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  1. Well, I had a similar experience, I first listened to Medellin walking home from work. Loved it then, love it now! Five years is too long, we need new music!
  2. Hearbreak City. I'm So Stupid or Love Profusion?
  3. The MDNA Tour performance is one my favorite things Madonna has done. The way she turned the song into this melancholic (almost lament like) piece of music is incredible. It completely recontextualized the song and I think, paired with Love Spent, describes the feelings for her marriage with Ritchie and its eventual dissolution. These are all things that I love in Madonna; the constant renovation, the artistic approach to performances and the refusal to just "play the hits".
  4. Masterpiece. Burning Up or Physical Attraction?
  5. I think we really really need a new album. At least I do.
  6. Such a detailed setlist. I would also like to point out that before Like A Prayer, Birjina Gaztetto Bat Zegoen by the Kalakan Trio plays, which is also a (beautiful) nod to Girl Gone Wild from MDNA Tour.
  7. Putting aside our different opinions, I think we should all celebrate today. I'm sure Madonna means a lot to each one of us and the fact that she's still with us and still inspiring us is pretty great. I won't lie, I was initially nervous of how she would perform, but I was glad to watch videos of her performing once more. Also, I know this is supposed to be a celebratory show, but in a way it feels kind of bittersweet to me too. In some form it feels like a reckoning with mortality and the passing of time.
  8. In chronological order: 1) Shoo Be Doo 2) Jimmy Jimmy 3) Love Makes The World Go Round 4) Can't Stop 5) Spotlight 6) Don't Stop 7) Incredible 8) Some Girls 9) Superstar 10) Veni Vidi Vici
  9. Supernatural is an incredible song, eerie, smart and funny at the same time!
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