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  1. She looks young and beautiful but she doesn't look like Madonna anymore. I can't recognize her anymore.
  2. Bad Girl Angel Physical Attraction The Power of Goodbye Rescue Me Oh Father Love Profusion If I had a hammer
  3. Titanic and Avatar post-productions weren't faster than Madame X Tour? It's becoming beyond ridiculous. It's only a f****** show!
  4. Probably, she showed the final edited product to the Netflix patriarchy, they hated the final result and had labyrinthitis after watching it and asked her to edit it again in the normal way.
  5. It will be amazing to watch Stella and Estere in the backstage. I can't wait!!
  6. The last DVD I bought was The MDNA Tour. But I really don't watch any of them anymore.
  7. Well, she filmed the movie in 1983 and this interview is from 1984. So, I think the song was finished, so she wouldn't mentioned the third song.
  8. Some sources say it was shot and cut from the film at the last minute. There is a TV interview in which she confirms that she recorded three songs for the film, so I believe that there is a finished version
  9. I really hope SOD rumour is completely fake. We don't need more bad press at this point.
  10. Oh Father Shoo-bee-doo Bedtime Story 4 Minutes
  11. So, finally, she will delete that damn instagram account?
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