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  1. Let's not forget the first time we saw her create a whole new video just for the tour (Paradise (Not For Me) which was super cool & beautiful & also the U.S. cities that got to hear the amazing You'll See performance in place of Gone that was one of the most amazing things about this tour if you managed to witness it live! Great show!!! It will always have a special place in my heart. I even love hearing how different Nobody's Perfect sounds in each city the vocoder was always different some nights it seemed to be going haywire LOL but others it sounded gorgeous! LOVE DWT!!!!
  2. For what it's worth I love the new layout, design, colors etc... it looks amazing! I can only imagine how much work was involved in doing this! Such a much needed breath of fresh air! Kudos
  3. Another REALLY tough one.................... Ray Of Light Confessions On A Dance Floor Rebel Heart
  4. Sooooooooooooooooooo hard! Like A Prayer Vogue Drowned World (Substitute For Love)
  5. Next!!!! Stfu about it already! Thanks for the laugh @AndymadLOLOLOL
  6. Preach! You are way too passionate about this topic for me just sayin! You paint her out to be a saint or some shit for refusing to be a part of this project & God knows you are entitled to your opinion! But you need to understand that for every person that feels the way you do there is also someone who doesn't & that's just the way the world works. To you she may seem dignified but to others she may seem like a snobby, self absorbed, bull headed actress - just depends on what "side of the stories" you believe or tune into. As I stated in my original post - I like ALL of the women from
  7. Calm down, Jesus! People are entitled to their own opinions. I can see what you're saying too but you don't have to attack me for saying what I said that's why I hardly ever comment on anything here anymore - people are so fucking touchy! To tell you the truth I could really give 2 shits less it's not me or my money so obviously she made her choice. Whatever. Next! I still think when you are in a position like that (she is KNOWN because of that show to most people & it made her a shit ton more famous than she was) you can suck it up & "act" like things are fine to please your audience
  8. Soooooo psyched about this news!!! I LOVE this show & watched it religiously back in the day! Was a Sunday night tradition every week! I own the full series on box set & watch it on reruns all the time! I think they should have killed Samantha off when she had her cancer battle unfortunately. I love Kim Catrall & love the character of Samantha, but I'm sorry if you can't put your big girl panties on & do something for the fans who made the show what it is I have no sympathy for the pettiness. That's what being an actress is all about anyway right? You don't have to be best frie
  9. You're not the only one dreaming hon trust me! ALL of this would be AMAZING to me too I totally agree! I can't believe the talk of M working with Leonard again is getting so much shit I mean they are literally CLASSIC together & the sound they would create would undeniably be just what true fans are longing for! That's the thing about Madonna tho & always has been - some people like literally everything she does, some only like 80's M, some only like Erotica SEX M, some only like Hard Candy Madonna, for some COADF was untoppable & some thought Madame X was THE BEST. With so many di
  10. Here we go with this shit again LOL! Like I said I am not trying to have this argument again just stating my opinion!!! Anne has acted in more than just one kids TV drama on Netflix but whether you like it or not the show you are talking about was very good & ALOT of people liked it including me so don't try to shove your opinion down people's throats by throwing Oscars & Emmys around because if you really want to play that game Google search how Anne also won an Emmy for her role in the drama series for that role so PFFFFFT there shove that up your ass! It doesn't take an Oscar to pla
  11. I'm definitely the minority because I still truly believe that unless she casts Anne Winters in the role to at least play her into the mid-later 90's this movie will be a disaster but I am not trying to reignite this argument. Julia Garner is DEFINITELY not Madonna material even tho I LOVE her in Ozark I CAN NOT see her playing Madonna & Florence I just don't see it like I do with Anne. But honestly M tends to want to screw her legacy all up anymore so I am beyond caring tbh so let her do whatever she wants to do I will still go see it of course but I can promise you this if anyone but Ann
  12. I'm not uploading any pictures of me in all my glory LOL but I will say my typical Saturday is usually very similar - tonight I watched Hereditary & have also been going through organizing some Madonna music on my External Hard Drive. I usually tend to have a toddy as well & even tho I like some wines (I'm very picky I tend to like the sweeter white wines over reds & can't say I've ever had "boxed" wine but I have had alot of good wines in my time) however my drink of choice is a cranberry/apple Grey Goose vodka chilled with one ice cube LOL. Doesn't help that it's cold asf outside
  13. Who's to say she hadn't just doused her hands with a good bit of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer like I myself carry around with me ALL THE TIME now & use VERY regularly. You are NOT there you are just seeing a simple moment in time caught on film - not what happened before or after. Just saying, it's possible! Stop judging people people DAYUM!!!
  14. Count me in on this prayer circle too, so sorry to hear you are going thru such a tough trying time right now ;( Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way for sure but it's important you also stay strong & positive in moments like these as well! Put out lots of positive thoughts & energy so it will come back to you! Saying an extra prayer for you tonight for sure, hang in there & keep us updated as you can!
  15. I haven't had an opportunity to watch it this way as I do not own a 4K or Blu-Ray of the movie or a very big TV either but I am sure it is amazing!! Was still something about seeing it in the theatre that was magical I don't remember the sound being bad or anything like that in my local theatre so it was a nice experience for sure!
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