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  2. I'd love every second of it!!! Bring it on PLEASE!!!!
  3. I can't freakin wait!!! I just wish they would have given a heads up about how much it's gonna be?!? I have so many questions about this book (& are there gonna be 2 this time also I read somwhere that was the case?)? It's gonna be FREAKIN AMAZING either way I am SOOOO ready!!!! This is an old school M fan's DREAM COME TRUE for sure xoxoxoxo
  4. I saw that for sure! I'm just anxious for official info from the website about the details of the "project". Is it a book? Does it contain ALL the photos taken that day by him in the 3 or so different outfits/settings? How many diff photos to expect? It's just really exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more & hope there's a little heads up before the preorder happens these will sell like hotcakes for sure this time around!
  5. I'm hoping it's even a book nothing is really known at this point for sure. But I def agree that this a long time Madonna fan's DREAM COME TRUE as far as unseen things go!!! I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this even tho I had heard rumblings a while back of something with NJGStudios ( I thought it was gonna be something to do with the "Burning Up" video). Anyway I have fantasized about seeing these photos from pretty much day 1 as a fan after seeing "Borderline" for the first time back in the day. I wonder how many shots there will be? Any different outfits/scenes? Will we see the actual Closs magazine cover photo that was used? I WANT TO KNOW MOOOOORRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! But I am sooooo excited now even more for the year ahead as a M fan it seems like we are in for one hell of a time & I am so ready!!! Bring on the unseen photos!!!! PS - Anyone willing to start off an outtake leak too that would be WOOOOOHOOOOO for sure it's been way too long!!! We need some new old M photos to enjoy!!!! May more dreams come true for us!!! xoxoxo
  6. 12 hours til Midnights!!! I can't freakin wait anymore come on midnight I'm gonna pull an all nighter lolol :)  Any other Swifties on here too?

  7. LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!! So cool it's def my fave part!!!
  8. Thank God!!! I am EXTREMELY happy to be seeing this today you have no idea!!! HUGE endless thank you's to everyone involved in making this happen!!! @FighterI know we've bumped heads a few times here when things have gotten heated or whatever but at the end of the day I wish you nothing but the best well wishes in your life with whatever you are dealing with & just know we will always be here for you when things are better! You've created a legendary space here for M fans that is unmatched anywhere else online so that alone deserves kudos! I can only imagine the headaches that come with that! Anyway, nothing but the best to you our dear friend!!! And @Jackiekudos to you for undertaking such a massive task! But again thank you a million times for doing so because you made alot of people happy that's for sure! Alot of people (myself included) come here as an escape from their real worlds to keep up with our Queen but also to always see LOTS of random goodies & shares by the members here! It's a great place for sure & I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy it's staying around!!!!!
  9. I'm excited for sure just to have a new Madonna release for RSD it's always exciting!!! I don't really purchase any other artists vinyl like I do M's so it's always exciting to get new stuff for me whatever it may be as long as it's official & not just cheap looking or something like that. I do find it weird that WTG? is the first of any new M physical material out of all the rereleases they could do right now but it was a #1 hit for her & was an integral era in her career so I'm all for it! I'm VERY curious if they will follow the same official design for the WTG? single or do something completely new/different than either WTG? or Causing A Commotion design wise?!?
  10. This definitely saddens me to hear today for sure :( Jamie was one of only a very few (prob less than 20) that I follow on Instgram (just because I don't use it as much as most people & when I do I only scroll thru a little bit here & there). Anyway I swear I just saw her post something a week or so ago this is just surreal :( I saw the M&TBC doc & I thought she did an AMAZING job playing pre-fame Madonna & REALLY resembled her all that stuff! I agree you could tell everyone involved was really dedicated to the project & honoring M & the subject matter & they totally succeeded in my opinion for sure! Anyway she was just so young & seemed to be so healthy & positive etc... I really wonder what the cause of death was I've heard a rumor that it was complications from an eating disorder? That could mean lots of things?? Just goes to show you never really know what's going on with people inside or behind the cameras :( I hope they release more info soon I just feel like too many people are dying & it makes me sad :( RIP sweet girl you really were a beautiful light that shown bright to many people in your short time! Also just another reminder to live each day as if it's your last you just never know what's going to happen & that's really scary to alot of people including myself sometime :( Thoughts & prayers to her family & loved ones of course at this time :( It would be sweet if M would say something even though I know it's prob not cool in her opinion to show any support of the doc especially before her biopic but I just think it would be the right thing to do because Jamie did do an award winning performance in my opinion playing M & recreating those early years like they did it was really well done even if she didn't have M's voice, attitude, sexiness whatever she still nailed it I think. I'm shutting up now just can't get my head around this one yet was def a shock this morning to see when I signed online :(
  11. This was the other guy I meant to tag but tagged the wrong post & didn't know how to fix it. This guy's reactions are so cute and remind me of myself. The other guy who supposedly never saw the "Vogue" videoor anyone else, nah thanks LOL!
  12. These are the only 2 reactors I have watched when it comes to Madonna Empress is def my favorite! I have enjoyed watching her experience the journey she is on & wish more people would do the same it's really the only way to truly experience & "get" such a vast legendary artist like Madonna just listening to or watching 1 or 2 videos isn't ever gonna come close to any kind of experience. I applaud her for the way she is doing it! The second guy I agree is cute as can be & his reactions to M are so great it reminds me of myself sometimes LOL! Very fun to me! Everyone else I've seen are kinda blah (except the Ajay lady just thought of her she is a RIOT & doesn't hold back LOL!) but really those are the only ones I can tolerate. I've seen others but never really find them as good as the above mentioned ones. I watch them sometimes on breaks at work & am subscribed to Empress so I get notified when she uploads a new Madonna related video. The only thing I DON'T like is this Patreon BS I will never pay someone to react to something I think that is stupid really but that's just me. Alot of them asking for money or "Patreon's" are just trying to get something for free in my opinion & I don't like that sorry! Even Empress, she has merchandise & all that I am not that into ANY Youtuber so I don't get all that but I know there are people out there who are so obviously there's a point to it for alot of people. That said, sure I like seeing people react to things sometimes especially when it's Madonna!
  13. Thanks my friend! Yea I don't know why I can't see most of the previews you share anymore it's weird?! But that link works perfect honestly I'm not impressed by the layout either I was again expecting so much more for all the hype & of course the price/demand! Oh well, at least I can now see what the inside looks like as I am still waiting on my copies to arrive! And at least now my hopes aren't high anymore for the possibility of more unseen shots etc.. inside. I wonder if the subscriber's issue will feature any extra photos since its cover is featured on a 2 pg spread inside already? Probably not LOL! Thanks again for the share lmk if you need my help to get good scans of these I already have someone lined up to sell my copies to when they arrive so I'll need to know by then before I mail them out to the person! So ready for a new era to begin even if it's all just focus on the past or the biopic!!! PS - I now like at least 4 of the photos LOL which is more than I can say I did when I first saw them LOL but that's it. I much prefer her look in the Rolling Stone issue with Maluma or even her Harley Quinn Halloween costume
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