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  1. I’m grateful most of the merchandise this time around is rubbish or way over priced. Some nice past tours reproduction but overpriced. The jackets, hoodies, look poorly made and too expensive. There was so much I wanted from Madame X tour and had to pick my fav. So far this time around, nothing tempts me or can’t afford. I worry about the tour program being what we’ve seen before and done poorly.
  2. Thanks for this post, I’m not going till Tuesday (a week today eek!) and please someone just post what time she started/finished thanks.
  3. For the UK I hope she behaves herself, don’t we have a curfew law that shows have to finish at 11pm? Still not forgiven her for RH Manchester and cutting show short, didn’t believe her excuse. We know she’s lives by Madonna time but I think it’s really unprofessional, must be annoying being part of the show and having no idea when she’s going on. She forgets us normal folks, have lives, jobs etc but we should not care as she’s the Queen. With shows selling out so quick I feel this will feed her ego and she’ll be thinking they’ll wait.
  4. I have seen all Madonna Tours since The Girlie Show, last Saturday was my 15 time off seeing Madonna. Had been at the Feb 1st show too up in Royal circle, row b centre view, was lucky in having great seats and 2 full shows. I enjoyed both views, royal circle gave u a better view off anything, the projections, dancers etc. Being close in the stalls I feel you focus just on Madonna more. I enjoyed being up dancing in the stalls, while circle was mainly sitting as you don’t want to block other people views, or feel safe. They both have there plus points. Still bitter she didn’t come down for Medellin! But glad it wasn’t just our night as would have been thinking did she spot me and think god I’m staying up here! Had a hotel package but getting home was a bit off a nightmare, my own fault really. Open train tickets and had assumed there was direct trains home on Sundays. Something made me check at 3.30am and no there wasn’t and with the storm thought things were going to get worse. Ended up booking coach home for 6am and having to leave hotel very early and so upset I missed my cooked breakfast! I’m usually so over prepared with these things! It was a crazy 2 weeks, sad my Madonna shows are over but know I was very lucky to get 2 full shows. I feel for fans who have had they’re only show cancelled and have lost money. Seeing Madonna is never cheap especially this time around. I hope there’s more tours, I like Madame X album so enjoyed seeing these songs performed. But you can’t deny how everyone went crazy for Like A Prayer, my dream would be a few big hits and then songs she’s never performed or hasn’t for ages.
  5. @KieranA great review, I was just along the aisle from you with my partner, were also from Nottingham. I think my partner spoke to you as he thought you was with that lady on her own (also from Nottingham). The security guard had spoken to us and thought we were all together as all from Nottingham! Anyway me too disappointed she didn’t come down the aisle in Medellin as she usually does, I’m going with maybe her knee was hurting too much. I was all geared up for that moment as in perfect position, no one in front off me and thought it was strange the security wasn’t geared up for it so must have known it wasn’t happening. i think one off the security was new, his colleague was telling him what to do, sit down on lower steps so you don’t block views etc. So maybe that was another reason. Anyway great show, I got to fist pump her dancers etc who came down that isle at end I knew it was not Madonna’s exit side, also you didn’t miss out on beer chat that’s always done the right side.
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