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  1. Paper magazine "Finally kicks off a multi-year initiative to reissue all her past albums, remastered, which will include previously unheard versions and rarities so mythic the reveal of them could send certain corners of the Madonna fandom into bouts of foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria".
  2. If she sings Bad Girl, Physical Attraction, Nothing Really Matters and Angel, I will be happy. But of course, general public (not hardcore fans) expects Like a Virgin, Vogue, Like a Prayer, La isla bonita, Music and Hung Up.
  3. It's real!!!! Cover design: Anthony Coombs Cover image: © Andrew Caulfield / AUGUST / www.augustimage.com — 1984 "Borderline" video "Gloss" session — UNSEEN UNTIL THIS MOMENT
  4. She's looking like herself. Much better than the horrible style from 2 days ago.
  5. I hope this is the last collaboration remix. I miss solo Madonna. I would appreaciate more if she releases a video for I don't search I find
  6. Once again, I'm happy for vinyl collectors. But and what about other stuff? Cds, DVDs, books, boxes, calendars, etc? I like the covers of deluxe FEL and this new Everybody, but we have to agree that they are very amateur-ish. The content of FEL inside is a deception. Even not a proper sleeve for each vinyl, but only a cheap print with the same pic of the cover in different color backgrounds. I'm afraid the deluxe re-issues could have this cheap kind of treatment too. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. I wrote withouth filters, not without fillers, lol
  8. This 1983 look is not good, but her face without filters looks good. Very Madonna. I miss the glamourous Madonna. It's time to skip this trying-to-be a teenager look
  9. The bleached eyebrows and the long red hair are not the best choice for her. She was beautiful 3 days ago with shorter pink hair. Or in the amazing 50 Q&A look. Unfortunately, the combination of bleached eyebrows, red hair and the horrible and omnipresent grillz turned her into an ugly halloween witch. Anyway, let's see the final result.
  10. Speechless. What the hell is that? I hate those damn filters
  11. She looks nice. I really wish she posts pictures with her real face. I miss her mature beautiful face.
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