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  1. I would like to read the second part of this
  2. Finally a proper and professional photoshoot. Very good. I thought I would never see her again in a cover of Vanity Fair. Hope there are more (good) surprises.
  3. Hope the weird posts never get back. And her instagram could become into a professional instagram. My dear God. The last five years are the worst and I hope she's trying to recover her icon and global status as a truly star.
  4. My dreams: Like a Virgin expanded edition with Gambler, Crazy for you, Warning Signs and Sidewalk Talk solo version Like a Prayer expanded edition with Supernatural, Just a Dream, Possessive Love, Love Attack and First is a kiss
  5. My fear! And also Material Grwl, Human Nature, Medellin and I don't search I find. I hope this time she really thinks about her fan base and bring REAL HITS to the set list and doesn't change the arrangements so much.
  6. I love American Life album, one of my favorites. On the other hand, Madame X is my least favorite album. I can't connect with any of the songs and I don't listen it for years.
  7. I'm satisfied with this release for some reasons: She released it very soon; She didn't change the viral song and we got exactly the demo version; She didn't remix it with another horrible feat. Hope it gets a good attention in the charts. PS I like the cover.
  8. Well, for those who said Madonna wasn't interested to be a part of a charity song, I think they didn't watch what Nile said about that.
  9. 8 Years later, finally the Rebel Heart demo leaks is making a good favour for her.
  10. I just blocked this person. I can't ready anymore: "She looks truly fantastic in those photos. I really love it". Dear God! How irritating!
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