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  1. Nothing Really Matters Where's the Party?/Everybody Into the Groove Burning Up (on Electric Guitar) Open Your Heart Holiday/Celebration Live to Tell Like a Prayer/Unholy Act of Contrition (Interlude) Erotica/Papa Don't Preach Hung Up on Tokischa/Gimme Gimme Gimme Bad Girl (on Piano) Up-Down Suite/Vogue (Ballroom Scene) Veni Vidi Vici (Interlude) What it Feels Like For a Girl The Beast Within/Justify My Love Die Another Day Don't Tell Me/Ring of Fire Promise to Try I Don't Search, I Find (Interlude) Survival/I Will Survive Human Nature (with mashup elements of Sorry) Another Suitcase in Another Hall Sactuary (Interlude) Bedtime Story Ray of Light (Ultra Violet Mix) Take a Bow *(or Rain, or Frozen) Like a Virgin/Thriller Causing a Commotion La Isla Bonita Bitch I'm Madonna Express Yourself
  2. All I can see is Kristian Alfonso fancy face! I mean ... I'm down for that collage! It's like madame Lauren Ethridge and her call girls. It needed a hot Sydney Andrews redhead! Or maybe like Hope Brady back from the dead in Salem biting her bottom lip and holding out for a hero, aka Bo on a big motorcycle with his distressed jean package! I might have to get this song now, its growing on me!
  3. I'm really loving the set-list and she sounded fantastic in the live parts, especially her interaction with the audience. The absence of a live band and backup vocalists is a mistake in my opinion, especially in an arena setting/large venue. Madonna always had the best drummers, percussionists and bassists in past tours and it's a thrill watching them perform her songs together. Live instruments tend to fill up a space (like when she had the bagpipes in Re-Invention Tour, or in acoustics sections), and seems more intimate overall. Backup singers can take the lead when needed too. In this new concept, they should have considered maybe including a section on the stage where you can physically see the programer(s) or sequencer(s) with all the computer equipment (or is it AI) that take cares of the sounds -- like a DJ or conductor on stage instead of being "behind the scenes" (like at a Pet Shop Boys concert). If they were there included, I could not see them in the clips posted. Also, I like the addition of Bob the Drag Queen -- reminded me of the clown in The Girlie Show.
  4. Does anyone know if the Madame X clear vinyl album from the Madonna web store has the corrected tracks list on the back cover or does it still have the misprint?
  5. Rory


    It sounds like they're saying "heteros for life" ...
  6. Now looking forward to getting the American Life - Mixshow Mix EP on April 22 for RSD23! Also the nod to God Control makes me want to listen to Madame X again.
  7. Pretender Where's The Party? I'd Rather Be Your Lover Skin Like It Or Not Push Love Spent Inside Out Killers Who Are Partying
  8. Dan-K has started posting today, video edits on his YouTube channel, like this one ...
  9. if you're in Guelph, visit the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and the Boarding House Gallery!
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