catrall stan who can't stand somebody talking shit about your girl LOL & that's just silly to me but whatever! I think that it is NOT about money for the 3 ladies who are participating in this they are doing it because they know there are ALOT of people out here in the world (excluding yourself of course!) who would LOVE to see them revisit this storyline for many reasons & the money is just icing on their cake! Just my opinion tho & again at the end of the day it doesn't even matter there are TONS more important things to be passionate about in this world right now than Sex & The City or Kim fucking Catrall LOL! Rant over, peace!
  15. Calm down, Jesus! People are entitled to their own opinions. I can see what you're saying too but you don't have to attack me for saying what I said that's why I hardly ever comment on anything here anymore - people are so fucking touchy! To tell you the truth I could really give 2 shits less it's not me or my money so obviously she made her choice. Whatever. Next! I still think when you are in a position like that (she is KNOWN because of that show to most people & it made her a shit ton more famous than she was) you can suck it up & "act" like things are fine to please your audience when that audience is the reason you are living the life you live. Yes Madonna should do it more & I do think she is very petty towards her fans that's nothing new! I still love her to death & always will but things could be sooooooo much different if she just thought a little bit differently & cared more about what her fans want & would like after all these years of throwing money at her freakin ass! I never said 60 year old women should definitely have no say in thier careers you're putting words in my mouth there so this discussion ends here as far as I'm concerned. Geez! Chill the fuck out!
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