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  1. Frozen on Fire: Madonna vs Sickick EP on ICE blue vinyl exclusive TIK Side Frozen (Featuring Fireboy DML) Frozen (Featuring 070 Shake) Frozen on Fire (Madonna vs Sickick) Frozen on Fire (Madonna's Version) TOK Side Frozen (Featuring Swae Lee & Jozzy) Frozen (DRILL Remix) Frozen on Molly (Honey Dijon Mix)
  2. This pic is proof, Tana Mongeau casted to play Madonna in biopic!
  3. I like that Physical Attraction is included. It makes the compilation even more unique. Maybe it will be considered as a promo reissue single for the summer! Wishing it might possibly have new remixes by Honey Dijon too, or something! The vibe is super-sexy late night dance-floor! I was bothered by the cover art, but now I think it's iconic and suspect it will be stunning in person! I can't wait! "You say that you need my love; And you're wanting my body, I don't mind ..."
  4. It's the return of the "Rain/Here Comes the Rain Again" Sticky & Sweet interlude's homo-techno mutation being!
  5. Hahah love the comments! This is Madonna's SEX version of the ABBAtars!
  6. Enchanting! Unexpected project and I Iike it very much. Reminds me of Bjork. Nothing visually new in it's simplicity, but interesting timing to announce, preview and release this project during such trivial times and debates on pro-choice/pro-life activism ... But also this notion of "fungible" concepts, nature vs nurture, biology/science of life and living organisms, homo-technoism, genetics, anatomy and alchemy, social constructs, body modifications, war and destruction, currency ...
  7. The slipmat could be the indie store's promo? How do we even know it's related to Finally Enough Love?
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