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  1. Trisha Paytas is quaking and queefing! Burping and squirting like a chirping like the bird!
  2. This gathering gives me 80s and early 90s vibes when Warhol or Sandra Bernhard would host "after dark" soirées and generated a buzz in the big city. A lot of great pop art was inspired by those moments when different artists, models and musicians came together with personalities that had the capacity to back up artistic concepts and ideas. It also created a sense of new culture or a moment in time when things progressed and shifted, especially in the gay scene. Those moments made headlines and it gave hope during the peek of HIV-AIDS and also contributed immensely to the art scene.
  3. I love watching all the clips! She looks fabulous with that hairstyle and body-ody-ody! High ART! Especially after the past year of isolation and anxiety, this art performance and appearance gives me hope. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next! All the aesthetics were on point. I think Madonna is doing great in her capacity to facilitate an event between those who can donate easily to charities and those in need of help. Especially following the past year, charity work is needed! I also do think that more can be done.
  4. Do I know you from somewhere? Put your hands on my skin! I close my eyes ...
  5. Boom! Love Is Love! Courage! Freedom! X! God Is Cuming! Waiting! Future Lovers! Pop the Cherry! 3 Polaroids! Pride! Love Is All We Need! No Fear! Can't Resist! Donate! Rebel! Born This Way! Love Yourself! Hustler! Sneeze!
  6. You're much too wild for this town! There's not much here that's gonna hold you down! You gotta lotta style it should take you far! Take you further than my back yard. Shalalala!
  7. Why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why! Do fools fall in love with fools like you?
  8. Very excited about tonight and the film/video! In the meantime, I'm listening to Sidewalk Talk! Happy Pride everyone!
  9. Spanish Lesson "Yo te quiero" means "I love you" Work, work, work, work, work, work, work!
  10. OMG yes finally, the Second Coming is released! Cum with me! What if its a remix compilation of Madonna's favourites from her catalogue that were never singles!?
  11. OMG I love being sandwiched between hunks on here! Hopefully you guys are going and will post live updates!
  12. Madame X is a DJ I would totally give to charity for a lovely Pride soirée to hear new remixes and maybe get a socially distanced polaroid with Madonna. I bet there will be lots of perks to being there in person. I love the hype and that she's physically doing something for Pride, especially during these times. Even if its just promo for upcoming tour release, I think its special for the Pride community and NY. I wish I could go! Hopefully, goers will post live updates and streams! I don't think Madonna will con people like Tana Mongeau, LOL
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