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  1. Finally the Frozen era is ending. I can't say I will miss this 'era'
  2. I will never undersand why some fans claim Like a Virgin is one of her weakest albuns. Really? An album with classic and unforgettable songs like Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Dress you Up, Into the Groove and Angel. And also some very good pop songs like Love don't live here anymore, Over and Over and Stay. Also we still have Crazy for you and Gambler from the same era. IMO, it's on my top 3: Like a Prayer, Ray of Light and Like a Virgin.
  3. Well, I love Physical Attraction and Everybody, and I know they are in the tracklisting for You can Dance, but I would prefer Causing a Commotion and Spotlight. Anyway, very good choices.
  4. Was this photo also shot by Beth Baptiste?
  5. She looks so much better without filters. Her skin is flawless and her mouth and chin are absolutely Madonna's face.
  6. I enjoyed it a lot. Very sweet and beautiful. I wish a solo perfomance of this song. It's my favorite Elton John's song.
  7. I love Vogue USA 1989 shoot, but for me, it's his most Iconic Madonna's picture
  8. But in dark ballet, at least, she sings almost the whole song
  9. She looks very nice, but she makes a cameo in her own video.
  10. Because SEX book damaged her career then and Erotica flopped
  11. Wow! She looks beautiful in this one!
  12. Very good news! I was very sad about the ending of an era.
  13. Well, in 2009, when she was dating Jesus Luz, she said this quote: "I don't like guys my age because they are normally either married or divorced and grumpy, fat and balding".
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