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  1. I think Sam looks and sounds amazing! Maybe this is the start of new music for them! Loving the 80's power ballad sound! I think the video is an homage or nod to A Star is Born, maybe? Hopefully this will top some charts! What do you think?
  2. Guys, was that really her, or just a MDNA-tar? Loved it! She's basically saying "surprise, bitches" I'm still kickin' around! Eat it!
  3. I feel it, it's coming! Waiting is the hardest thing! (It's strange ...) I tell myself that if I believe in you, Warner Music Group! (I feel like we've known you before ...) In dream of you, Madonna! (Erotica boxset reissued on coloured vinyl ...) With all our remastered hearts and all our extended souls; (More and more and more ... all bonus tracks too!) That by sheer force of will; (When I'm with you all ...) We will raise Erotica from the ground! (And feel like a magical child ...) And with every sound, you'll appear! (Everything strange ... demos included!) And surrender to us, to love. (Everything wild ... wildest dream come true!) We also want all those maxi-singles reissued on coloured 12" vinyl, please! We'll stand out on the mountain top; Until we hear you call ...
  4. OMG I love Bananarama! Or maybe a remix box for every album? I know all us die hard fans would love everything but I have a feeling that we'll get a curated selection released on CD and/or vinyl with the rest available to download digitally. I mean it's not a bad idea, but I wish they consider all those alternate 7" versions to be included somewhere like a special collection or something. For each album/era do: - Album remastered-reissued (Booklet with photos, essays, lyrics); - Alternate Album with era extras (Demos, unreleased, 7" edits, live recordings, bonus tracks, movie soundtrack songs released around the same era); - Remix Album of curated full length mixes and dubs (box or double album) ... or special EP's like they did with Rain EP, Deeper and Deeper EP, Remixed Prayers, etc. Would love to see some inclusion of unreleased remixes like the Razor n' Guido remix of Rain, or the Ritchie Santana mixes of Ray of Light. All on separate releases so we could pick an choose the format we want to buy and not have them all bunched together in an overpriced package? I would also love extra special separate curated releases like: promo albums once issued (She's Breathless, It's That Girl, 12"ers+2, Remixed & Revisited, etc) , or new ones like: Madonna at the Movies, Dubs Collection, ?? Also, I wonder if they will consider a Pre-Madonna type of release since she is/was listening to all those cassettes. It would make a really interesting album, especially if it coincides with the autobiographical film. Obviously I'm focused on the music, this does not consider videos, live appearances, concert footage? OMG I"m so excited!
  5. Not sure if "box-sets" are the right way to go about his. I dislike box-sets that include every version of a song back-to-back or have every format in one box (CD, K7, DVD, vinyl) kinda like the Madame X box. I'd rather have 'alternate versions' of albums like Fleetwood Mac did along with blinged out re-issues of the original (incl. photo sets of the era, coloured vinyl, essays, remastered music). In my mind there is thought placed into the order of songs and how certain tracks fit together. That's why I love vinyl records because the songs play in a curated sequence and then you physically have to rotate the album to side B. Also, wish they consider to include all unreleased materials and demos on vinyl too, and not just a selected few and then the rest available digitally or on another format. Hopefully, they are creative and considerate with these special releases. Maybe separate re-issues of maxi-singles with all the extra remixes and versions, uniquely released rather than all crammed together in one overpriced box-set? I'm also thinking of the special releases that were not easily available like: It's That Girl, She's Breathless, Japanese versions, etc. I'm most excited for the unmixed You Can Dance, hopefully re-released on vinyl as they were (with all dubs and edits). Also looking forward to the vinyl reissues of the more recent albums from Hard Candy and on. They are so expensive on Discogs and it makes me want to cry every time I look them up.
  6. I think there is potential to that, in a way of Tears Of A Clown show mastered and issued as bonus. For example Kylie Minogue released the Abbey Road Sessions and those acoustic versions are timeless. I could see Madonna's American Life (On Stage and On the Record) MTV session be released. It was so good.
  7. I really want MDNA, Rebel Heart and MX to be properly re-issued on vinyl. No typos, misprints and done with the intent of the artist, especially RH. Hopefully, it would be so nice!
  8. Hopefully these new releases are on exclusive coloured 180g vinyl and digital. Do you's still buy CD's?
  9. Madame X tour October 2021 Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 Xmas 2021 Fingers crossed!
  10. Trisha Paytas is quaking and queefing! Burping and squirting like a chirping like the bird!
  11. This gathering gives me 80s and early 90s vibes when Warhol or Sandra Bernhard would host "after dark" soirées and generated a buzz in the big city. A lot of great pop art was inspired by those moments when different artists, models and musicians came together with personalities that had the capacity to back up artistic concepts and ideas. It also created a sense of new culture or a moment in time when things progressed and shifted, especially in the gay scene. Those moments made headlines and it gave hope during the peek of HIV-AIDS and also contributed immensely to the art scene.
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