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  1. Is the live dj set being broadcast? Wouldn’t that be starting in around an hours time from now?
  2. She looks amazing without the wigs. But I would prefer the show tonight WITH the wigs. I think they add more character, drama, theatre and ultimately add to the dynamic and ‘journey’ of the show as a whole. Like… “is this really the same woman who opened the show with NFM an hour ago…?”
  3. I’m in the UK - I’ve just clicked for the £9.99 subscription to GloboTV on the app to get ‘Globo International’. This has given me access to ALL the channels including MultiShow. It all plays fine. No VPN. I didn’t plan on doing that, I just clicked it on impulse. At least now I can watch if without messing with a VPN… and get it LIVE on my 75inch (tv)!
  4. In the UK - I have the Globo app with free account. There is a list of ‘live channels’ and only one of them seems to work with the free version - CBN. Do I need a VPN to even see the Globo TV channel as an option? Is that the name of the channel which will broadcast the show? thanks for any help 🤗
  5. You can bet your bottom dollar that M will have given the broadcast crew a list of strict instructions / edits / camerashots etc that they must stick to. Including times of how long to linger on any one shot. I’m hoping for a natural ‘live’ feel to the edit, but M will put her DNA even into the editing of the live broadcast. Then she will amp it up for the official release.
  6. Madonna is the Ray of Light. Beautiful ❤️
  7. Does anyone else think that M revived ‘I Will Survive’ so that she would have an NYC MSG recording as an option for the concert film? To capture that NYC energy for an original aspect of the show? 🤤(The nurse’s presence also being a factor, but still…)
  8. A nice little 30min episode with a few contributors including Donna (Don’t think it has been shared yet!) https://www.theguardian.com/news/audio/2023/dec/15/how-madonna-changed-pop-culture-for-ever-podcast
  9. Rain is the song for this tour - and for that particular moment in the show. Bedtime Story is M transitioning away from the Erotica era. Ray of Light is her reawakening, her light, her children… and then in Rain she sings about the overflowing love that this stage of her life gave her. Love coming down like rain. Full circle. Frozen would completely change the message of that section of the show - and it’s been performed loads already.
  10. *BAT Vogue Japan Vibes* “Just put on your Bitch I’m Madonna costume and that’s it for the show… and by the way, we’re starting with Bitch I’m Madonna.”
  11. The show which got cut short in London was a Sunday. I think their curfew is extra strict on a Sunday?!? I think she went over the 11pm curfew in London on a day which wasn’t a Sunday, and probably paid a fine.
  12. I don’t particularly care if she’s ‘off-key’. Hearing the rawness and emotion in M’s proper live voice warms my soul. I don’t go to a live M show for vocal perfection. (I was at opening night and loved CFY)
  13. Emily Eavis has said that she has just booked a ‘really big’ US star for next year’s headliner… BBC heavily hinting at M… it really would be now or never. A tweaked Celebration Tour set would be iconic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-67207702
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