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  1. Brandon Clark

    Just my 2 cents but I am loving the new, fresh layout here as well! Loving the new pink hair look & seeing all the news pics/look gives this place a much needed breath of fresh air! Whoever did this, thank you!
  2. Brandon Clark

    I can say I purchased this item from this seller & am beyond happy with it! It was very nicely done & all discs worked great! The picture even fit my big screen TV just fine when I watched. Plus it came with audio CD's of the tour as well. Was very happy with the purchase! Also, for the record, just doing a quick search on Ebay I am seeing some of the same titles that were available on the other link site for example the Virgin Tour Blu Ray - however the price seems to be just a tad bit more. I will compare some of what I see later when I have time but I am sure if you are wanting a specific title you could still find it either on eBay or by contacting the seller personally using the contact tab on the bottom of that site.... Here is a link to a quick search I did just FYI so you can see what I am saying..... will keep updating if I find more......
  3. Brandon Clark

    I understand. Yea I am thinking about trying to contact the owner of that site & asking if any of the older titles are still available. I know for a fact I have seen some of these come up for sale on Ebay recently because I've searched for them & recognize the artworks. Maybe sales died off from the website & they were trying to sale thru other mediums? If I end up finding anything more out or are able to get my hands on any of these I will let you know & post links here.....
  4. Brandon Clark

    Thanks for the info @Andymadit def looks like a legit site that's why I am curious if someone orders something now please let us know how it goes! I want/need a few of the old tour DVD's myself but when I click away from this link shared none of the ones I need show up anymore so I can't even do a test order myself because they don't have the ones I need anymore :( I see that there is a contact link at the bottom of the page so I may just reach out to this person & ask what's up myself or check eBay again for the same DVD's now that I see what the artwork looks like. Thanks again for the info tho
  5. Brandon Clark

    You typed in "Madonna Blond Ambition Japan DVD" where? Just curious? There isn't a search function on that site that I see? That's why I don't understand why some titles show up when you scroll down on the link you shared, but if you go to the home page & then try to look for some of the same titles they are no where to be found anymore?! If you purchase something from them definitely let me know how it goes for you! I want to say I have seem some of these same titles & artworks on eBay for sale recently so I am not sure if it is the same person selling on there too to get more sales or what but I will look more into it. Please again if you can keep me posted if you decide to try to make a purchase from this site how it goes....
  6. Brandon Clark

    I haven't ever purchased anything from this site but I have been looking for a few tours on DVD for some time now so I clicked on the link & just curious - how were you able to find this particular item? If you click away from the exact link you shared & try looking at other VIDEO items this one doesn't show up anymore which I find weird? I also noticed others that you could see underneath the BA Tour DVD in your link were not showing up or available on any other pages on the site? Is it just me seeing this or do you notice it also? I would think if this item & like the VT DVD or Blu Ray were still available they would show up on the page still once you clicked away from your link & browsed around the actual site? I would be leery of it myself but maybe you could contact this person somehow? Lmk your thoughts????
  7. Brandon Clark

    You're hopeless then & just another BLIND "fan" A Latin Madonna? LOLOL I have seriously heard it all now! You guys have lost your fucking minds!! So only a Latin woman can roll around on a red satin bed maturbating? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Next somebody will be saying we need to cast a black Madonna! Feisty & strong! How can you say this girl is not that? You are only seeing a glimpse of what she can do! With Madonna directing her behind the camera she could do ANYTHING! I am DONE commenting here you guys are absolutely hopeless! Let's rally for Jessica Alba or fucking Julia Garner again! I AM DONE WITH HALF OF YOU IDIOTS!!! We will see who is "right" for the part. And @Ashley I'm sorry to tell you but we are talking about Madonna here & her personality has NOT been her most defining thing! It has been her FACE! HER LOOKS! HER RE-INVENTIONS!! HER MUSIC!! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND!!!
  8. Brandon Clark

