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  1. lap

    It's a wonderful book, but too expensive for my pocket
  2. lap

    I love the Dress you up alternative cover.
  3. lap

    Hope in 2021 we get something special, like a re-release of Celebration.
  4. I was never interested for this project too as Madonna wasn't involved. But I'm so glad he shared Angels with Dirty Faces on his youtube channel.
  5. She should release a new ballads compilation. I love this album
  6. I think the other Madonna song was a cover too. Anyway, I would love if it would leak one day. I don't know why the re-release of old DVDs never have extras like cut scenes, songs that didn't use, stuff like that. It would sell much more copies.
  7. lap

    I'm happy you found the pages, lol. Because I have the japanese edition and it's complete like the usa version. I love this edition, the paper is better.
  8. lap

    I have the blue vinyl. It's really beautiful.
  9. lap

    Interesting to know the prices of them. They not so high price as I thought
  10. lap

    I would love if it would happen. I love Kylie!
  11. Wow! Amazing experience! I miss early 90's vibes!
  12. lap

    I found it today online in very good quality! Unless it's a very cheap video, it could be the official one.
  13. lap

    I'm curious to know how much could be a rare song like Warning Signs or another demo from Like a Prayer.
  14. lap

    Thetagpolice instagram posted some time ago, an amazing and very professional AI colorized version of the video. Anyone knows if it's available anywhere for download?
  15. I found this interesting interview online and the producer said one of Madonna's songs in the movie is missing from the final cut: Any information about this song?