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  1. Kieran

    When does the standard public sale start for London? Sale without fan codes etc.
  2. Me too! I love this dark, more meaningful music and performance. But given the 200 million audience, I'd have focused just on giving the mainsteam audience a good time with just a splash of serious stuff. To give her wider mainstream image a boost. But I'm not Madonna and as I say, I fully appreciate why she didn't go that route.
  3. Yes, agree with most of this! I dig that she had the balls to do such a dark performance in such a show. I genuinely think that the huge majority of the audience in the arena and on TV had almost no idea what the nuances of her message were.
  4. I completely get that and I completely understand her message and artistic vision. However, all in all I feel that the message was lost on the audience that she was playing to. Like a Prayer into Crave with a not-so-repetitive and Quavo-less except of Future with the same message to finish would have been great 😀
  5. #shouldhavebeenperformedatEurovision
  6. Kieran

    ... and for the prices that are being charged, they could at least print and send us a nice keepsake ticket with a Madame X picture on it - not a free e-ticket!
  7. Kieran

    Two and a half hour of madness... I was set on a Saturday and kept jumping back and forth between the 1st and 8th Feb... was also checking the seat views on a different website lol. I was becoming too pedantic. Then I accidentally bought for the wrong date through the 'suggested tickets' thing that I didn't even notice! Have applied for refund on the 24 hour policy. Drama! Then I was not very happy about the P, O, S stall rows that kept coming up, or the royal circle rows. I was considering leaving it to see if a different, better batch of seats become available on Saturday morning for general public. I didn't even know what I was waiting for until it came up and it felt so right: 8th Feb, Row D Stalls pretty much in the middle I was open to buying the top price, but I wanted the second band really - but after reviewing the different options and after two and a half hours, this just felt right. I didn't dare want to give these seats up whilst they were on my screen. WIll be a life-long dream fulfilled to be this close.
  8. Kieran

    Ticketmaster have a 24 hour cooling off refund policy!
  9. Kieran

    Which ticket band is everyone going to aim for? I'm thinking second/third band in stalls. And are those tickets BEFORE booking fee etc is added on...?
  10. Kieran

    I got an email through eventually! Is anyone getting or got the hotel packages?
  11. Kieran

    Just seen on Twitter that people have started to get London verification emails... none for me, yet though :-(
  12. Kieran

    I genuinely hate this whole process and the uncertainty around when/if pre-sale codes are being sent. Plus, not even knowing how much money I am being expected to pay for various seating sections/rows. Am I expected to just log on at 9am if I get a code and then make a decision about how much I'm willing to pay for whatever seats? Seriously... for such a premium priced event, you'd think that communication and clarity would be a heck of a lot better than this. Feels as though our money (lots of it!) is being taken for granted.
  13. Kieran

    I don't care if this is about 'proving' anything to anyone, but... I am so hopeful that MX will get a huge swathe of glowing reviews from all corners of the press around the world. Similar to the praise that surrounded ROL. Particularly after the sour taste that post-Eurovision attention has garnered. For M... she deserves it.
  14. Kieran

    I'm expecting / hoping that they are sending out emails on Thursday evening about 6pm and then SMS early on Friday morning!
  15. Kieran

    Repost, as I want to be as ready as possible for Friday's London sale (if I get a code!): London... Can someone help? I've just been searching for the different ticket price tiers. Is there a diagram of how much tickets are with break downs of the different rows/sections?