    I still have hope that even with the biopic - we will someday get an autobiography by M. I mean she is still going strong - just on a "break" right now of sorts. But she still has a few years left in her I hope anyway so it wouldn't be crazy for her to write a book somewhere in the future. I am sure the biopic will hardly touch EVERYTHING she has been thru & it will probably also only cover a limited time frame too. I would LOVE more than anything for M to sit & discuss each of her songs, album by album, reflecting on memories of their writings &/or recordings - how they evolved - how she feels about them now etc.... THAT would be more interesting to me than a true autobiography but I am rooting for BOTH lol!!!
  9. Brandon Clark

    I can see ALOTO here for sure even tho the hair is not exactly right for that look (it's a bit too long & not styled the right way) but for what it is YES I can see it. You have to look at this with an open mind & the people not seeing the resemblance are again - & I will say it a million times - BLIND! Honestly in my opinion - this reminds me of the 1985 Ken Regan HEALTHY series. If her hair were lighter (more blonde) like it was in that session - that's what it reminds me of. But either way I see Madonna without a doubt. I AM LOVING ALL OF THIS SO MUCH! SHE NEEDS THE PART!!!!
  10. Brandon Clark

    You have lost your fucking mind dude - of course you're only getting one dimensional because she's only taking pictures in her house using her own personal make up artist not some professional studio makeup artist. Any of you not seeing the OBVIOUS resemblance are just hands down BLIND AS A FUCKING BAT! These "wanna-bes" look like a joke & not one of them even comes close to looking like Madonna other than MAYBE what they're wearing. She hasn't posted any videos trying to COMPLETELY recreate anything or showing her attempt at talking, singing, sounding like M so of course you are only getting a taste! But idc what any of you who are dogging this chick say you are all completely out of your minds in my book! NONE, NOT EVEN 1, of ALL of the other names I have heard thrown around even somewhat resemble Madonna except maybe, just maybe Paris Jackson but COME ON what has Paris Jackson done other than being a child of a famous pop star? This girl has acted in movies & TV shows to acclaim obviously (whatever your opinions are of that it doesn't matter) she IS an actress & she CAN sing so get off your fucking high horses & stop being so damn critical! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR POINTING THIS OUT! SHE IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT MADONNA DID ONLY THERE WASN'T FUCKING INSTAGRAM BACK THEN SO SHE'S USING WHAT'S AT HER DISPOSAL IN 2020. And you know what, it fucking worked! M has seen her, started following her & even contacted her regarding all of this. She would be stupid to not cast this actress, period & I love Madonna hands down but I will say that again - she would be STUPID not to cast this girl in the role I have been a die-hard fan since 1989 & she looks more like Madonna than ANYONE else I have ever seen!!! Period. Any of you saying she does not are simply BLIND. First of all, good, don't watch NO ONE needs your petty judgemental support anyway with a bullshit attitude like this! You are the perfect example of a "fan" who just doesn't get it obviously I am sorry! And your argument about "making a music video with a sincere hand written letter" being so different than "playing dress up with a hashtag on Instagram" - PLEASE explain to me how because I BEG TO FUCKING DIFFER! M played "dress up" in the TAB video first of all so there that's EXACTLY the same & second whether it's in a letter or written on Instagram for the whole world to see not just Alan fucking Parker - her sincerity shows in the things she has said about her admiration for Madonna, her obvious desire to play the role, her dedication to getting the looks as close to "right" as anyone else I have ever seen & on her own I might again add. The sincerity IS THE SAME dude hands down! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE I'm sorry you sound like Trump trying to make a false point that any true fan could see thru easily. Last, who's to say this actress can't show humor, tragedy, strength, masculinity & ferociousness that makes you freeze when their eyes lock on you? She's a fucking actress & fairly new one at that so who says she couldn't handle the role, you & a few others? Pffffft get the fuck outta here! She has Madonna's eyes there is no question about that & her looks especially when she is trying to are SPOT THE FUCK ON! And I personally believe she is a pretty good actress from what I have seen so she has my support (& a bunch of others I see too) so go somewhere else with your BS critiques! My challenge to you is - SHOW ME, don't just tell me, FUCKING SHOW ME another actress that is better than this girl right here. I want to SEE who your choice is. Bring it the fuck on! I am ready for more good laughs because that is ALL anyone who doesn't think Anne Winters could do this part deserve. I hesitated getting sucked back into this thread & commenting more on the subject because truthfully time will tell (& I personally can't wait to call each & every one of you who isn't supporting this girl & her passion for Madonna out on your stupidity when that time comes!) and all of this bickering & OPINION is just a sign of what will always be in the world no matter what. No one will ever see eye to eye on everything but I have honestly never seen so many blind Madonna "fans" in my entire life than here! It's like this is a pop culture forum sometimes not a Madonna FAN forum. Makes my stomach hurt tbh. Anne Winters has my 100% support for getting this part & any of you saying "I wont go see this movie if she gets the role" don't deserve to see it anyway so PLEASE STAY THE FUCK HOME you WILL NOT be missed anyway
  11. Brandon Clark

