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  1. Me too. I adored when she changed some songs in RHT. Hope she performs other hits in the acoustic session.
  2. This is simply HORRIBLE. No design, only photos. I hope this is only a project of his own.
  3. I love Katy. I really hope it's a proper song and no something like that 'thing' she collaborated with Sam Smith. I would love a feat with Kylie as well.
  4. Both. I don't think Frozen Remix was horrible, but if I had to choose, Rain would be my choice. Anyway, a mash-up would be amazing
  5. I will survive acoustic version had a meaning last year, it was nice (not great as the original arrangement), but this is her greatest hits tour. Express Yourself is one of her strongest song, a very big and missed hit in the setlist and even it deserved a better production, the acoustic version is cute and she sounded very good. I hope she replaces it over I will survive.
  6. WoW. Hope she incorporates this song in the setlist definitely. A very classic and it's (her) greatest hits tour.
  7. I really hope so. A retrospective of her amazing career.
  8. I totally agree. IMO, Vulgar is the worst Madonna collaboration ever, it's a kind of bad joke song. I can't understand why she agreed to record this horrible song. On the other hand, Popular is a very good collaboration with The Weeknd and the general public enjoyed the song a lot. So, it overshadowed Vulgar and it's a completely forgotten song now.
  9. SlenderMadonna What a bad filter, Jesus! On stage she looks 1000 times better than in those instagram photos.
  10. Ray of Light Confessions (not my favorite, but it was a huge global success) And although it could be dated by now, I would love Like a Prayer part 2
  11. I read somewhere in this topic, she cut Music and Four MInutes due to her health problems. I hope she incorporates those songs in the American Leg. And I agree with some other commentaries here: she should switch Rain for Frozen and vice-versa in some dates. Both songs are classic hit and amazing. And the last thing: The Tour Book for sale.
  12. Well, The Celebration Tour version is not a performance, but an interlude. It'll win this poll by far. IMO, Girlie Show is the worst by far.
  13. Laserdisc was never a popular format as you said. There are many articles about it. This format failed when DVD's became a fever and the laser disc and VHS were discontinued. https://history-computer.com/the-real-reason-laserdisc-failed-spectacularly/ So, since the 90's we never got a popular format release for Blond Ambition tour, her most Iconic tour.
  14. I don't like the editing of the last 3 tours, especially MDNA tour, but I think we'll get multiple shows footages from different places with different hairstyles, outfits, grillz/natural teeth, etc as usual. We all know what happens when she decides to produce a documentary about the tour. Never get the an official release of the full show like Blond Ambition and Re-invention. But, as this kind of production is working for streaming plataforms nowadays, probally she'll do the same like Beyonce and Taylor. I just hope we get the full show because it's amazing. Anyway, if we don't get, there are many good fan recordings on youtube. This time, I won't complaint about a future release of the show and hold my breath for something extraordinary. I'm happy to watch her healthy and I want to join this era as it is.
  15. Yes, the wig looks so much better in the last shows. I just wish she removes the grillz, at least, when she records the official video for stream. I can live with them, but her true smile is far better.
  16. Every time we get another excuse (speculations or not): *She was focused on writing her movie biographic; *Frozen remix went viral and she changed her mind and released FEL *She released more remixes later and was focused on them too; *Her healthy problems in june and recovering in july (to justify why First Album was not re-released then as if she would promote it in any way); *now she's busy with her tour; *then she will be busy editing her new tour footage for 2 years; *then release a new album; *then making another movie project/tour and the list goes on. I can't understand why Warner released a press 2 years and a half ago about the expanded landmark albums and so far none have been released. Other artists do this all the time (especially Rhino projects) and we know that the artist/band collaborates but does not create the project. We all know Madonna and she doesn't really care about her past projects. Celebration Tour is just an exception. Let's see, another excuse: one of the albuns could be released in the end of the next year when she finishes a rumoured second leg of the tour. And 3 or more coloured vinlys will be on the way for vinyls collectors with the same content #soon.
  17. @BradleyPrattAn idea for your future projects. As we won't get an official Celebration tour book, could you design it for the fans, so we can print it for ourselves? You're one the best designers here. 40 pages covering her career and using the Celebration tour logos! (But no distorted images, please, like the official poster, lol)
  18. I would like she adds some acoustic choices after I will survive, like when she performed ocasional songs in RHT. I love Joan of Arc. Let's see if she'll perform it tonight
  19. lap


    Well, you are so wrong. I listened Popular many times on radio. The last time I listened a new Madonna song so oftenly on radio was Celebration. You have the right to dislike the song, but the numbers and the facts can't be rewritten.
  20. I would replace Burning Up with a popular hit from the 80s (Gambler on guitar!!!!, Dress you up, Material Girl or Lucky Star) I would replace Mother and Father with a mash-up of Promise to Try/Oh Father. I would replace BIM with a longer mash-up of Music/Celebration. The bed segment would be more amazing if she sings at least the first verse and the chorus of Papa don't preach. And a live version of Like a Virgin, of course. The first night I liked the Michael Jackson tribute, but now I think it's boring.
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