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  1. Rory

    Patrick Leonard and Sufjan Stevens
  2. Rory

    Maybe if it's a musical? Actually, I'd love if she would star in a remake of Mae West, Sextette (1978). Something queer and full of dancers and music!
  3. Rory

    I really think the story will be woven around the 80s and early 90s ... and up to the birth of Lourdes. That seems to be the most interesting and cohesive part of her life at this point considering the analogue era of music making, pop and performance art, dance, the AIDS crisis, third-wave feminism, the political odds of Thatcher-Reagan era, fashion trends and big personalities and friendships in the NY scene of those early days (Haring, Basquiat, Christopher Flynn, Martin Burgoyne, Sean Penn, etc). I'm more interested in those early eras as storytelling than anything say after the SEX book. Lucky Star to Little Star
  4. Just for fun, if they're planning a soundtrack for the script to include in the film ... what songs should be included? Would they all be Madonna songs or would other artists/songs of those eras to be included? Would the tracks be Madonna hits (Like a Virgin, Vogue, Into the Groove, Like a Prayer, Frozen) or songs that were not released as singles (Physical Attraction, Words, Rebel Heart)? What Madonna songs tell her life story best? Live to Tell I'm Dreaming (Demo) Promise to Try Mer Girl Easy Ride Veni Vidi Vici
  5. Rory

    I'll teach you how to tuck! Ahhhhh!
  6. Madonna gives an homage to Offer Nissim in those pics--especially the looks in leather and sunglasses. Who knows maybe a remix project is in the works? A mix-tape non-stop freestyle would be such great pre-Xmas gift. Madame X is a DJ to give us fans a Xmas gift? #jk #wishfulthinking
  7. Rory

    Haha, looks like she's doing a nod to Offer Nissim in this pic. I always wondered if a remix album for Madame X would be released or an EP or something like a mix-tape would be fun. Madame X is a DJ ...
  8. Rory

    What would you think if Lili Reinhart portrayed Madonna?
  9. Rory

    Don't You Want Me (by the The Human League) ... She belted it out in one of her instagram story. That beat would be fantastic! Not as a duet just her singing all verses.
  10. Hopefully, Madonna will record her cover version of Human League's Don't You Want Me ... soon please!?

  11. Rory

    Venus D-Lite!
  12. Rory

    It would have been epic if they would have duetted on Kylie's remake of the theme song "This Wheel's on Fire" for the soundtrack of the movie Absolutely Fabulous. I can only imagine a video where K and M are hamming it up as Patsy and Edina. Ah well. A new dance craze duet would also be amazing.
  13. Rory

    Did some stores have Madonna's I Rise 12" from last year's Black Friday RSD? It seems some places had many copies. I was able to get one and Robyn.
  14. Sufjan Stevens, Feist, Mocky, Blake Mills, Perfume Genius, Bryce Dessner, Pet Shop Boys, Ewan Pearson, Tracey Thorn, Villa Nah, Jimmy Tamborello