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  1. Rory

    I agree, Ciao Bella would be the perfect song to release during these times. What are they waiting for? It's perfect!
  2. Rory

    Another song I'd love Madonna to cover is Drive by The Cars. I also wish she would sample or cover in parts Let the Music Play (by Shannon) and/or I Can't Wait (by Nu Shooz).
  3. Rory

    Fade to Grey (by Visage) Working the Midnight Shift (by Donna Summer) I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (by Sylvester) Dancing in the Dark (by Bruce Springteen) *These lyrics would fit Madonna so much Gloria (by Laura Branigan) He Hit Me (and It Felt Like A Kiss), or Please Hurt Me (by The Crystals) Dancing Barefoot (by Patti Smith) Fame (by Irene Cara) 2000 Miles (by The Pretenders) Paninaro 95 (by Pet Shop Boys) Limit to Your Love (by Feist) Love Will Tear Us Apart (by Joy Division) Nightclubbing (by Iggy Pop) The Twist / Let's Twist Again (by Chubby Checker) *featuring Kylie Minogue, lol You Shook Me All Night Long (by AD/DC) *Imagine as a Chicago house song with electric guitars, lol The Boys of Summer (by Don Henley) Throw Your Arms Around Me (by Hunters and Collectors) After the Glitter Fades (by Stevie Nicks)
  4. Promo: Dark Ballet/Madame X video 1. Killers Who Are Partying (b-side Ciao Bella) 2. God Control (b-side Looking For Mercy) 3. I Don't Search, I Find (b-side Back That Up To The Beat) 4. Crave (b-side Crazy Remixes) Club release: Maluma Medley/Faz Gostoso Remixes
  5. Rory

    Did Madonna record original vocals for one of his feature hits?
  6. Rory

    OMG a webcam live lipsync video mashup of the pair would be epic!
  7. Rory

    Skin (The Collaboration Remix) and Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Club Mix)
  8. Rory

    A fan can only be hopeful. I love everything she releases and especially when she self-references past stuff. Like even the nod to posting the Vogue 12" and dubs on her youTube channel. I've been enjoying the quarantine diaries in the meantime.
  9. Rory

    LOL love the title ... Well she could record vocals and email them to William Orbit or Mirwais to mix in the studio over lush beats. Actually she could just pull together stuff from the vaults and release them as exclusives. She has that power I would hope. There are lots of unreleased stuff at her fingertips and just a phone call away someplace. Fans would eat it up like cake!
  10. Rory

    I had a dream Madonna released a digital album at midnight as Madame X due to fans being in quarantine. She wanted us to "keep the faith" and keep busy while dancing in our homes with her (not sure what the tracks or concept was but I woke up wishing it was unreleased new songs, remixes, demos, and acoustic versions). The cover was her in her bathtub with the quarantine typewriter.
  11. Rory

    Ray of Light Open Your Heart Rebel Heart You'll See
  12. Melanie C - song Go! Katie Melua - album This House (standout songs The Flood and A Happy Place) Also I find it interesting that Orbit worked on All Saints song Dreams ... a song that was written by Samantha Fox (under the alias of Karen Wilkin).
  13. Something to Remember collection on vinyl
  14. Rory

    I have a feeling we're going to get the tour+documentary and videos and a remix collection by the end of the year. BAM! I could be wrong. Must be social distancing fever!
  15. Rory

    I only wish the album was all just her and Mirwais.