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  1. Romania has taste!!! Glad to hear it's on the radio somewhere in Europe. Hopefully in Italy as well.
  2. Queen behavior Rat-tat-tat-tat-thunga-munga love it! https://genius.com/Madonna-back-that-up-to-the-beat-demo-version-lyrics
  3. Madonna – Back That Up To The Beat (demo Version) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics https://genius.com/Madonna-back-that-up-to-the-beat-demo-version-lyrics
  4. Well, she did say at the end of her last video post on Instagram --- good things come in 3s. Not sure if she is counting existing remixes by sickick in the 3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZfr8haBwTj
  5. Has anyone seen impact numbers or posts about the sickick #frozen #remix release to Italian radio? We are now more than a week in.
  6. Well, I think Madonna and Warner B are being strategic about the target audience with every release. And I think she has a good formula for success. The frozen #remixes are targeting GenZ, and it's working. And the song is marketed and a sickick remix. The Spotify streaming #s will hit 500k for the first time tomorrow (slowly going up since it was released December 3). So, it's only up from here. And, why do I say the remixes are targeting GenZ exclusively? Well, just look at the playlisting strategy the song is on. Gaming and teen Spotify playlists with 1 mill likes for first month and in the last week it got added to the first over 2 mill likes playlists - Viral HIts and Trap Nation (all teen specific playlists). Yes, it got 400k a day with around 5 mill likes total playlisting. So, imagine the response to it now that it got also added to the first 2 over 2 mill playlists each and more are to come in the next couple of weeks. And the fact that the song is still Top 20 in iTunes EU this week (5 in France), it's also telling - it sells. The sickick remix has legs. It might not be your thing, but it's great for Madonna portfolio exposure. Just look at the comments in this section. Most on this blog are not GenZ Madonna fans and can't stand sickick 2 min remix since they love the "long winded" 10 existing remixes (5 to 8 min long versions) they grown up with in the 90s and 00s. GenZ would not listed to a song longer than 3 min. Their attitude is, if the artist can't get to the point with the song in 2 min, I don't care. Can't see most GenZ ever appreciating Madonna's amazing 90's remixes. It's not their thing. So love to hear she is working on a set of new remixes, hopefully targeting GenZ (we already have the original remixed for Boomers and GenX). Now, let's talk impact of #sickick #frozen #remix to Madonna Spotify. Since its release, Madonna jumped from < 16 mill monthly listeners to almost 18. And I am convince (maybe to optimistic) we will get over 18 in the next couple of months. All those GenZ gamers are new M listener, and I love to see it. M and Warner are in a complicated/challenging position to repackage and target her legacy catalog to Boomers, GenX and GenZ yet at the same time create new music to appeal to streaming generation GenZ. But if someone can is Madonna.
  7. God Control (French Radio Edit)


  8. Last M song on the radio, was Crave last week on HOT AC @1043MYFM in Los Angeles and this week Tuesday on AC @965KOIT San Francisco. Crave is getting played here in California. Request it in your town on your AC and Hot AC stations. Tweet to your local station.
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