    The voice & the energy are NOT more important - we are talking about MADONNA here dude. She is the most photographed & famous woman in the world. Her looks & Images & ability to transform them is truly what made her famous. She was criticized so hard from the start on her voice & still gets ripped for it today. Madonna can always make the decision to NOT have the actors sing her music if she wanted to since she's in FULL CONTROL here & that is what I would like to see happen to be honest. I think if she makes the actors sing her songs it will LITERALLY RUIN the movie & turn it into more of a Glee movie with people dressing up like her. She needs to follow in the footsteps of Bohemian Rhapsody in that regard & just use her own music, period! I hope someone in her world really pushes that idea to her & makes her change her mind! Hell then again she could just be saying that for now to keep us thrown off on her true plans - when have you ever known Madonna to give away much details. Anyway if she just let the actors lip-synch when her music was involved that would leave only learning choreography which I'm sorry but with professional people doing this film wouldn't be that hard to do. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the actress playing M looks like her otherwise no one will believe anything that is going on. If she uses this girl that problem is 100% solved!!! She could lip-synch her ass off from what I've seen & everything else I am sure would fall into place. Look at all of the people who have won acclaim for their first or one of their first performances in film in recent years. This girl has experience. She may not be everyone's cup of tea based on what she's been in blah blah blah but I have faith in her 100%!!!!! I think getting the part would boost her morale through the roof, then of course money talks & can make people do ALOT of things - not to mention Madonna will be coaching her the whole way thru! That is a recipe for SUCCESS if you ask me! I was beyond skeptical when I first heard of this movie I thought - this is going to be a trainwreck!! Then as soon as I saw this girl yesterday that all changed for me!! Something in me lit up like a Christmas tree & I just felt it! She IS Madonna & if you can't see it YOU ARE BLIND! None of the other women I've seen mentioned look anything like Madonna even with makeup! This girl DOES! And her passion for wanting the role is electrifying! She is doing ALL of this ON HER OWN, IN HER OWN HOME, WITH HER OWN MAKEUP PERSON!!! She is lobbying for the part - she is a true fan! THAT is what Madonna needs! Someone who will go beyond doing her justice! If she doesn't cast Anne Winters in this film I think it will be a grave mistake especially after ALL of the attention this is getting! TRUE FANS WANT THIS!!! I'm not talking about people who have only liked her since 1992, or 2003, or the Music era, or ROL era - but TRUE fans who have loved Madonna since the BEGINNING can see this girl HAS IT! If she cast this girl & let her just lip-synch to all of her music that will be used - they could then focus primarily on what I think will be the most difficult & daunting task of this project & that is recreating specific moments from M's LOOOOONG career. Do you even realize how hard it's going to be to recreate just the Blond Ambition Tour moment or moments ALONE? That is going to take some true movie magic! But the look is #1 important when we are talking about Madonna - the world's most famous woman there is NO QUESTION about that. Everyone can learn how to Vogue with a professional choreographer - or better yet, Madonna's choreographer - even if they don't know how to before! You have to think about things like that. NO ONE is going to sound like Madonna everything about her is that unique. I am all for using a couple different actresses to play different eras if this film is truly going to cover a WIDE span of time but I have a feeling that it wont. I think it will only go up to so far & then that's it. But this girl has Madonna from 1983-at least 1994/1995 DOWN PAT!!! And with a professional make up artist doing their thing I think she could pull off any look tbh. Just look at what she has done in her home with a regular make up artist who is obviously not Universal Pictures official. I am 100% behind this girl getting the part! Do the right thing M!!! I didn't even give a shit until now. Now I am PSYCHED!!!!!! PS - I think Julia Garner as Paula would be a great casting choice - SO MUCH BETTER than her playing Madonna. I just DO NOT see her playing M. And the only thing with that is that does Paula really have that big a role in this film? We've only heard snippets of her ideas on specific scenes but that doesn't mean we even have the faintest idea about what the true scope of this film will cover. Paula honestly hasn't been a well-known person in M's public life throughout her career I've only even seen her on 1-2 shows & in the 1986 Life magazine spread through her whole career so?!? Guess we will see! I am so excited for this now!!!! COME ON M PICK ANNE WINTERS!!!!
  12. Brandon Clark

