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  1. Like you, I'm here only for expanded releases for her landmark albuns. I don't collect vinyls since 1992 and I can't care less about the re-releases with 380 different colours. Good for vinyl collectors, I'm happy for them, but I wish expanded albuns in another formats (box sets, cds and streams).
  2. Like a Prayer. And then Ray of Light. both are very personal.
  3. Please, no. Human Nature has an iconic video, but that's it. The song is horrible
  4. otcoam recreated the cover in his blog! I never would imagine I could see a very clear image of the cover! Great!
  5. Yes, I always prefer the real Madonna with wrinkles than the instagram plastic filtered doll. At least, we'll see her real (beautiful) face on tour. I can't any problem about aging. Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and many others from her time are still beautiful women.
  6. I hope he didn't inspire Madonna to perform the song in the Celebration Tour.
  7. I agree. Like a Virgin turned Madonna into a global superstar and the hits from that era are memorable nowadays.
  8. My track list in chronological order: 1.This used to be my playground (Video Version) 2.Erotica (Edit) 3.Deeper and Deeper (David's Radio Edit) 4.Fever (video Version) 5.Rain (Video Edit) 6.I'll Remember 7.Secret (Edit) 8.Take a Bow (Edit) 9.You'll See (Edit) 10.Frozen (Edit) 11.Ray of Light (Radio Edit) 12.The Power of Goodbye 13.Drowned World (Edit #3) 14.Beautiful Stranger (Radio Edit) 15.American Pie 16.Music 17.Don't Tell Me (Radio Edit) 18.New Song (Liquid Love?) Then, Celebration (covering 2002/2018): 1.Die Another Day 2.American Life 3.Hollywood 4.Hung Up 5.Sorry 6.Four Minutes 7.Give it 2 Me 8.Celebration 9.Revolver 10.Broken 11.Give Me All Your Luvin' 12.Girl Gone Wild 13.Living for Love 14.Ghosttown 15.Bitch I'm Madonna 16.Medellin (Edit) 17.Crave 18.New Song
  9. Better track than those questionable tik tok remixes she released recently.
  10. Her face is totally Madonna's without the filters. The mouth is perfectly beautiful. I love to see the real Madonna.
  11. Since there is no feat./rapper, I will be happy with a new SOLO song.
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