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  1. if you're in Guelph, visit the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and the Boarding House Gallery!
  2. I got a free LP mint copy of Give It To Me (The Early Years) with my Everybody purchase today, LOL! The record store owner was way too generous!
  3. My apologies everybody for ruining the goodtime of Christmas! I'll go back to watching Hallmark movies now ...
  4. Now I feel bad! Maybe this thread should be deleted? I don't want this to be a missed opportunity. I was just surprised of the notification as I never knew about a possible song called Goodtime. I got too excited.
  5. It could be that the video and the premiere notification are hidden until closer to the premiere date (Dec 24 at 6pm)?
  6. I did get screen grabs before it was removed. Hopefully, I can post them here if interested. Maybe the video was hidden until the premiere time?
  7. Seems like the premiere notification has been removed now from his YouTube site.
  8. Rory


    Does anyone know anything about this unreleased demo titled Goodtime (1994), possibility done between the Erotica and Bedtime Stories studio sessions with Shep Pettibone. From Dan K's Madonna Video Edits YouTube site: GOODTIME (1994), lyrics by Madonna, music and production by Shep Pettibone World premiere on Christmas night 2022 All links: https://linktr.ee/DanKrol He used these hashtags in his post: #Madonna #Unreleased #Demo #Sessions #DAT #Premiere #Bedtime #House #NYC
  9. Supernatural is always included in my Hallowe'en shuffle playlist.
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