    Anyone saying no has completely lost their minds I'm sorry! This girl looks more like Madonna than ANY of the other people I have heard mentioned. Who gives a fuck if the mole isn't in the right spot or "she only looks like her in certain angles" dude are you fucking blind!?!? I should've guessed Madonna fans would be unsupportive of anyone playing M - even I was at first - but after seeing this chick & her passion for the project along with perfecting the look she has my vote 100%! Madonna would be CRAZY not to cast her. She obviously can act & the resemblance is UNCANNY!!! Guess we will see what happens but honestly I will be totally SHOCKED if this girl doesn't get it after everything I have seen today & anyone who is trying to take away from her ability to do it or the fact that she looks more like Madonna than any other names I've heard (even Florence Pugh I'm sorry!) than you are simply crazy & delusional. *Julia Garner look NOTHING like Madonna for example other than her hair looking similar to M's from a very short period of her career* and although I LOVE Julia Garner she is not Madonna I'm sorry. That's just one example. The person cast HAS GOT TO look the most like M over anyone else in order for it to be a believable movie. Madonna's image is what keeps her in my opinion from being able to be taken seriously as an actress in her failed movie endeavors people only see Madonna not a character that she is playing. There is so much I could say about this topic but honestly I don't care to participate in this discussion any further with ANYONE who doesn't think this girl (Anne Winters) is best for the part. It's a no brainer! Can't wait to see who gets cast!!!!
  13. Brandon Clark

    I just saw links to this chick's Instagram online & I am now 100% CONVINCED she should hands down get the role!! I sure hope Madonna ends up seeing this girl - she looks IDENTICAL to early Madonna hands down & this is just her messing around with her own make-up person not even a professional Universal movie crew make-up artist! Imagine what they could do to this! She has so many looks DOWN!! This is my choice - FINAL ANSWER!!!! Please Madonna do the right thing when casting someone to play you. We need to see you & I see you in this girl. Plus you can tell she is a fan which is great! She is really going out of her way to get this role which I think is admirable & reminds me of exactly what early Madonna would do! I admire her ambition & she looks INCREDIBLE! And apparently sings too!!! Thoughts?!?!?! Seriously check these 2 out (like OMG I thought it WAS Madonna for a second!)
  14. Thanks for letting us know. So I assume you don't know anyone that does have a scanner that you could use to do a scan with?
  15. So @diesel6888do you have this one that you could do a scan of for our friend @otcoamor not? If you have this one & it's "immaculate" it sounds like you'd be the perfect person to contribute here!! Please let us know, thanks!!!