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  1. Amazing! Her mouth is completely normal without the filter effects.
  2. I don't see anything happening until the endless Madame X is over, unfortunately. And as Madame X will be part of Warner catalog only in 2025, I think it won't be release in physical format this time.
  3. Some sites say Stephen Bray confirmed in a interview for Peter Magennis there is a Madonna solo version for Tell Me. I didn't find this interview, but it would be interesting if someone could confirm this.
  4. I really hope we finally get a release of full Virgin Tour, a decent release of Blond Ambition, her most iconic tour and also the unreleased Re-invention tour. And also deluxe versions of her early albuns with unreleased songs like Warning Signs, First is a Kiss, Love Attack, Each Time you break my heart. And fire her youtuber webmaster!!!!
  5. Anyone could send me a PM with the corrected files and the other tracks posted some days ago? I didn't have the chance to download.
  6. Me too Please, someone send me a PM with a link
  7. She made a lot of money but lost her superstar status and relevance to the general public. I miss Warner so much.
  8. I would pay if we get a HQ demo of Each Time you break my heart or Tell me. Or even a instrumental of Papa don't preach. But all those stuff we already have for years.
  9. A white background, fast moves, 3 or 4 wigs, some words and that's it. lol Looks like Celebration 2.0 video
  10. oh, another tour documentary and another Secret Project part II today with a political message that nobody will understand except herself and her team. So exciting
  11. Yes, but since it has a new song (or 2) with a video.
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