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  1. No, that is portuguese This is the spanish version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHRfmX3oF0Q
  2. I am still unsure if the FNAC edition would contain anything exclusive. The FNAC's Rebel Heart stated in the sticker "MADONNA - REBEL HEART - INCLUS 5 TITRES BONUS + 2 REMIXES DE LIVING FOR LOVE". The "5 bonus" were the songs of the Deluxe Edition. Rebel Heart Fnac @ Madonnadiscography.pl
  3. I can summarize my fellings towards this song with only one word: Grower. The first listing was a little meh.., but i have started to love the song after a couple of reproductions. The best thing about the premiere is that the song arrived just in time for the mexican holidays, so the sales can bennefit a little from this period.
  4. OMG, I love his work so i have to search for that T, and this is what i found: I did an official remix for Madonna (which she said she loved), but the label changed their mind on which single would be released, so my remix was never released. With all those kind of situations, the label now own's my remix. So unless they release it, there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry! https://www.reddit.com/r/NuDisco/comments/5xog38/i_am_nu_disco_djproducer_louis_la_roche_this_is/dejoz7u?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  5. Here are my choices Drowned World/Substitute for Love vs Hung Up Swim vs Get Together Ray of Light vs Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs Future Lovers Skin vs I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs Jump Frozen vs How High The Power of Goodbye vs Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs Push Little Star vs Like It or Not Mer Girl vs Fighting Spirit
  6. Here are my choices: 01 Physical Attraction 02 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Worldwide) 03 Where's The Party 04 Till Death Do Us Part 05 Thief Of Hearts 06 Forbidden Love 07 Sky Fits Heaven 08 Impressive Instant 09 Nobody Knows Me 10 Future Lovers 11 Beat Goes On 12 I'm Addicted 13 Iconic
  7. For me, her best decade was the 90's. Too many risks, but so f*cking many excelent projects. And my ranking, here it is: 13 Hard Candy 12 MDNA 11 Like A Virgin 10 True Blue 09 Like A Prayer 08 Bedtime Stories 07 American Life 06 Madonna 05 Ray Of Light 04 Music 03 Confessions On A Dance Floor * 02 Rebel Heart ** 01 Erotica * *Both COAFD and Erotica were there with my in a very special moment in my life: My puberty and my pre-Coming Out. They taught me to not be afraid to be who i am.**As for Rebel Heart, i regained faith for her as an artist (after HC and MDNA). Rebel Heart Tour was the first time i've ever seen her live. So many beautiful memories
  8. 1 Iconic2 Rebel Heart 3 Bitch I'm Madonna 4 Ghosttown 5 Unapologetic Bitch
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