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  1. body of evidence what it feels like for a girl (album version) or what it feels like for a girl (above & beyond remix)
  2. they have her vinyls in dubai? damn next time i travel im def going there
  3. 1-bedtime story 2-bad girl 3-what it feels like for a girl
  4. yea it kinda sucks everytime i watch a interview from the pre2010s eras madonna it just makes me kinda sad it seemed like she went through so much character growth through the 80s/90s/2000s just for it to all be thrown out the window it’s like you watch a video of madonna during the ray of light or american life era talking about some sophisticated shit then see her on tiktok doing this https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSFb6JH2e/ it’s just sad seeing her embarrass herself like that what’s confusing is unlike celebs like for example britney or amanda bynes where we can try to pin point events or things that occurred which caused them to change i’m not really sure what happened with madonna that caused her to start behaving the way she is now, however i think she finally noticed as her recent tiktoks and posts haven’t been as…..out there side note: i think the hard candy era gets alot of hate just because she was “following trends” it’s a great album with a lot of great songs i’d rather have madonna follow trends and have good songs than be experimental and release something like madame X which in my opinion is her worst album
  5. nothing really matters ill remember or this used to be my playground
  6. it’s a show but material girl in stranger things season 3
  7. she would’ve been cancelled ( i mean even without social media she already kinda was “cancelled” in the early 90s) however if this interview was done nowadays i think it would’ve went viral in a funny way, the erotica era would’ve overall been received in a much better way
  8. shame is such a gem it got an official release? 👀
  9. what are some of your favorite lesser known madonna songs? here are mine unreleased songs don’t count as they obviously are lesser known so share ones that got official releases
  10. is it confirmed that we’re even getting those tho? if so i hope they’re not like the true blue anniversary edition praying we get demos/unreleased tracks/live versions Our best bet is they're included on their respective album expanded reissues, example: "DWT" could be included on a "Music" Super Deluxe Edition... makes sense ig but if they do that they definitely wouldn’t include live versions of songs from other eras for example the dwt version of holiday & stuff like that
  11. if i don’t care for them i don’t think of them lmao pretty much anything that isn’t her music, performances, interviews, shoots and entertainment why should a fan care about anything else?
  12. yea the lyrics are horrible but the beat’s great ngl she should’ve just made it a vogue remix or smth
  13. nobody’s perfect im so stupid i love new york jimmy jimmy 80% of mdna 75% of rebel heart literally all of madame x except faz gostozo i feel like tracks from hard candy are over hated tbh
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